Chapter 74: The Mantra of Sorrow

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TL: First things first Mother name changed to Ouka and this is an extra/sidestory.

“Eeh, it is a myth that if you master yoga, you will be able to breathe fire or teleport, and should never be taken seriously.” (Himiyama)

“Yes, Sensei.” (Yuki)

 It’s funny.
It is an ironclad story, but I was not amused at all and was not listened to.
I can’t reach out my hand or my foot.
If I wanted to, I would teleport out of here right now.
But I don’t think they’ll forgive me.
In front of me, my mother and Himiyama-san were looking at me with expectant eyes.

 We are at the 24-hour fitness club next to our apartment.
Mom had been trying to go to the gym to get some exercise and keep in shape, but apparently her work schedule has been keeping her from finding the time.

 However, since she recently switched to working from home, she has more time to spare and has decided to start going to the gym again.
Heh, I see.
That’s why you have such great figure! I’m so proud of you as a son.

Then why am I here?

 Well, listen to me.
There’s a not-so-deep reason.

 I played basketball in middle school, and I learned a whole bunch about how to take care of my body in the process.
There are other reasons that go back further, but this is one of the reasons why I have been doing this kind of training, not only general muscle training, but also other kinds of training, since I had always been injured, I had a lot of free time during my hospital stay, so I used what spare time I had to study all kinds of stretching, yoga, and Pilates.

 Knowing the basic structure of the human body is essential in order to handle it well.
I, Yukito Kokonoe, am a modern-day version of a human anatomist.

 That is why my mother asked me to accompany her to the gym as an instructor, and I had no choice but to refuse.
I would be very happy if I could contribute even a little to my mother, who is the breadwinner of the family.

 But there was a pitfall.
On the way there, I ran into Himiyama-san, and for some reason, we ended up going together.
I suddenly had a bad feeling.
I don’t hold out the slightest bit of hope for my gut feeling, but for some reason, I want to get out of here right now.

 After registering, we go inside.
The gym is quiet since we are the only ones there.
But the problem is that the two of us have just come out of the locker room, and we are dressed in our fitness clothes.
It’s wearing fitness wear, so of course it’s thin in many ways, it doesn’t need to be R-rated, it could even be X-rated.

Shaking off the evil thoughts, I think about the individual workout menus.
The gym is well-equipped with aerobics, lat pulldowns, and other training equipment, but neither of us is looking for strength training, so yoga is a safe choice here.

“Mom, you do a lot of sitting, so your stiff shoulders are bothering you, right? Is there any part of you that bothers you, Himiyama-san?” (Yuki)

“I’m new to this kind of thing, so I’ll leave it to you.
I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong.” (Himiyama)

“Do you have any physical problems or concerns?” (Yuki)

“Right…..,I’m cold, so can you do something about it” (Himiyama)

“I see.
Then, let’s start with a slow breathing exercise in the easy chair.
Once you get used to it, we will gradually move on to poses.
Please imitate me.
It helps regulate the autonomic nervous system, so you can expect a good night’s sleep.” (Yuki)

 I am yoga instructor Yukito Kokonoe.
While activating the third chakra, the Manipura chakra, let’s focus on Mom’s upper body and Himiyama-san’s lower body.
After a brief explanation of breathing techniques, we posed while discussing the effects of the exercises.

“The cat pose is good for stiff shoulders.” (Yuki)

 Get down on all fours.
I felt like a cat when I stretched and twisted like this.

“Maybe it’s because of my breasts, but my shoulders are really stiff.
I’m glad it’s lessened.” (Mother)

“Ara, me too.
Right, Yukito-kun?” (Himiyama)

“I’m sorry, Misaki-san.
What does this have to do with my son?” (Mother)

“Ufufufufufufufufu” (Himiyama)

“Fufufuffufufufufufuu” (Mother)

 Uhm, can you please do it quickly? I’m the only one who is lonely.

“Next is the camel pose.
It doesn’t matter if you can’t do it perfectly at first.
It is good for relieving fatigue and is effective for the lower part of the body, including the groin, abdomen, and thighs.
Just watch your knees.” (Yuki)

“T-this may be difficult……” (Himiyama)

“Do one side at a time, slowly.
Breathe in and out as you go.” (Yuki)

“Will this make a difference to my body shape?” (Himiyama)

“Yes, if you do it continuously for about three months, I think you will see results.
It will soften your body, and it is good for your back pain and skin.” (Yuki)

“You can count on it!” (Himiyama)

“Yes?” (Yuki)

 It’s something I do for myself, but what on earth can I count on it? Himiyama-san is kind of scary, so I look at my mother.

“Mother is a bit hunched over, I think.
Do you want to do a pose that stretches your spine? I’ll sit on the other side of you and we put our backs to each other.” (Yuki)

“All right.
Do you want to put my hands on my knee?” (Mother)

I put your hand on your knee, and you twist your hand in the direction I put it.” (Yuki)

“It feels so good.
I like how it feels to have your back pressed up against mine, so I feel safe.” (Mother)

“I see?” (Yuki)

At first glance, it looks like we are just sitting back to back, but this can be surprisingly tight.

“Yukito-kun, let’s do it with me too.” (Himiyama)

“It’s a pose you can do alone–” (Yuki)

“Make it a pose we can do together.” (Himiyama)

 The pressure of her smile is incredible.
Aside from my mother, Himiyama-san is a stranger to me.
A cold sweat is slowly running down my face.

“You’re dressed like that, too, and I don’t want to touch you directly.
……” (Yuki)

“I’m against discrimination! And I don’t have anything to be guilty of.
Because it’s fitness.” (Himiyama)

“What the hell That’s what you were going for.
……” (Yuki)

“I was just genuinely interested, okay?” (Himiyama)

 They were serious at first, but as time went on, they gradually heated up to see what they were competing about.
You two are so energetic even though it’s nighttime.
I’m getting tired, you know.

 This is not the yoga I know! I feel like I could catch on fire.

“How many times have I told you that the forward-bend/backward-bend pose is when you’re on top of the other person with your backs to each other? I feel like something soft is on my back!?” (Yuki)

Himiyama-san is supposed to be bending backward over me as I am bending forward, but all I can see is the floor from my view.
However, from the feeling through my back, it is obvious that she is pressing down on me as it is.
Of course, there was no effect.
It only made me happy.

“And how does it feel?” (Himiyama)

“Well it’s okay.
T-That’s not what I mean!” (Yuki)

“My son is in trouble! Move out of the way, I’m climbing in this time!” (Mother)

“Wait a minute! I thought I explained everything to you, but you didn’t get the message.” (Yuki)

“I’ll get in.
Boom!” (Mother)

“Noooooooooo! Oh, Mom, it’s a little heavy.
That’s good.
Because it’s not good to be too skinny, you know, there’s a BMI number, and there’s a proper weight…” (Yuki)

“H-Heavy…..” (Mother)

 Gaining weight is not necessarily a bad thing.
For those who are too thin, it can be seen as a sign of good health.
To begin with, the Japanese have one of the lowest obesity rates in the world, and Asian countries in general have low rates.
The difference is nearly 10 times greater than in the U.S., the world’s leading obesity nation.

“I see! you’ve been eating dinner at home at a regular time lately, so I guess you are getting healthier too!” (Yuki)

“Why, why is my son suddenly rebellious now?!” (Mother)

Mou, You can’t talk like that anymore, Yukito.
Even if it is a clear fact, it is forbidden to say such things to women.” (Himiyama)

“Araa? Didn’t you just say something that I shouldn’t have heard you say?” (Mother)

“I can’t see anything because my vision is blocked, but I can feel an ominous aura behind me.
……? Also, is it time for you to get off of me?” (Yuki)

“Look, please move out of the way heavy Ouka-san.
You’ll have to wait for your turn.” (Himiyama)

“Since when is this a system?” (Yuki)

“You can’t! he’s mine!” (Mother)

“Are you listening to me?” (Yuki)

 The feeling through the wear was great, but I couldn’t talk about it, even if I made a mistake.
I could only enjoy it in secret.

 After that, I was caught between the two of them trying to compete with each other in some way, and by the time I left the fitness club, my strength had been drained until my life gauge turned red.
I was not going to be able to shoot any super special moves.
Mom apologizes apologetically.

“I’m sorry, okay? I was having a good time and got carried away.” (Mother)

 She felt bad and was sorry.
Mom and Himiyama had the worst chemistry.
One plus one is two hundred.
Thanks to this, I was completely exhausted.

We were about to leave Himiyama-san and head home, but I was hungry after the workout, so Mom and I decided to stop by a family restaurant.
We were a family, so there was no problem.
A family restaurant.
Since we’ve already had dinner, we order mainly fries and other snacks.

“I had to do it right, or it wouldn’t work.” (Yuki)

“I-I’ll be serious this time, so will you go with me again?” (Mother)

“That’s fine, ….” (Yuki)

“Let’s have a parfait.
You like sweets, right?” (Mother)

“Huh, you knew that?” (Yuki)

 I certainly like sweets, but I’ve never told anyone about it.
The reason why I asked back was because of such a simple question, but my mom gasped in shock.

“….I know that much.
But that’s about all I know.
I’m a bad mother.” (Mother)

 She turns her head and smiles a forlorn smile.

“I didn’t say that, and don’t worry about it.” (Yuki)

“—-So tell me.
It can be about anything.
It doesn’t matter if it’s about school, what you like, or something trivial.
I want to know more about you.” (Mother)

 She was serious to the point of being scared.
I hesitated for a moment, wondering what I should tell her.

 I desperately searched for a topic, but nothing came to mind.
Thinking back, it seems that when I was a little boy, I had so many things I wanted to talk about.
I was full of things I wanted to be heard.

But I can’t remember what it was or what it was about.
It must have been something trivial.
It must have been something trivial, as if it were meaningless.

 What was I trying to tell my mother at that time? What did I want her to hear? What kind of conversation was I looking for?

 Back then, there must have been so many things I wanted to talk about, but now, I can’t think of anything, really anything.
School, favorite things, trivial things? None of the topics presented to me had anything to say.
There was nothing worth sharing with others.

 The only thing I had was the feeling that I didn’t want to worry them with something unnecessary.

“Why all of the sudden—–nevermind.
No need to force yourself on me.
Oh, here it is.
Let’s eat.” (Yuki)

 I swallowed down the words that were about to come out of my throat and acted as usual.
Believing it was the right thing to do.

 I shouldn’t be bothering my mother who is working for me.
I have caused her nothing but worry and trouble.
I should be satisfied with the happiness I have now.
I tell myself to be humble.
To wish for anything beyond happiness is greed.
All I can do is be grateful.

 Mom’s face was sad and her expression was clouded.
A moment ago, she was smiling like a bubbly girl.
I thought I had chosen the right answer.
And this is the result? I was unworthy.
I was filled with apology.

 I felt a dull ache.
It felt unreal, as if what I was doing was just a fleeting dream.

 I felt as if I were being told that this must be a fleeting illusion.

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