A loud beep came from the phone, Lin Huai glanced at the time.


“That was quick…” He sighed, not able to say whether he was happy or regretful.

The wall that was originally in the direction of the door became blood red in color, the swelling bricks bulged and struggled between the cement joints, like muscles that writhed beneath the vein.
It shrank like a

child, and after a while a black box was shoved in along the 20cm x 50cm opening.

The moment the black box appeared, Lin Huai, who originally stood at the doorway, suddenly rose.

He quickly stretched out his hand and firmly caught the cold wrist of the delivery man from the opening.

“Tell me.” He whispered with red eyes, “the ghost…”

“Is it me?!”

He waited so long for this moment to ask the NPC!

The ghost hand in his death grip jerked and struggled, but it could not move.

“Tell me!” Lin Huai licked his lips and sneered, “otherwise I’ll pull you in from here … along this crack.
Your bones will be crushed, and your body will turn into mush.
Do you want to feel that?”

In order to get the truth, he didn’t hesitate to act in a way that would make him be seen by everyone as a moronic newcomer.
This enormous sacrifice was made just to catch the deliveryman, and even moreso to have this moment of time when no one is there to ask questions.

He clenched his teeth, applying more force.

“Owow….Ow ow!”

The deliveryman’s entire arm was pulled into the house by him, followed by a small half of his shoulder.

The black box fell to the ground with a clang.


Outside the door came a sudden scream, at the same time, Lin Huai also fell to the ground with a thud.

He looked at the arm in his hand and was dumbfounded.

That deliveryman… he actually broke off his own hand by force!

“Snapped off your own tail for survival?”1 Lin Huai held the blood-soaked ghost hand, “To this extent? Would you rather die than answer my question?”

The deliveryman ran away in an instant.
Lin Huai, who wanted to live a peaceful life, looked at the arm in a complicated way.

After thinking about it, he casually put the arm in the refrigerator

The deliveryman would rather die than give in, and he wouldn’t want to go and make things difficult for the sake of his own life…He had to think of other ways to find the real ghost next.

Thinking this way, he picked up the box.

He took out from inside black silk pajamas (burial clothes) that emitted a strong aura.
The pajamas were labeled with a tag, “do not shrink (in the wash),” in tiny letters.

Do not shrink? Lin Huai shook the pajamas.

The pajamas that were originally wriggling in the box turned out unexpectedly to be really quiet, like real pajamas, in Lin Huai’s hand.

“Let me guess, you’re made of water-absorbing material, right?” Lin Huai smiled coldly at it, “Does not shrink, just absorbs? If someone else holds you, you are able to absorb his skin until nothing is left.
For the sake of your good looks, tell me honestly.
Do you hear me?”

The pajamas moved without wind a few times, as if it was nodding.

“Good boy.” Lin Huai pet it, the silky texture made him a little fond of it.

He suddenly felt that this game was quite good.
At least, it gave him the opportunity to buy something interesting like this… Of course, all this presupposes that he is not the ghost that needs to be killed.

After petting the pajamas, Lin Huai turned his head and saw the deliveryman outside the french window.

He leaned on the window like spider, his slender body titled at a 120 degree angle from his waist.
Seeing Lin Huai turn his head, the deliveryman cracked open his mouth and gave Lin Huai a resentful expression.

“Argh—-!” He howled in anger.

His right hand had been torn off raw by Lin Huai earlier, but now there was a new arm already growing out of the original wound.

Lin Huai looked at him for a while and walked towards the window.

“That… Do you want me to give you back your hand?”

Deliveryman: ……

“Die…”Lin Huai heard his bitter voice, “Die!!”

Lin Huai: …

Hesitant until forced (pressured), the deliveryman stared at the frail young man indoors and showed a twisted smile.

“Hahaha, hehehe…” His shoulders shook, “You… will all die…”

He drew back the corners of his mouth to his ears.
Lin Huai looked at his split open cheeks and also laughed after a while.

“Tch, quite arrogant for a ghost that can’t even get into the house.” Lin Huai casually threw the clothes he held on the ground and walked over step by step, “Something like leaning on glass to scare, I haven’t done that for over 800 years.”

Lin Huai spoke, his tone had surprisingly faint nostalgia in it.

He approached the deliveryman, he only had a glass in between.
Lin Huai stared at him with his pitch-black eyes, after a while he spoke, “Is this your service smile?”

Deliveryman: …?

Lin Huai laughed lowly through the glass.

“Take a good look.”He tapped his finger on the glass, “this is a 100% smile.”

After he spoke, he began to smile.
His smile began from his plump cherry-colored lips and gradually spread to the corners of his mouth.
When it reached the corners of his mouth, his smile slowly split open, tearing an infernal rift in the white skin, exposing white teeth and torn strips of flesh inside.

Lin Huai still smiled, the split followed from his cheeks to the back of his heads, around half the circumference.
After a moment, his head split from itself into two halves.
One half could not withstand gravity and fell over while tumbling.
Like an opened carton of eggs, inside was exposed, resembling the color of boiled and smashed tomato egg soup, with the veins still moving.

Deliveryman: …

Lin Huai reached out with his hands and took a hold of one half of his head to put it back on, holding his chin against the blood-red scar that spanned half of his face and looked at him: “Did you see? That is a 100% smile, want me to demonstrate again?”

Deliveryman: …

He silently climbed down the glass.
Lin Huai was very happy to see that he had accepted his apology.

As a newcomer, he already established a good relationship with the ghosts here.
Although he didn’t answer his questions, Lin Huai felt satisfied.

He took out the hand form the refrigerator, threw it out the door, and reached with his hands to gently heal the wound.

Finally, he picked up his clothing and supported his head with his hands and head upstairs.

Halfway up the stairs, he touched his head and took a breath with some effort.

It has been quite a while since he’s strained his head like this, and the smile still feels a bit uncomfortable.

Lin Huai somewhat deeply thought, while shaking the burial clothes in his hand, gently warning it, “Don’t give me trouble now, I still have to keep playing, okay?”

Burial Clothes: Don’t even move.
Don’t even move.

After getting an assertive answer, Lin Huai gently and swiftly ran to his room.
He avoided ghost girl#1 lying on the stairs waiting to push people along the way, avoided ghost#1 lying on the lamp, and incidentally gave a warning look to the ghost who tried to make him hit against the wall.

The ghosts saw his smile and later all stopped moving and stood on the spot.
Lin Huai thought, “Smile at the world, and the world will smile at you.” really was a famous saying.
With the feeling of having done a good deed today, he pushed open the door.

Compared to the dangerous world outside the door, the bedroom was extraordinarily quiet.
Perhaps due to restrictions, those crowds of ghosts saw him enter the room and stopped making trouble.
Instead, after entering the room, Lin Huai immediately felt heavily exhausted.

Is this perhaps the game’s protection mechanism? he thought.

Surprisingly, Chu Tian, who had gone upstairs earlier, was still awake.
He sat on the carpet in the room, leaning against the wall and stared blankly at the sky.

He appeared to be thinking deeply.

Seeing him coming, Chu Tian turned his head and turned off the timer on his phone: “ten minutes, not bad, faster than I thought.”

Lin Huai had a bold thought: “You were waiting for me?”

“Mhmm.” Chu Tian retrieved his phone.
Maybe it was because it was too dark, he lost that careless way of his in the daytime, and instead had meaningful bright eyes and deep features.

What did he find out?

Lin Huai narrowed his eyes.

The two just stared at each other.
Before Lin Huai felt that this stare face-to-face was gay and wanted to look away, Chu Tian calmly gazed at him and suddenly laughed, “Come here.”

“…What do you want?” Lin Huai asked, looking at Ye Xian on the bed, “There are other people in this room, don’t tell me you want to in here…”

Chu Tian: …

It was rare for Lin Huai to see Chu Tian showing a dumbfounded expression.
After that, he sighed, then raised his head and already had a beaming smile.

“That said, I’ve always been curious.”

Saying that, he got up, and got closer to Lin Huai step by step.

“Oh? What are you curious about?” Lin Huai revealed a smile.

—-And hid his hand that had grown long fingernails behind his back.

“To put it softly, you and I, are actually the same, right?” Chu Tian continued.
Maybe it was because the dim lighting formed a filter, but his smile in the bedroom unexpectedly looked somewhat sinister.


Lin Huai didn’t expect him to give such an answer.
For a moment, what was a combat scenario of two people beating each other up viciously in a bedroom immediately became somewhat a DEEP DARK FANTASY scene.

…Could it be, I misunderstood what he meant? Lin Huai was suddenly more frightened.
Could it be that this guy, he wants to with me…

“I’m curious,” Chu Tian scratched his head and leaned closer to him, “Do you also lack wood in the five elements?”2

Lin Huai: …

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