——Chapter 14: Rising Road——


Marcus had a dream.
The scenery he saw in his dream was a library as usual.


No, it was different than usual.
The empty bookshelf was now again full of books.
It was the first sight he had seen since he first came here.


Marcus was delighted at this beautiful sight, he thought that it was the opportunity to solve his many problems.


'Good! There was a lot of knowledge I wanted to know.'


Marcus, who was about to approach the bookshelf excitedly, suddenly stopped walking.


It was thanks to the fact that he had repeated dozens of times to think calmly at times like this.
He stifled his excitement as he wandered about in the library.


'Let's judge it soberly.
Why is the missing book full again?'


The first thing he could think of was that a lot of time has passed.


After returning to Rome and receiving permission from Crassus, several days had passed since the grand opening of gladiatorial competitions began.


If he counted the time, more than two months have passed since he first picked up the book.


“Does it take more than two months to wait before I can pull out the next book?”


If this hypothesis was correct, he can take a break.
To be honest, even this was not satisfactory.
To that extent, Marcus felt his thirst for knowledge.


It was impossible to solve this problem without even connecting to the Internet in real-time in his head.


Even if he wanted to make soap for hygiene management right now, he didn't know how to make it, and even if he wanted to make an early furnace, he didn't know the principle.


At least once every two months, if he could get the knowledge he needed, it would be a stopgap.


'The problem is that there's no guarantee that I will able get the answers I'm looking for with just one book.'


If it was a recipe for a simple object like soap in the early days, it seemed that one book would be enough.
However, it was absolutely impossible to produce an object in which various technologies are complexly intertwined with a single book.


For example, what if B and C are additionally needed to make A? It will take more than six months to acquire the minimum knowledge.


Maybe it was just taking time on a yearly basis and not having any results.
he looked around to see if he could get a book like an encyclopedia, but he couldn't find anything of that kind.


'The important thing is to accurately distinguish the priorities of work.
And I have to select only the book that I can do the work with certainty.'


No more than six books per year of accepted knowledge.
If he put it like this, it was really tight.


Besides, when the time comes later to build military service, he could no longer spend his time only on acquiring this knowledge.


Useful strategies and tactics, information about the opponents he is fighting, and detailed terrain on what will be the battlefield.


Even if he thought about it for a little bit, there was so much necessary information that it became annoying.


I can't help but complain.
How can I get knowledge of even six books in a year?'


There was still close to a decade left until Marcus takes full control of his own forces.


In ten years, he can read about 60 books or less, so if he chooses carefully, he will be able to do anything.


The problem will be when the assumption that the condition for picking out a book was when a certain amount of time has passed is wrong.


In this case, there was no answer, so he decided to look at the state of the library two months later and think about it.


Now he had to make a choice about what to pick for his second book.


'But let's be stable for now.
There is no guarantee that I will be able to pick up a book again in two months.
I have to make the assumption that this might be my last chance.'


In the end, Marcus did not choose the book he needed right away, but the one that would give him the clearest advantage.


A rare masterpiece left by Julius Caesar and the essence of Latin literature.


It was a Gallic biography.




Compared to their wealth, the Crassus family had surprisingly few meals close to a small banquet.
To be honest, anyone can not call it even a small banquet at all, it was just a smile meal of a noble family.


It was different from Lucullus, who said that every meal was a feast worthy of gourmets.


Still, today's meal was packed full of delicacies that could not be easily tasted.


Crassus raised a glass of wine with a hearty smile that was not usually seen and said.


“As everyone knows, today's seat is to praise Marcus for his achievements.
Let's eat and enjoy ourselves.”


“Thank you.
I will take it as an encouragement to do better in the future and will continue to work hard.”


Crassus smiled happily at Marcus' answer and nodded.


Tertulla, who had been worried about her eldest son until now, was also looking at him with proud eyes.


“Did Marcus really do such a great job?”


Crassus nodded as he looked at his wife's elegant and beautiful face and said.


“Of course.
It has been verified that the water wheel improved by this child's proposal actually works very well.
In addition, the division of labor has increased the productivity of the artisans to an incomparable level.
Above all, Marcus, the improvement plan you proposed this time for the gladiator game is really great.
It could make a really big profit.”


Crassus, who had been praising Marcus until his mouth was dry, turned his gaze to Spartacus standing behind him.


“I saw the gladiator fight held the other day.
It's really a ghostly skill.
If you continue to do your job well like that, I'll give you a fair reward.”


“You will never be disappointed.”


Spartacus answered moderately and bowed his back.


His debut match in Rome could be summed up in one word: shock.


His opponent was a Gallic gladiator who had made a name for himself in Rome and his record was 7 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses from 11 matches.
However, when he fought with a stranger from Capua named Spartacus, he was crushed without lasting even a minute.


The audience in Rome gave enthusiastic cheers to the appearance of a new divinity that fights like a storm.


“I was counting on him to show something great someday.
I'm really happy that my prediction was right.”


The younger Publius rejoiced in his brother's success as if it were his own.


“Thank you.


“To be honest, I didn't have the confidence to run the business my father started, but now I'm really relieved that my brother is here.”


It gives a good impression of distinct features to Marcus. 


Publius was a boy who was sure to become a tall, handsome man when he grew up.
In addition, he was good at studies and had a good personality enough to be loved by everyone, so it was not unreasonable that the original Marcus harboured an inferiority complex.


Marcus also had an outstanding appearance, but he must have had complicated feelings since he was lesser than his younger brother in everything except his face.


Of course, current Marcus didn't even consider his younger brother as a competitor.


The performance he was now raising far exceeded the level that a mere 11-year-old kid could follow.


In just a few months, the trust of Crassus, the head of the family, had completely tilted toward Marcus.


“Marcus, how is the development of the stirrups and horseshoes you proposed, going?”


“I conceived and explained the use and structure, so I came up with a product that could be used experimentally.
However, since it still needs further improvement, it seems impossible to make it into a product right away.”


It's not urgent anyway, so I think it's better to focus on improving perfection instead of being impatient.”


When the main course, the meat dish, was served, the conversation stopped for a moment and everyone focused on the meal.


Perhaps because it was a dinner that had been open for the first time in a while, the variety was truly gorgeous.


Even if he lists the types of meat on the table, it is impossible to count on one hand: piglets, deer, calves, wild goats, hares, and so on.


Perhaps because he had been a clay spoon in his previous life, Marcus' heart was filled with emotion when he saw such a splendid table.


As he frantically inhaled the meat, he heard his Mother Tertulla's gentle voice.


“Since it's a celebration, why don't we celebrate your inauguration as a judge once again?”


“That's what I expected from the beginning, so I'm not surprised.”


“Oh, you became the chief judge among the judges?


Marcus also quickly swallowed the meat he was chewing and said a word of congratulations.


“You are indeed my father.
You are truly amazing.
If you are the chief judge among only eight judges, shouldn’t it be said that you have taken over the post of consul?”


“Your brother is right.”


 “If my father becomes an archon, our family will have produced an archon for two consecutive generations.”


Even the slaves standing behind them clapped their hands and cheered.


“Congratulations, Master!”


“You will go down in Roman history!”


“Haha, it's not confirmed yet that I will become an archon, so let's do that.”


Crassus shook his hands and smiled so brightly that his teeth were showing.


In the end, the dinner of the day ended in a friendly atmosphere, one of the best in the history of the Crassus family.


The younger brother and mother were satisfied and went back to their respective rooms.
But Marcus did not return instead remained.


Crassus, who had been tipped off in advance, did not return and kept his seat too.


When everyone left, Crassus asked with a puzzled expression.


“Yes, why did you ask me to see you alone?”


“I asked because I have something to say about the business.
My mother and younger brother will not be happy if I talk about business during a meal.”


“You've really grown up to be considerate of that.
Now, wherever I go, I can proudly introduce you as my son.”


“It's too much praise.
I still feel that there are many shortcomings.”


Crassus shook his head and filled Marcus' glass with wine himself.


“Feeling that is proof that you matured.
I was worried about you, but I think it was really useless.
Maybe I'm disqualified as a father for not recognizing your talent.”


“I can't believe that.
Everything I've been able to do here is because I'm my father's son.”


“Haha, thank you for the empty words.
Then let's get to the point.
What do you want to talk about?”


“Before we commercialize stirrups and horseshoes, there is something I want to do.
This is beyond my ability, so only father can do it for me.”


Crassus nodded his head as he brought the glass of wine to his lips and said. 


“I'm willing to listen, so keep talking.”


Marcus continued with a serious expression.


“I want you to pass a new law.”


“First of all, I'll listen to what kind of legal content it is and judge it.”


 “I'm trying to create a new concept that doesn't exist in Rome right now.
I discussed the specifics with Septimus, but he said it would be possible.”


In fact, it was a one-sided explanation from Marcus to Septimus, but he did not bother to tell the truth.
Because it doesn't make sense that all this came out of his head when he was only twelve years old.


On the surface, it was decided to match the abstract concept proposed by Marcus with Septimus materializing it.


Septimus also agreed.


Septimus, fascinated by Marcus' genius, was now virtually his man.


“According to what you said, it seems to be legislation in the form of defining something new…
I think a more detailed explanation is needed.”


I would like to introduce a system called patent.
This system, in simple terms, guarantees the monopoly rights to individual inventions.”


“Do you guarantee exclusive rights to inventions? It's not easy to understand at first glance.”


“It's a concept that hasn't existed before.
I'll explain it in detail.”


The core point of a patent was to prevent others from copying his product and taking advantage of it.


The origin of patents is surprisingly old, dating back to the 15th century.


Although Rome was an ancient society, it had a stronger atmosphere of law and contract than the Middle Ages.


Since this was Rome, if the purpose of the patent was well understood, it will be able to attract the approval of the majority of lawmakers.


And once the patent law was passed, it was possible to reap huge benefits from it.


Marcus meticulously explained to Crassus, even giving specific examples.


Crassus, like a Roman, immediately understood the purpose of the patent.
And soon after, he even figured out why Marcus was trying to pass this law.


“So you're thinking of patenting the stirrups and horseshoes.”


“Yes, and we plan to register a patent for a new technology that will greatly improve the riding comfort of wagons.”


“Definitely, this is a great idea.
It's such a legally profitable concept.
Besides, it's not about extorting money by force, and it has a solid basis and justification.”


The purpose of the law is to further promote technological development by guaranteeing the ownership of the technology.
In addition, this will prevent the risk of cutting off excellent technology from being passed on.
It can happen, so we need to put in place a system to prevent it.”


Crassus straightened his posture with his eyes shining.
This was because the more he listened to it, the more attractive the bill became.


While clearly taking advantage of the individual, it will also enhance the benefit of society as a whole.


It was truly an ideal form of legislative activity.


“This is definitely a bill that must be passed unconditionally.
But there is a problem.
Aren't you going to doubt that?”


So, I hope my father proposes this bill through another member of the legislature or the tribune.
And I think he can give the impression that he will refine this bill into a more perfect form by citing examples of the abuse of patents that I have come up with.”


“Hmm~ Yes.
That seems like the most ideal way.
But how on earth did you come up with this idea?”


When the expected question came, Marcus chuckled and scratched his head pretending to be embarrassed.


“Even if the stirrups and horseshoes I desperately thought about came out, wouldn’t it be possible to copy them from somewhere else and make the same thing? still.”


“It's not normal to come up with a new concept out of something that others just think is inevitable.
You must be a genius, too.”


“Not to that extent.”


“No, no.
I really got a great son right.
Ha ha ha!”


Crassus laughed heartily and patted Marcus on the back.


Anyone could see that now, he looked like a parent who was anxious to show off their children.


Marcus bowed his head in gratitude and smiled in repentance.


The plate was laid out perfectly.
Now was the time to call his own forces in earnest.

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