The Merman’s Forbidden Love

No son of mine will be a disgrace

Prince Lyre slowly sauntered through the halls of the palace. His back was hunched as if he was carrying the entire weight of the world on his shoulders.

Not for the first time, the prince grimaced when the oversized robes he was putting on rubbed his knees.

”Deep, ” he sighed.

This was getting out of hand. And the prince knew it was either he tries to escape, or he remains here, forever chained.

”My prince. ” The guards bowed at the younger prince as he sauntered past, without sparring them a glance. His entire focus was on something. He needed to think of the right approach for what he was about to do.

”My prince! ” His young, Kirara, ran towards him as he shouted to get the princes to stop.

However, Lyres mind wasn in the present. He looked lost and devastated. His scales, which were once gleaming gold, seemed more like dirty yellow fur.

The prince was once known for his shiny, unusual blonde hair. But now, his hair looked more grey than blonde.

His situation was affecting not only his mental state but his physical state.

The prince is nothing but a shell of his former self.

”My prince! ” His Kirara(male servant) called out once more as he tried to cover the distance between them.

Yet, the prince didn hear.

And the guards who were around wounded what the prince was thinking about, which got him so invested, he didn hear the voice of his servant.

”My prince. ” Finally, his servant caught up to him. Instead of touching the prince, he blocked the princes path, to force the prince to notice him.

Shocked, the prince could only escape rubbing bodies with his servant.

In the Sea Kingdom of Ratikot, its considered a mark of disrespect for a servants body to touch that of a royal.

”My prince— ” The winded servant placed both hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.

”What do you want? ” Lyre asked in that small voice of his that seems more like the caress of wind on a persons body.

”The mistress— ”

Lyre flinched at the mention of the bane of his existence.

However, his servant, who was more focused on delivering the news, didn notice the change in his masters countenance.

”The mistress is seeking your presence in your learning room. She— ”

”I will be there. ” Lyre shivered a bit as the thoughts of what will happen to him when he goes to meet her ran through his mind.

Presently, he craved nothing more but an escape route. However, the stories he has heard of life outside the sea scared him enough to keep him in this dreadful place.

The young prince wanted to flee this place. But there was no way for him to do that.

Hes chained to his life here. And is forever at the mercy of his mother, who prefers to be called the mistress.


Lyre took a deep

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