“Just now, you…” Huang Lu looked at the newcomer with a difficult expression on her face.

“As you can see,” Lin Huai held his phone up, “I just placed an order.”

“Shit! Why did you place an order!” The scene-styled young man1 roared.
“Were you even listening to what we said?”

“I was listening.”

“The game starts tomorrow, there’s no need to buy things today at all.” Tang Wen also added, “What are you thinking? Do you not want to live?”

“Lin Huai spread his hand in full view of everyone: “I’m a little anxious, I just want to find the ghost… no, person, to try to…”

“To try to what?”

“Try my own ideas…”


“Forget it, leave him alone.” Chu Tian suddenly said.
“Newcomers are generally quite brave, they stubbornly insist on their own ideas.
It’s also normal to be curious.”


“Am I right?”

He looked at Lin Huai and saw that Lin Huai raised his eyes at him, so he grinned.
“I was like that back then when I arrived.”

Everyone was speechless, Huang Lu asked one more question with unease, “you bought a safe item, right?”


Lin Huai said, withdrawing from the order,”Ultimate Burial Suit: Grants You Eternal Quiet Sleep.”

“Actually I also had another purpose, I wanted to try out the complaint function.” Lin Huai pointed to his phone, “Right now it’s ten minutes before 12.
If it isn’t delivered, I’ll complain.”After explaining, he sighed again,“I’m not being strict, it guaranteed today, to arrive in one hour, one minute, one second, not a day.
As the saying goes, the emperor and the common people can take part in same crime, if the deliveryman is a game NPC but violates the rules of the game, I will call 12306…”2

Everyone: …

“After that, they will surely switch deliverymen,” Lin Huai continued explaining, “I want to test how many deliverymen this game has in the end!”

Chu Tian laughed loudly and came over to put a hand on Lin Huai’s shoulder.

“It’s also good to play more with the game within the limits of not breaking the rules, Chu Tian patted Lin Huai’s shoulders twice, “newcomer, you are very brave.”

Lin Huai was very painfully struck on his shoulder, and seriously doubted that it wasn’t intentional.
However, he was hindered by his identity so it wasn’t convenient to speak up.

Chu Tian very naturally let go of him and went to sit back on the sofa.
After realizing that Lin Huai was staring at him, he lifted his head and made a puzzled expression, “What are you staring at me for?”

Lin Huai who stared secretly: Woah, this person is very perceptive.

“…I’m not.” Lin Huai shifted his gaze away.

“Pfft,” Chu Tian laughed, “don’t be so shy.”

Lin Huai: “Huh?”

“I know I’m handsome.” Chu Tian pinched his handsome face egotistically, “It’s normal for someone of the same sex to fall in love with me at first sight, don’t be shy.”

Lin Huai:…I want to throw you into a trash can.

Chu Tian: “Hahahahaha!”

Chu Tian laughed on the sofa from side to side.
He wasn’t careful and bumped his head, covering it with his hands in unimaginable wailing pain.
Lin Huai silently turned his head back.

…He thought all of a sudden that this man was a bit of a moron.

Ye Xian looked helplessly at this gay scene.
He felt that he would go crazy if he stayed with these two roommates.
The time was almost up, and people had been going back to their rooms one after another to go to bed.
They were the last of the few to leave.

He took one last look at the two psychos in the living room, sighed, and went back upstairs.

And so, there was only the death-defying Lin Huai, and Chu Tian, who remained in the living room.
After the pain on his head and the bothersome masses were gone, Chu Tian was refreshed.
He began to rummage around in the living room looking for food.

Lin Huai who sat on the sofa staring at him: …

“Why don’t you go to bed?” Lin Huai said somewhat disgustingly after Chu Tian’s entire body was almost buried in the refrigerator.

“When we are programmers, we don’t sleep on a schedule.” Chu Tian rummaged around in the fridge, “Wow, canned food, fruits, and milk.
… Huh? Why no instant noodles?”

Lin Huai raise his eyes in vain” “I don’t think instant noodles are stored in refrigerators.”

“Oh, you’re right.” Chu Tian took out a cup of milk from the fridge, he poured the milk in his hand and swayed it to see if it wasn’t poisonous, then sucked it up and vaguely said, “Wow, they really gave us food.
That last game…ugh…open the fridge and it’s full of human flesh and human heads, not a single thing was food… This next game lets us buy and buy and buy all day, you don’t have to pay back money, this father3 is more generous.

Lin Huai: …(He’s getting tempted to get rid of this guy).

“Aren’t you afraid of ghosts?” Lin Huai asked him deliberately.

Chu Tian: “If I say yes, will the ghost not kill me?”

Lin Huai: …You’re right, so let me get rid of you now.”

For some reason, Lin Huai always felt that this man was strange and seemed to have an extraordinary concern for him.
Although he didn’t understand where this concern came from, it’s always been his character to remove any unsettling factors before anything happens.

…That’s why.

He lowered his head, slightly reddened his eyes, and put his hands behind his back.

“So why not eat and drink and enjoy the moment.” Chu Tian spoke, “Speaking of which…we’re the only two left on the first floor.”

He stopped and looked at Lin Huai, who had his head lowered and was ready to strike.

Lin Huai also smiled.

“And so?”

“So, if you want to make light of me, now is the time,” Chu Tian said.
“Lonely and widowed, the moon is dark, and the winds are high4, I can see that you just kept staring at my face, do you have a crush on me?”

Lin Huai: …

Lin Huai’s mood was like a cat stuck in a drawer, he couldn’t get in nor could he get out.
Chu Tian walked towards him looked at his reddened eyes, waved his hands and said, “Forget about not taking liberties with you.
Is it that serious? You look like you’re about to be angry and cry.”

Lin Huai: …

Chu Tian took the milk and went upstairs, before leaving he waved, “Hey, Lin Huai, just a moment if the ghost comes…”


“If the ghost comes, can you not die over there inside the fridge?” Chu Tian said, “I still want to eat the rice inside…”

Lin Huai: …

“Forget it, I shouldn’t put such high demands on you.” Chu Tian shrug his shoulders.
He looked at Lin Huai with another undisciplined look.
“You can continue to wait here, I’ll go first.”

Lin Huai said: “oh.”

It would be a waste to say one more word to such type of people, Lin Huai decided to keep his noble but aloof attitude.

“Oh, right.” Chu Tian spoke, fishing something out from his pocket, “This is for you.”

While speaking, he threw the wrench to Lin Huai.

The wrench landed directly in Lin Huai’s hands, just like a three-point ball game.
As soon as Lin Huai’s hands touched the wrench, he threw it to the side as if his hands had been burned.

“What are you doing?” He shouted.

“Oh, you still hate this gege’s things?” Chu Tian frivolously spoke, “Use that if the ghost comes to hit its head.
Remember, one hammer one small friend.”

He pointed with his finger to the back of his head, “hit here.”

After he spoke, he yawned and lazily went back to the room.

Chu Tian finally went up.
Lin Huai was the only one left in the living room.
The sofa in the living room was very big, the wrench was on one side, he was on the other.

“What the hell… Is he trying to provoke me? Going as far as giving me this thing…” Lin Huai stared at the wrench on the sofa, like a cat staring at a cucumber.
“I’m constantly aware of this thing, it has a strong presence…”

He started at the wrench.
He felt that there wasn’t a ghost around and took a clothes hanger to poke it further away.

Perhaps because night was approaching, the air around the villa was unsteady.
Despite the lack of wind inside, the chandelier was being blown and was slightly creaking and swaying.

“Ding Dong~ Your order is being delivered, a Spirit Express Delivery member will serve you with a smile.”

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