onfident in the decisions he made and wished to prove the old man of his false worth. He proved his point by asking Henry to pick the first vial, expecting it to poison him. Henry did as he was told and took hold of the first vial and took off the cork with a small pop. Downing the liquid, his stomach burned and churned. His body contorted till his appearance was taken over by a strange creature with soft white fur, black and white banded stripes, red eyes, and brown furred tail. The king mocked Henrys appearance, laughing at him and calling him a jester of sorts. Henry felt ashamed and tried to hide what he had become.

The old man then turned to the king, offering him the last two vials. The king only grinned and took hold of one, boasting that he would have the ultimate power and do whatever he pleased. Popping the cork off the top, the king drank the liquid contained in the vial. It fell from his clutch shortly afterwards as he let out a piercing yell. Blood seeped from his eyes and his body shriveled till the floor took his presence. The king was dead, having drank the poison vial.

The old man gave a look of pity to the king before turning to Henry. He held up the last vial and presented it to him. ”This is Prana, ” he began, his voice strained and shrill. ”Is the ultimate power anyone can obtain. Use it wisely, Henry. ”

Henry appeared astonished at the sound of his own name and remained confused when the man vanished in a cloud of dust, leaving Henry standing there with unimaginable power in his hands. What he did with it, only souls could tell.

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