His eyes widened as he watched them, but made no effort to rise.

”Pretty lady, what are you doing out here, alone? ” One of the men laughed as they watched him, still thinking he was a girl.

Lyre blinked at them as he tried to process what they just say.

It wasn as if he couldn hear their words, he can.

However, he was still trying to know what Lady is.

”Shes mute. ” One of the men leered as he opened and lusted over Lyres clear body.

His body was so white and beautiful, he doesn look like a male at all.

And aside from the thing in front, he would have passed out as a female with no one being the wiser.

”Lets take her. Come on, we can— ”

Lyres eyes widened immediately.

He stood from the ground, and attempted to stand, but fell like before.

Unlike his tails which he can walk with, and swim, the feet felt alien to him.

”Hes a man? ” The men gasped when they finally saw the front of his body.

However, Lyre wasn paying attention to them. He wanted nothing more but to be able to stand on the two strange small things that were supposed to carry his body.

”It doesn matter. He still looks like a girl! Can you see, his body is too fair! ” The second man spoke up as he glanced at his brothers for support.

”Yes, I mirror his suggestions, ” The third man spoke up, ”his body is too clear and fair for him to be considered a male! It doesn matter if his body is smooth. ”

”Then, lets take him. ”

Lyre who was still trying to master how to stand on his feet was stunned when those men dragged him up from the ground, and towards the trees, he has been dying to go to.

He wondered where they were taking him to. However, he didn dwell on that for long. He was still awed by the things around him.

The tall trees called out to him and made him wish to run his hand through them.

”We are far from the shores, lets drop her here. ” The first man ordered the others who were carrying Lyre. And they threw him to the ground.

Stunned, Lyre tried to rise, but the men didn allow him to.

”Hold him down! Im going to go first. And after me, you will do the same. ” He licked his lips in expectation as he tried to think of the things he can do to that body.

Lyre frantically glanced at the men, ”what are you doing! ” He asked as he attempted to fight their hold.

His feminine voice only cussed the men to laugh.

”So, you can speak? ” The leader asked as he laughed.

”Let me go! ” Lyre attempted to fight off their hold on him, but it was impossible.

”What a pretty boy with a beautiful voice. Don worry, we will treat you well, beauty. We will show you the pleasures of the world. ” The man held on to Lyres jaw, to the point he almost broke it.

Lyre cried out in pain, only to receive a shocking slap on his cheeks.

The pain caused him to scream. And like his body has got used to, he curled his body, preparing to ride out the pain they were about to give him.

Maybe, this world isn better than his life in the kingdom.

At least, his family never touched his naked body. They Only whip his thighs, at most.

The men laughed as they watched the cute Merman. It pleased them to know he wasn fighting back.

”Thats the best decision to make, boy. ” The leader smirked, ”don worry, I will make you feel so good.

Hold him down, ” he commanded his minions, who were eager to have a turn with the fair-skinned boy.

Lyre closed his eyes as he mentally prepared for the hits he thought he was going to get.

However, he wasn preparing for the man to touch the small leg in front of him.

”Let me go! ” He tried to kick the man who was holding him down, but they held on tight.

”Do you want to fight me, boy? ” The man narrowed his eyes at him. ”I will— ”

Busy with the boy lying on the ground, the mens senses weren attuned to their surroundings.

That was why they were unable to see the fifth person until he made an appearance.

”Let him go! ” He commanded the men who were holding Lyre down.

At the sound of the familiar voice, Lyre snapped his eyes open, to see his second-eldest brother, staring down at him, with contempt.

”This is what you have wanted all along, right? ” The prince balled his hands at the thoughts.

Despite all the years of discipline they have given him, it Seemed Lyre was intent on going down that part.

And this made him eager to take Lyre back to the Kingdom, and teach him more disciplines.

Lyre gasped at the sight of his brother.

And like that, the men around him seemed like angels compared to his brother who was standing on those two strange legs, just like those men.

”Who are you to tell us what to do? If you want a taste of him, just tell us. And we might keep it for you.

You don have to act all high and mighty. ”

”What did you say? ” The second prince narrowed his eyes at the pathetic humans. ”Let him go! ” He shouted in anger, as his powers crackled in the air.

”And who do you think you are? ” The three men rose from the floor and faced the stranger who came to claim their prize.

Free from the hold those men had on him, Lyre slowly rose from the ground. This time, he only staggered a bit before he righted his stance.

”Run along, human. I didn come here for you. ” The prince narrowed his eyes at his youngest brother, who was shamelessly standing naked. ”Don you dare go anywhere. ”

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