Chapter 75: Influencers who are a nuisance to bystanders

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TL: Another sidestory.
This happend after volume 3.

“Oh, good morning, Miki! Is the flu over?” (Sakurai)

“I missed you so much, Kana! The fever went down quickly, but I couldn’t go out and see anyone, so I was bored and lonely.
Thanks for calling me every day.” (Mineta)

“It’s okay, it’s okay.
Aren’t we friends.”(Sakurai)

“Kana!” (Mineta)

“Miki!” (Sakurai)

 The two hugged each other tightly.
In the morning, Mineta, who had been absent from school for a while due to the flu, comes to school for the first time in a while and is happy to see Elizabeth again.

 I continue to work on the project with my eyes on the side.
Almost finished.

“Hey, Kana-chan, I was just wondering, is there something wrong with the atmosphere at school? Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it seems strangely sweet …….” (Mineta)

“Do you think so too, Miki? I had that feeling too.
A little weird, right?” (Sakurai)

“What is this? It’s creeping me out.” (Mineta)

“Oi, oi I hope you two haven’t forgotten.
He’s the reason for most of the crazy things that happen in this school.” (Mihou)

 The fresh and handsome guy with the strongest communication skills comes over to them, interrupting the conversation of the girls without a care in the world.

“So, Yukito, what did you do this time?” (Mihou)

“How rude.
What the hell are you talking about?” (Yuki)

“I mean, what are you doing right now? …… Wait.
What’s the matter with you, Yukito! Why are you doodling in the textbook like a normal student?” (Mihou)

” This is a flip book of Kuya reincarnated in the present day, break-dancing and spreading the Nembutsu.” (Yuki)

[Nembutsu (J*p.; Chin., nien-fo).
The foremost religious practice in the Pure Land Schools of Buddhism.
Nembutsu literally means ‘Mindfulness of the Buddha’.
It was thus originally a meditational practice with the Buddha and his innumerable merits ‘kept in mind’, i.e.
as an object of contemplation.]

“It’s not normal at all! The quality is amazing for nothing!?” (Mihou)

 It’s enough to make a Confucius palpable, and this is the way to go.

[Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and politician of the Spring and Autumn period who is traditionally considered the paragon of Chinese sages.
Confucius’s teachings and philosophy underpin East Asian culture and society, remaining influential across China and East Asia to this day.]

 The textbook is rolled up so vigorously that it really looks like a monk is break-dancing.

“What what please lend it to me!” (Mineta)

“He’s moving so creepy!” (Sakurai)

“It’s not bad”.

 The textbook left my hands and passed through the hands of my classmates.
It’s not bad.

“Hey, hey, Mihou, is it really because of Kokonoe?” (Mineta)

“Yes.” (Mihou)

“It’s not bad” (Mineta)

 A refreshingly good-looking guy who pulls out a self-indulgent remark.

“I’m not talking about the flipbook.
Why did you, Yukito, start calling your sister ‘Onee-sama’ recently?” (Mihou)

“There was a character like that in a manga that Yuuri-san was into.
She told me she was jealous and asked me to call her that for a while.” (Yuki)

“She was talking about a manga, right?” (Mihou)

However, in the manga, it is the junior members of the same sex who refer to their older sisters as “Onee-sama,” so it is unknown whether I, the younger brother, am really satisfied with calling my sister that.

“Even my Mom asked me to call her Mama, so I had a hard time.” (Yuki)

“……, isn’t that a little embarrassing?” (Mihou)

“She’s always been good to me, and I”m happy to oblige her.” (Yuki)

“I don’t think that’s the problem.
…… But that however” (Mihou)

“What do you mean, Mihou?” (Mineta)

“When he starts talking like that all of a sudden, that’s probably what’s spreading around the school.” (Mihou)

“Isn’t that too much influence?!”(Mineta)

“Even on the women’s basketball team, first-year students were suddenly saying “Onee-sama, Onee-san.
That’s probably the cause.” (Mihou)

“You blame me for everything!” (Yuki)

 I protested in a small way, but they did not take me up on it at all.
Mineta and the others seemed convinced.
Why are they so convinced?!

The incident goes back to a week ago.

My sister, who was reading a manga in the living room, closed the book with a snap and came over to me.

“It is okay for you to call me Onee-sama” (Yuuri)

“Haven’t you ever learned about subject-predicate?” (Yuki)

“Telepathy, isn’t it?” (Yuuri)

“Not at all.” (Yuki)

I will give you something good if you call me Onee-sama” (Yuuri)

 I frown.
The good things my sister says are those things anyway, right? A ten-pack of coupons that let me tap her on the shoulder .
No doubt it’s a great coupon that allows me to tap my sister on the shoulder, but it took me two years to use it up.
It took me two years to use up the last ticket.

“ASMR for my brother.” (Yuuri)

“I don’t want it.” (Yuki)

“There’s a special offer.” (Yuuri)

“I don’t want—” (Yuki)

“A special way to actually experience it!” (Yuuri)

“I don’t—” (Yuki)

“Track 10 is a must.” (Yuuri)

“I—-” (Yuki)

“Ha? You want it, right?” (Yuuri)

“Yes.” (Yuki)

 In fact, it’s a secret that I was a little curious about the contents.

“Ara, Yuri is being unfair.
Why don’t you call me Mama if you like?” (Mother)

 Even my mother joined in the fray.
Her eyes were full of anticipation.
It was obvious that if I refused, I would disappoint her.
I’ve only let her down so far.
It was my role to live up to the expectations of my family.

“All right.
I will call you Mama” (Yuki)

“Ngyawai i~ i~ i~ i~ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!” (Mother)

 Mom fell down from her knees and started to scream and sprawl around on the floor.
She looks like a fish washed up on land.

“W-What’s wrong, Mama? Are you okay, Mama?” (Yuki)

“Nnn, hoooooooooooooooooooooo!” (Mother)

“R-right! I have to call an ambulance.” (Yuki)

“I-I’m fine! It was just a little too much impact.
It’s nothing.” (Mother)

 What do you mean it’s nothing?! Mama was holding her lower abdomen and looked like she was in a lot of pain.

“Mama, did feel a pom-pom?” (Yuki)

“Fuuu hii! N-No, that is not! I’m just happy to have a little squeak around here.” (Mother)

“Oh, I see! Huh, but that’s something really serious! Onee-sama, Mama is in trouble!” (Yuki)


I turned around to see my sister banging her head against the wall.
I was too scared.
What a horror story!

“What’s wrong with you, even Onee-sama?” (Yuki)

“I-I-I-I’m calm.
I just got excited.” (Yuuri)

“Onee-sama, your forehead is red.
I’m going to stroke it.” (Yuki)


 When I nudge her forehead, she bangs her head against the wall again.
Is she a woodpecker?

“Gyawaii i~i i~i i~i i~i i~i!” (Mother)

“Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” (Yuuri)

 With the two of them writhing in agony, I was at a loss as to what to do.

“—-I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.
It’s pretty much the same as usual.” (Yuki)

“How is that normal?” (Mihou)

“There was nothing but unusual things!?” (Mineta)

“It can’t be that such incidents happen all the time in everyday life.
The world is not a manga or a video game.
And don’t say that I’m the cause of everything, or that I’m just being unreasonable!”

“You’re are like a boomerang” (Mihou)

It’s true what they say about boomerangs, that the person who gets it stuck doesn’t notice it.” (Yuki)

There is no way that everything is my fault.
It can’t be! It can’t be! It can’t be…..right?

[Erika Tojo PoV]

“Please look! Thanks to Erika Onee-sama, my grades went up!” (Kumi)

“No, it’s thanks to Kumi’s hard work.
You have confidence in yourself?” (Tojo)

“T-Thank you! Will you teach me again?” (Kumi)

Come over anytime.” (Tojo)

It was lunchtime, and the two of us were spending a leisurely time alone together.
Although I didn’t go out of my way to make tea myself.
I, Erika Tojo realized that this was still a very precious tea time for me.
That is probably also the case with the junior girl who is in attendance.

“Uhm, I wanted to ask you something.
Who is that person who is following Onee-sama around? He seems like a dangerous student, and I won’t tolerate it!” (Kumi)

 The first time I saw Kumi’s indignant attitude, I immediately understood who she was referring to.
Her face tightened.
Clenching her fists tightly, she took a deep breath to calm her mind.

He is not following me.
If anything, it might be me.
And he is my friend.
I won’t allow anyone to make fun of him, not even you.” (Tojo)

“I-I’m sorry!” (Kumi)

My voice came out unintentionally cold.
Wondering what to say to the pretty junior who had turned her head down.

 She did nothing wrong.
She was just worried about me.
Her emotions would not be satisfied even if I told her off for being overbearing.
If nothing is done, she might have an outburst.

And the one who will be hurt then, just like that time, is he who was just unreasonably inconvenienced, and this time it is not me but her in front of me.

 In the first place, nothing about that incident had been made public.
In the end, he alone was the one who got the blame.
If people did not know about it, they would have a bad impression of him.
He is a conspicuous figure, even if only for a short time.
There are naturally people who don’t think well of him.

We are working hard to restore his credibility, but it is impossible for us to actively spread the word.

However, I cannot run away from this.
If I run away here and now, I will live the rest of my life not being able to forgive myself.
That would be the worst thing I could do, to let all he has done for me go to waste.

“Listen to me, Kumi.
He is not who you think he is.
He is–” (Tojo)

I speak out in an endless stream of words.
I wonder what she was thinking. She might be disappointed.
I am not going to be the ideal senpai to which she adores.
Even so, I can’t hide my foolish act here.

He is my—-friend.

“People can be very ugly.
Of course, so am I.
It reminds me of the old me, I was so upright.
That’s why I’m worried about you.
I don’t want to cloud that beautiful thing you have.” (Tojo)

 I want to protect that innocence, I think.

 In this age when so much human ugliness has become visible.
It is depressingly full of malice.

 It is easy for me to be swept away like that.
The more innocent I am, the more I get hurt.
And I will get tired, and someday I will be dyed in the same way.

 But just for this moment.
Just until I graduate, I will remain clean within the closed world of this school.
The ideal remains same.
Even if it’s impossible, I would want to be the Onee-sama she wants me to be.

 I wanted to do my best.
To be able to spend peaceful time like this forever.
Both her and him.
I want everyone to be kind.

“I care about you, Kumi.
That is why I want you to have more and more people you care about.” (Tojo)

[Third person PoV]

With her kindness and support, she has gained a huge popularity not only among her classmates, but also among her juniors, both male and female.

 Her attitude was always kind, approachable, and compassionate.

 Later, Erika Tojo.
She would be known as—

 –Erika Tojo, the Senpai saint.

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