If you were going to recall the memories of your previous life, how good would it be if you recalled them before the incident itself happened!

The virus is already spreading.
slowly across the country.

‘Would people believe me if I told them this?’

It’s true that people are interested in me, but it’s definitely not in a positive way.
From the numerical point of view, I was a gossip girl far from being trustworthy enough, who’s probability to convince the public opinion was zero.

‘Even I won’t believe what I say.’

Damn, now that it’s like this, there’s only one way to save my life.

‘This is not the time to just lie in bed!’

From the monsters that will appear after the end of the world-

It was necessary to build a bunker, or shelter, to hide and defend.

Even though the serialization of the novel stopped, I know roughly the contents of the novel, so if I prepare well, I will be able to avoid danger.

And most of all, fortunately, I have a lot of wealth.
It’s often said that money can’t buy time, but that’s because money isn’t enough.
All you have to do is to spend money recklessly and save time building shelters.

let’s do something I have memories of my previous life, so I should be able to do it.’

As soon as I made up my mind, I first went to Harrison, the family lawyer.

* * *

The lawyer’s office at Sinclair Mansion.

Harrison, who was about ten years older than me, was like an older brother to me.

He had been with me since childhood, not as a lawyer, but as an agent and aide to the Sinclair family.

“What do you mean, lady? A weapon?”

Harrison, who was sitting on the sofa in his office and drinking tea elegantly, asked.

Neat brown hair, warm green eyes.
He raised his glasses that were dripping down the tip of his nose and looked at me curiously.

“Why do you suddenly need a weapon?”

“I want to protect my body.”

Harrison looked at me quietly and smiled.
It was very ominous for Harrison to laugh like that.

“Tell me more about what that means.
Where are you going to use the weapon?”

Harrison asked me in a soft tone, as if he were talking to a child.
It was as if he was asking, ‘What kind of accident are you going to have?’

‘Damn it, I don’t think he’ll easily grant my request.’

It would be nice if it was a problem that could be solved on my own.

I had to enlist his help to get weapons, and in large quantities.
It was clear that if I went out on my own, I would be noticed.
A competent Harrison would do the job neatly without any problems.

Yes, such weak reasoning to simply want to protect myself wouldn’t work on Harrison anyway.

I met Harrison’s eyes, and brought the sincerity of the entire universe together-

“There is a guy I want to shoot.”

I said.

Harrison, who was sitting on the sofa opposite and sipping tea leisurely, stopped moving.

But I was very confident.
It was very sincere.
It’s natural to want to shoot the virus monster that threatens my life.

Harrison slowly put the teacup down and looked up.
The light reflected on his glasses, shining opaquely.

“That bird X, who is it?”

He asked me as he adjusted his glasses.

I have to speak well here.
Harrison is overprotective, so it’s clear that he’ll investigate my background.
With a sad face, I took out a handkerchief and wiped my dry eyes.

“That’s… I don’t want to speak with my mouth.”

It was an excellent dialogue choice, in my opinion.
That way, Harrison won’t be able to ask me anything more.

Maybe he will secretly attach someone to me, but that doesn’t matter.
I just need to prepare for the end safely.

‘There’s not much time left anyway!’

Harrison said nothing for a while.
Looking at his pensive eyes, it seemed that he was trying to guess who the “new X” mentioned earlier might be.

After a long silence, he finally spoke.

“… I understand for now, what specific type of weapon do you want? I will also attach a teacher who will teach you how to use it.”

“Something like a sword, crossbow, or axe.
All by type! But Harrison, I don’t need a teacher…”

“Miss, I cannot concede this.”

Harrison was adamant.
There is no room for persuasion at all.

Anyway, there are only 21 days left until the end of the world, so I may not be  able to see the face of the teacher,

Still, it would be nice if an expert could help.
I roughly nodded.

Please prepare enough weapons for me.
I want to do it properly, so I’m going to make an armory.
You know my personality, right?

Up until yesterday, I had been an immature heiress who would only be satisfied by wasting money until everything came to an end.

Maybe that’s why Harrison nodded his head without any doubt.

His calm face seemed to have the words ‘She’s trying to do something strange again’.

Looking back on Cherry Sinclair’s track record, there were many things that could have caused his distrust, but there was nothing to say.

“Where are you going to build the armory?”

“I will make it in a town called Brunel.”

“Brunel… ?”

Harrison asked with a rather strange face.

‘Why is his expression like that?’

I was nervous for a while and then answered calmly.

“It is not far from the capital, find a map.”

Harrison rose from his seat.
He took a map from his office desk drawer, laid it out on the sofa table, and looked for Brunel Village.

Brunel is a very small town in the southeast part of the capital.

“… Lady, why is this town all of a sudden?”

Harrison, who was looking at the map, looked at me incomprehensible.

That’s because Brunel was a small village without a train station.

But there are clear reasons why I chose Brunel.
It was because the village had been mentioned in the novel .

[Vanilla survived alone for half a year in a remote mansion in the village of Brunel.

She said this mansion was special.
It’s a mansion optimized for survival, she added.

The mansion she actually saw was as the novel described.

– From the novel ‘]

I guess it was something like that.

Anyway, the supporting role, Vanilla, survived half a year alone in this mansion.
She’s been  there half a year.

That’s why I chose this town.

In the novel, when Aurora and the others arrive at the mansion and meet Vanilla, it is about half a year after the end.

Vanilla’s secluded mansion was a fortress on a hill.
The garden is large, so it was good to make a vegetable garden.
she also had have a mountain behind her, so it was easy to collect.

However, up until this point, there was no person with strong vitality among Aurora’s party.
In the end, they could not solve the lack of food according to the increased number of people and quickly left to find another place.

Later, as he meets José, a sub male lead and weapons expert, he gradually builds up her vitality, but it wasn’t until then.

`If you want to eat, you need to create an environment where you can be self-sufficient.’

My parents in my previous life were farming, the big land I was going to inherit was rich.

Of course, I’ve never farmed myself.
However, I did help with the work from time to time, and I learned things by looking over the shoulder* so wouldn’t it be possible?

tl/n: A figurative expression for learning something just by watching or listening to others doing something.

It takes two years for the main characters to meet male lead, a scientist who will develop a cure.

So I only have to hold out for 2 years.

‘Would Harrison believe me if I told him these things?’

I tried to say it with the thought that it would be worthwhile to lose.

“Harrison, the world is about to end.
An epidemic that turns people into monsters is about to spread.
I am going to Brunel to prepare for the apocalypse.”

I don’t want to explain how Harrison’s expression changed when I said that.

“… Do you need your medicine again? If you don’t like being treated at Rudpurshire Hospital, we will look for another hospital.
I think it would be better to just stay in the hospital for a few days and rest…”

“Oh no! Joke! I was kidding! I just had a dream.
It was so vivid.”

Waving my hands, I appealed to Harrison that I was fine.

After my parents died, I had depressive symptoms, so I took medicine for a while, and I didn’t expect it to be an obstacle now.

‘I can’t face the end while confined to a hospital!’

“It’s fine as long as you’re okay.”

Harrison replied with a sigh of relief.
After all, only Harrison thinks of me.

Anyway, Harrison must be brought to the shelter.

“Well, by the way, Harrison.
Can’t you come with me to Brunel Village? I don’t know much about armory, and I don’t have an eye for that.”

Harrison looked at me with a look that was saying, “So why are you trying to make such a thing when you don’t know much about weapons?”

I didn’t really have any excuses, so I just shamelessly faced Harrison.

“I will attach someone.”

“No, I want to go with Harrison.”

Because I have to take him out of the capital unconditionally.

Harrison frowned and looked up at me as if he could not understand.
This time, he looks as if he was saying “what kind of trick  are you doing this time”

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