Chapter 78: Cultural Festival Enjoyers vs.
Gachis (2)

The costume-making team, led by Tomomi Iwakura, who is good at sewing, was on its way to the meeting place, a family restaurant.

The girls had decided to make a total of three costumes: one size small, one size medium, and one size large.
The large size, by the way, is reserved for Shiori, who is over 170 centimeters tall, and Kyogoku, who is 164 centimeters tall.

 The budget is not enough to make maid uniforms for all the girls, as they only wear them during the festival.
During the festival, the girls are sometimes divided into two groups, one to watch the performances and the other to guard the store, and although it is not necessary to have enough for everyone, it would be sad to have only three maid uniforms, but that has already been resolved.

Similarly, a senior student who had hosted a maid cafe in the past gave them to them.
Unexpectedly, the quality of the costumes surprised everyone, but it seems to have been a good stimulus for the girls, and they are full of motivation.
Boys also have a lot of work to do, so it was not a case of “come on now, boys!”

 The three new outfits they were going to make were going to be gorgeous, with more frills, etc.
After much discussion and design decisions were made, they brought their design drawings with them to the day of the event.

“So beautiful!” (Yuki)

 I, Yukito Kokonoe, was taken to a family restaurant by a group of girls known as the .

“Don’t just stare blankly up at the sky, let’s get going.” (Miho)

“Do you need me?” (Yuki)

 The fresh, handsome man walking next to me quickly looks away.
No matter how much I am a fast and furious troublemaker, it is not always me who is the cause of the problem.
Today’s culprit is this man.

“…… My sister insisted that I bring you here.” (Miho)

 It is a fresh, good-looking older sister who asks him to teach her.
Iwakura Mission takes the responsibility very seriously, but she is only relatively good at sewing within her class.
She has never made clothes from scratch before.
So, the fresh and good-looking sister was the one who came to her with the white arrow in her quiver.

 I hear she is really good at that kind of thing.
I don’t mind that, but I don’t understand why I was invited to the party.
I don’t know them, and I don’t even know her sister, so why does the mere mention of her make others’ hearts race?

 Like a dog that doesn’t want to go for a walk because of the rain, I headed to my destination, dragging my heavy legs, and told them how many people were coming and took a seat at a larger table.
Not long after ordering, the intended recipient soon arrived.

“Sorry, guys.
Did I keep you waiting?” (Hikari)

“Ah, no! We just arrived too.
Thank you for your help today!” (???)

 Iwakura Mission stood up and bowed.
She was beautiful, like the freshly handsome boy, but for that, their reaction was exaggerated.
Kya-kya and a high pitched voice was raised.

“You are HIKARI, right! I follow you on SNS and have been a fan for a long time.
I was looking forward to seeing you today.
I’m so happy to see you!” (Mineta)

“Really? Fufu thank you.
Hey, what are you waiting for, Kou? Go get me a drink.” (Hikari)

“Yes, yes.” (Miho)

 The refreshingly handsome man reluctantly goes to get a drink.
Oh, I’ll have a Coke.
Disregarding the fresh, handsome guy who looks at me with a resentful gaze, I ask Mineta, a member of the Iwakura Mission and apparently a woman of high female power, about it.

“I don’t know, but is sister famous?” (Yuki)

“Kokonoe-chan, you are good friends with Miho and you don’t know her? HIKARI-san is a model and a cosplayer, so she’s famous and has been featured in magazines.
I was also surprised when I heard about it from Miho.” (Mineta)

“Cosplayer?” (Yuki)

 HIKARI-san, who is a cosplayer, turned to us, perhaps noticing our presence.

“I see, I see.
You must be Yukito Kokonoe that Kouki was talking about.
I’m Kouki’s sister.
Thank you for the other day.
Mother was very happy to see you.” (Hikari)

“Nice to meet you, I’m Yukito Kokonoe.” (Yuki)

“I’m still good at making costumes and such.
Now that I’ve accepted the job, you can leave it to me!” (Hikari)

“I don’t know much about the world, but are you famous?” (Yuki)

“I’m embarrassed to say that about myself.
But look, haven’t you seen me? I do cosplay and stuff.” (Hikari)

“Eeh!? Aren’t cosplayers hated by the gravure idol community because they have become such a production company that they do photogravure work in weekly magazines for free?!” (Yuki)

“I’m not in that line of work, and please spare me the commentary!” (Hikari)

“Eeh!? So, cosplayers are offering the privilege of ROM by making people buy multiple copies of individual shots?!” (Yuki)

[“ROM” is a Japanese online term! Read Only Members.
= “ROM” Japanese-made English, meaning users who only read but do not write.
To put it simply, it is used to mean “Please shut up” and “Please read only, not write”.]

“Y-You’re too prejudiced! We’re all just having fun, and I don’t want to speak ill of others, so I can’t deny it.” (Hikari)

“Eeh!? On Halloween, where cosplayers gather, the level of costumes is so different that the Parisians don’t come around, so it’s rather healthy and has a reputation for good manners!?” (Yuki)

“Thanks for the compliment! After all this, don’t you know too much?!” (Hikari)

“I’m sorry, I’m just a little cautious.
My sister always tells me to be careful of people who claim to be cosplayers because their photos are so different from the real thing.” (Yuki)

“It’s not just about Cosplayers.
Apps these days perform better.
But more importantly, finally, don’t say things you don’t have the words to say back.
Well, I guess that’s how great the makeup is.
……But then again, as Kou told me, you’re funny.” (Hikari)

“That’s strange.
What’s so funny?” (Yuki)

 Huh? Did this extremely serious Yukito Kokonoe ever have anything interesting?

 I don’t know why people tend to say that kind of thing to me when they first meet me, but I can’t figure out why at all.

 In the meantime, the fresh and handsome guy comes back.

“Aren’t you tired, sis?” (Miho)

“I think I’ve warmed up enough.
Kou is after all here.” (Hikari)

 The meeting with the Iwakura mission begins immediately.
In this case, there was no room for me and the fresh-looking guy.
We just have to be quiet like a borrowed cat, but the reality is, a borrowed cat isn’t quiet.
I think it’s more like a big rampage and a lot of trouble.

“I see you have a design drawing …….
Do you have any material in mind? Then you need to make a pattern ……, yes, yes, yes.” (Hikari)

With the Iwakura mission in the background, I asked a question that I had long wanted to ask the fresh-looking guy.

“Why did you call me here?” (Yuki)

“I don’t know.” (Miho)

“You don’t know?” (Yuki)

“It was because she wanted to meet you.
……” (Miho)

“Oh, yeah, that’s right.
I heard that you have a good camera, Yukito.
You should help me take pictures next time.” (Hikari)

Hikari interrupts the conversation.
The meeting is over, and Iwakura and the others put away their notes and join the conversation.

“Not exactly my camera.
……” (Yuki)

 I was asked to be a member of the photography team because my mother had bought a SLR camera a long time ago, but it had been completely covered in dust and was now dead.
It’s an opportunity like this, and it would be a loss if I don’t use it.

 I’m currently practicing portrait photography, and I want to rely on AF autofocus, but I hear that’s not the only way to get good at it.
It’s a very deep subject.
I’m shooting a lot of portraits at home with my mother and sister, who are very excited.

I may be able to show the results of my efforts one day, but due to the family’s bad sense of humor, I can’t show off the photos I’ve taken.
I can’t afford to have them processed.
…… those bastards!

“It’s fine Kokonoe-chan! It’s not often you get a chance like this to help HIKARI with a photo shoot!” (Mineta)

“I’m renting a studio for a photo shoot, if you want to come and watch. Then why don’t you all try cosplaying? I’m happy to have more friends too.” (Hikari)

“Is that fine?! I’d love to!” (???)

“I-I’d be embarrassed.
……” (???)

“There’s no need to be shy now.
You’re going to wear this outfit, aren’t you?” (Hikari)

“Yay! I’m so glad I’m in this class to be able to see HIKARI’s shoot.” (Mineta)

The response has been varied, but generally favorable.
Except that it doesn’t include my opinion.

“By the way, do I get to choose?” (Yuki)

“Huh? Didn’t Kou tell you? It was a condition of my cooperation that you help me.” (Hikari)

Grunting, I turned my gaze to the freshly handsome man and grabbed his head, which he was trying to cover up by wiping his lousy whistle.

“You conspired against me!” (Yuki)

“I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist my sister.” (Miho)

“Is that so?” (Yuki)

“Yeah” (Miho)

 The sadness of the brothers was spilling out.

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