r opponent's life in the first place.
It's not important.”


“…It certainly…”


“It's not good even for a loser to be slaughtered by an opponent with an overwhelming difference in skill in the first place.
Since there's no time to show off your skills, you won't be able to leave a good impression on the audience.”


Although Atari lost this time, he showed a wonderful counterattack even in adverse circumstances and showed an unyielding fighting spirit until he collapsed.


In fact, the audience did not boo him as a loser.


“You seem to have really great insight.
It's a question I'm feeling now, but weren't you afraid of me? You didn't know what I would do after being released from the gladiator training camp.”


“It's not that I didn't have insurance, I'm confident in my ability to see people.”


Spartacus was historically a person of character who did not indiscriminately kill even the hated Romans.


Marcus already knew this, but to Spartacus, it was just a surprise for his master's eyesight.


“I am truly grateful to you, Young master.
If I had stayed in Capua, I would have been consumed by anger and lost myself.”


“If you stay under someone like Batiatus, that's bound to happen.
Come to think of it, didn't you say you had a wife? Do you know where she was sold?”


In an instant, Spartacus' body stiffened as if he was struck by lightning.
Soon after, he lowered his head and shook his head with a face full of remorse.


“Unfortunately, I don't know.
I know that she was sold as a slave to Rome, but…”


“I'm not sure I can find it, but I can investigate if you want.
How about it, shall we proceed?”


Spartacus asked in disbelief.


“Can you really find…


“Don’t be too hopeful.
There will be many things to be prepared for.
Even if I investigate, I might not be able to find her, or you might just hear that she has already died.
And even if I find her, there’s a good chance she will not be the woman you remember.”


But even so, I want to find her.”


Spartacus answered immediately without the slightest hesitation.
Then he spoke in his usual trembling voice.


“Even if she's already dead, or even if she's turned into a plaything thing for a certain noble, even if she's scolded me for not being able to protect her…
I'm responsible for finding out her whereabouts.
Please, please help me find my wife.
please give her to me…”


Marcus nodded calmly.
It was not a request that he would not be able to grant if he was determined.


“Septimus, I don't care how much money you spend, so start the investigation today.
Spartacus tells Septimus the information about your wife.”


“All right.”


“Thank you! Thank you very much.
I will repay this kindness even at the cost of my life.”


Spartacus' eyes lit up.
Soon, a single tear flowed from his eyes.


If anyone knew the usual Spartacus, it was a look that could not be imagined for him.


Marcus deliberately averted his gaze, pretending not to see the strong man's tears.


It has been several years since Spartacus and his wife were brought to Rome.


If he thought about it coldly, the probability of finding a slave who was captured a long time ago in Thrace was low, with only information of appearance, age, and name.


He will have to hire a lot of people, so he will have to scatter quite a few silver coins.


However, this was enough to earn Spartacus' absolute loyalty.


Spartacus' character was such that from now on he will lay down his life for Marcus.


The possibility of being attacked and killed by someone was as if it had disappeared.




Returning to the mansion, Marcus washed away the day's fatigue by soaking in the private bath.


Rome had large public baths, but Marcus much preferred private baths.


The reason was simple.


This was because public baths in Rome were more unhygienic than expected.


It was easy to mistake the Romans for good hygiene because they always enjoyed taking a bath, but in this era, there was no scientific idea about hygiene.


They didn't change the water in the bath often, and they didn't wash their body before entering the bath, but after applying oil to their body, they went into the bath and washed their body.


In fact, for the Romans, the bathhouse was not just a place to wash one's body, but a kind of entertainment facility.


It was not to go there for only a bath, they too knew that it was dirty but they go to enjoy the place of socializing with all kinds of people.


Marcus later planned to check the hygiene of the public bath when he took office.
If he took good care of hygiene, the incidence of disease will be visibly reduced, and he could publicize it as an achievement.


But for now, since he could not go to the government post, he didn't have any intention to actively improve this problem.


Still, a bath was necessary, so as a last resort, the private bath was kept clean and used.


anyway, it's nice to soak in hot water.”


Marcus enjoyed a leisurely rest while being attended by slaves.
At first, he was awkward being waited on by female slaves, but now he's completely used to it.


'To be honest, I felt very good.'


Danae, who entered the bath, brought cold diluted wine and handed it to Marcus.


“Drink it, Young Master.


“Thank you.
Wasn't it hard for you to follow me around the entire time? You can rest well since there is no work in the evening.”


Then I will take a rest thanks to you.”


She didn't want to back off, but smiled and added a word.


“Spartacus-nim seems to be very grateful.”


“That's right.
The relationship between a man and a woman is very mysterious.
Even though it must have been a long time, he remains with a more affectionate heart.”


“You're going to marry a wonderful woman who suits you someday, right? Ah, that might be a little difficult.”


“What? Why?”


Danae replied with a serious expression without a smile.


“I don't think there's anyone who would be a perfect match for you, Young master.
A person who is too perfect gets into trouble for many things.
It will always be a top-down marriage…”


The nonsense was taken so seriously that Marcus smiled and took a sip of his wine.


His face reflected in the longing was objectively quite handsome.


His height is also on the tall side for his age, so if he grows up like this, he will grow into a handsome man with thick lines.


Looking at his appearance alone, he was much more satisfied with his life than before.


“Anyway, it's a marriage…
I'll have to do it when I'm an adult.
I'll have to thoroughly check the conditions.”


Almost all marriages in this era were arranged marriages.
But an arranged marriage didn't mean they are unhappy.


There were many couples who had a happy married life even though they were arranged for political reasons.


Marcus would also marry in a form close to an arranged marriage, but he had the desire to have a happy married life.


“Is there already a family from where marriage talks come and go?”


“Well? I don't know but if it's my brother, maybe yes, but for me, probably not.
My reputation hasn't improved dramatically yet, though rumors are slowly circulating.”


that's right.
But it will only be a matter of time before your true value is widely known.
Soon, Rome's most powerful families will scramble and covet for you.”


“Apart from that, I'll have to covet my bride.”


In fact, families worthy of marriage had already been sorted out.


Of course, those on the list were people who would be useful to Marcus in the distant future, not now.


'Well, because marriage is about mutual understanding.
Even if I offered to do it, I should keep in mind the possibility that they will refuse.'


Therefore, rather than thinking too much about one side, it was important to search for several candidates in case of an unexpected situation.


After all, Rome was monogamous.
If he didn't divorce, he can't take a new wife, so you had to be careful about marriage.


There was nothing more he can wish for if I meet someone who has the best conditions but also fits well with him personally.


The steam from the slowly rising bath mixed with Marcus' vision for the future, like the scent of wine.

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