Hearing this he was startled for a moment.

By the time he woke up in the museum, he found himself in the cloth and didn't think much about it.
But after listening to his words, he instantly became nervous.

——Because before waking up, he was just an unconscious body.
Changing clothes and so on must be the work of the staff.
In that case, if they really took advantage of the opportunity to film something…


Destroy it!

And most importantly, this person actually sell this kind of thing to minors? ? ?

Ghosh –

When thinking of this, his whole body felt uncomfortable.


Yeah, he has to report it——

The man saw him contemplating things, and kept staring at one point in a daze, but he didn't know what he was thinking and didn't care about it.

He rubbed his hands and continued to sell his products: “Little Friend, you can buy an exclusive photobook of human beings on the blue planet for only seventeen-star coins, just the price of a meal.
Don't you really think about it? “

He Xile was ashamed and angry.

Oh My God!

The price is so cheap! That's a handful of copies!

And the saddest thing was that he couldn't even take out the seventeen-star coins!

He had mixed feelings for a while and said falteringly: “Brother, I, I don't have any money with me now, can I take a look at what kind of photobook it is? If I like it, I will definitely buy it.”

The man frowned subconsciously.

In the business, who has not encountered such customers?

If this was done in the past, he would never agree to it.

After all, this transaction involves a huge risk of crime! What if the other party didn't pay after watching it? He could not even go to the association to defend his rights, let alone erase the memory of the other party.

But for some reason, when he saw this little friend, he had a good feeling.

The man whispered, “That's fine, but you have to promise that you can't take screenshots and photos.”

“Well, of course not.”

He Xile replied absently.

It's all those kind of photos…
How could he take screenshots and take pictures?

He was not a pervert!

He Xile's mood fell to the bottom.

He thought of what Captain Xing had said before, and immediately made up his mind to be ready to call the police at any time.
Then, he saw a man looking around, and mysteriously pulling out a bunch of photos.

He Xile hurried over — just like the man said, the photo in his hand was very clear, and almost every detail could be seen clearly, it's just the content of this…

In the photo, he was lying peacefully inside the display case of the Imperial Center Museum.
His long, thick eyelashes were like raven feathers with the ends slightly tilted up, his lips were pale to the point of white, his hands are laid flat, and he was wearing the same clothes when he woke up.

The whole person didn't seem to be dead, but rather sleeping.

He Xile: “?”

He had a big question mark above his head.
It wasn't that he had a problem, but he felt that the other party had a problem.

He looked up at the man.

That's it?

What kind of photobook is this!

The man: “?”

He frowned, “What's wrong? Are you still not satisfied after seeing this? I took a lot of painstaking efforts to secretly shoot this.
Although you are young, you should also know how much attention is paid to the protection of portrait rights nowadays.”

He flicked his finger at the photos, somewhat smugly, “Not everyone is as powerful as me to get this kind of superb photo album.
And didn't I tell you? There are also small videos.
This is a precious video of the moment when the human being has just awakened!! And a short video of humans being taken out of the museum! Ordinary people can't capture it at all!”

He Xile: “…”


He Xile said slowly, “Thank you, but I don't think it's necessary.”

“Really?” The man was shocked.

He Xile: “Yes, I'm sorry.”

“…You little boy, why are you so ignorant?” The man snorted coldly.

You know, this is a genuine photobook of human beings!

Didn't this kid know how popular that human was in the empire? When he becomes an adult and his aesthetics slowly catch up, he will definitely regret when he recalls what happened today!

At that time, he will definitely come crying to him!

In the place.

Sitting on the high throne, Wen Jiyu was dealing with political affairs.

He sat idly, listening to the reports of the guards, while watching the trifles of these ministers and nobles, and was a little drowsy, just then the terminal on his wrist vibrated suddenly.

A small piece of thin scales floated up almost instantaneously on the covered wrist.

Wen Jiyu sobers up a little, and had a strange feeling.

——It was more than 20 years ago, the last time the terminal shook, when the Zerg, who had been rejuvenating for many years, suddenly invaded the empire.
At that time, Starnet sent a top priority message to everyone in the empire, urging civilians to take shelter using this vibration mode.

The next day, Wen Jiyu went to the battlefield.

When he returned again, he became the next king of the empire.

Unaware of the vibration, the guard was still reporting the affairs in a low voice.

Wen Jiyu raised his hand.

The palace was momentarily quiet.

What will it be this time?

While thinking he lazily opened the terminal.

 —— “Your ward, He Xile, is logging into Starnet for the first time, come and interact with him~!”

He stared at the terminal without moving for a long time.

After two seconds, he closed the terminal and said calmly, “Continue.”

Time flew by.

The guards had already been replaced.

The new one was about to continue to report on his work, when he suddenly saw His Majesty rise to his feet.

The Guard: “Your Majesty?”

Wen Jiyu said lightly, “I'm hungry, let's eat first.
We'll talk after eating.”

“Yes.” The guard followed closely.

He was very puzzled – His Majesty's custom in the past was to finish all his official duties before going to dine, often delayed until nearly two o'clock in the afternoon.
But today he went to dinner in an unprecedented way.

Is there anything delicious today?

“Your Excellency He Xile, it's time for lunch.”

When he received the message from the guard, He Xile was looking up at the plaque in front of him.

[Mecha Experience Hall]

[The largest and most realistic virtual battlefield, bringing you an unparalleled combat experience.]

The people on the side looked at He Xile, and said with a smile: “You little kid, you have been standing here for a long time, do you also want to use the mecha? But your body is not suitable for the mecha now, and you have to wait until you reach adulthood.
But if your guardian agrees with you to sleep late, you can come here at 10:00 p.m.
There will be a live broadcast of the mecha battle on the All Star Network, and the rumored one will also participate in this battle.
Even if you can't drive a mech, it's still enjoyable to watch.”

“Thank you, I see.”

He Xile said, “If I'm free tonight, I'll come and take a look.”

After he finished speaking, he almost couldn't wait to log off from Starnet.

— In the morning, the chef said he would apply for meat that was more suitable for his teeth.
He was wondering if he applied for it, and was very much looking forward to it.

Accompanied by the guard he went to the restaurant, the door opened, and just as he was about to run over, he saw another person sitting at the table.
The man is back to He Xile, the cloak on his body was his signature clothing, and the waves at the end of tail seemed to flying.

He Xile's footsteps instantly slowed down.

It was Wen Jiyu, His Majesty.

Since he was his guardian, he was embarrassed not to say hello.

“Good day, Your Majesty.” He Xile walked over, stood not too far away from him, and greeted him.

Wen Jiyu: “Hmmm.”

There was a hint of perfunctory in his indifferent voice.

Well, I already greeted him!

It's time to eat!

He Xile was about to go and sit aside when he thought of something, he hesitated for a moment, stood still and added: “Thank you, Your Majesty, for your concern, you have found me a designer.”

Hearing this, the honorable majesty finally turned his head, and looked at He Xile.

Jane's clothes were not yet ready, and He Xile still had the same clothes as before.
He frowned slightly “tsk”: “Now the whole universe knows that I am your guardian.
If you go out like this…”

He looked up and down at him, and sneered, “That lost is my people.”

There was nothing wrong with this, so He Xile nodded his head like chicken pecking the rice, “Yes, yes.”

Wen Ji.
— —

Did this human understand what he was saying?

Or is there something wrong with the terminal translation?

Otherwise, no one will be happy to hear this, right? Much less likely to agree with him.

He Xile looked at His Majesty and blinked innocently.

Although the tone of His Majesty was full of mockery just now, He Xile has always only looked at the results in this kind of matter— he has benefited from His Majesty, now not only did he live in His Majesty's house for free, eat His Majesty's food, and drink His Majesty's food, His Majesty had even taken the initiative to find someone to make clothes for him.
The benefits have all been taken by He Xile, so what does it matter if this Majesty is trying to show off his tongue?

He Xile's eyes curved into a beautiful crescent: “Then I will not disturb your Majesty's meal.”

Wen Jiyu: “Wait.”

His eyes were lazy, his gaze lingered on He Xile's lips for a moment, “Come here.”

He Xile was dumbfounded and walked over without hesitation.

Wen Jiyu, who was sitting on the stool, did not appear to be that exaggerated in height.
The two of them sat and stood, almost at eye level.
He didn't say what he called He Xile to do, he just washed his hands slowly and wiped them off with a clean towel.

Having not known why he was called for he could only watch Wen Ji's movements.

The towel was thrown aside, and the guards picked it up.

Wen Jiyu finally said, “As your guardian, I have the right to check your health condition.”

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