“I-I think I’d prefer not to do that either.
……” (Hinagi)

 Next to Hinagi, who declined with a wry smile, Shiori’s ponytail was swaying as she denied it with a buzz.
Yes, just like kitty.
Plop, plop, plop.

“Tei!” (Yuki)

“W-What’s wrong, Yuki?!” (Shiori)

 With a snap, my hand came out unintentionally.

“I’m sorry, I just…” (Yuki)

“Eh, what in the world?! What’s the matter with you?!” (Shiori)

“Calm down.
It’s about the beauty contest” (Yuki)

 Nowadays, Shiori is the only one who is willing to be disciplined with me in such situations.
She is so responsive.

“The two of you would definitely create a lot of excitement.
…… Right, Kokonoe?” (Mineta)

“Yes, I suppose so.
Because they’re both beautiful and cute.” (Yuki)

“C-cute?!” (Shiori)

“Y-You’ve always been like that.” (Hinagi)

 Shiori turns bright red and freezes, while Hinagi looks stunned and embarrassed with red cheeks.

 I, whose motto is “honesty”, felt indignant at such a state of Hinagi.
I’m not joking, I’m being serious!

“Ha? What is it, Hinagi? Do you have a problem with the fact that you’re cute? Ah? You have no room to question the fact that I think you’re beautiful and cute! What do you think, eeh!? I’ll say it again and again if that’s what you want.
You’re so damn cute!” (Yuki)

“Why are you being so agressive!? You’re embarrassing me!” (Hinagi)

“Is this guy the best you’ve got?” (Yuki)

“Kokonoe-chan, if you don’t moderate yourself, I don’t know if you’ll get stabbed sooner or later.” (Mineta)

 Mineta told me something scary.
It is hard for honest people to live in this world.

“I see.
Eliza–Sakurai and the others really want to do a maid cafe ……huh” (Yuki)

“It’s Elizabeth! —–huh? Wait, there is something different about me now.
……” (Kana)

 Ignore Elizabeth, who has lost sight of her self, and think. 

The class performances vary widely.
Some of the classes are said to put on plays, for example.
In addition, there is a stage program in which students participate in bands, present their special skills, and hold events such as a beauty contest.
It is said that the class selected for the Excellence Award is decided based on a comprehensive consideration of these events.

 Incidentally, there are also presentations by the cultural clubs, but they are usually rather quiet.
Mikumo-senpai, who is a member of the student council and also belongs to the literature and art club, was smiling bitterly, but I will go and read her work when I have a chance.

 Speaking of our class, the group that proposed the haunted house was not particularly concerned with a haunted house, but they wanted to build something tangible.
It certainly has the feel of something that would be presented at a cultural festival.
It is a perfect page of youth to work together to create something together.

On the other hand, Elizabeth and the others could not give up the romance of a maid cafe.
It is difficult to wear such costumes unless it is a special occasion like this.
Many of the girls look forward to it.
The boys, if anything, were also looking forward to it, and it had a strong following.

When asked what they were going to do about the costumes, he said they would make them themselves.
He looked really uncomfortable, but apparently his fresh-looking sister knows a lot about that kind of thing.
It is rare to see the face of a man in full bloom all year round, but I put it aside for now.

“What should we do, Kokonoe-chan? I want everyone’s opinions.
……” (Mineta)

“What’s easy, just do it all.” (Yuki)

“What did you come up with, Yukito?” (Kouki)

 The solution is simple.
I am the unshakable Yukito Kokonoe.
Let’s answer the Sensei’s expectations!

“As long as we are aiming for the Excellence Award, let’s do everything, including the built-up things, the maid café, and the Miss Contest.
If the problem is the coverage, we have no choice but to seek another form.” (Yuki)

“Another form?” (Kouki)

“Kouki, you said you’re going to start practicing for the sport festival.” (Yuki)

“Yeah, what about it?” (Kouki)

“One is information, two is espionage, three and four are training, and five is the real thing.” (Yuki)

“I think I heard some disturbing words.
……” (Kouki)

After sorting out what we have to do, it’s obvious that we don’t have enough time to get to the main event.
We needed to get started now.

“If you get hurt in practice, it’s a complete disaster.
I want you to learn everybody how to take care of their body while you’re at it.” (Yuki)

“That’s useful.” (Kouki)

And once they have learned it, there’s no reason not to take advantage of it.” (Yuki)

“What do you mean, Kokonoe-chan?” (Mineta)

 Before I knew it, all eyes were on me.

“The class put on the ultimate healing space, completed with food service.
This make the maid café and the built-ins perfect!” (Yuki)

“Ooh! That sounds kind of awesome!” (Mineta)

 I went to a certain person who was looking at me with a reserved look.

Are you aware that there is such a genre for webnovels?” (Yuki)

“Eh, eh, Ko-Kokonoe-san, what’s wrong? I-Is there something you need from me…?” (Natsume)

“It was all the rage a while back, and it’s all about the ‘too late’ stories of people who look back at those around them who made fun of them.” (Yuki)

“Oh, I kind of know what you mean.
Is it something like a broken engagement or a villain’s daughter?” (Natsume)

“Yes, yes, there is such a thing as overcoming unjustified unreasonableness, right?” (Yuki)

But what about it….?” (Natsume)

Natsume is a quintessential Japanese woman.
I thought she might have a deep knowledge of such things, since she often reads in the classroom, and it seems I was right.

“Let’s go Miss Japan!” (Yuki)

” ………………Eh? Uhm, it kinda makes no sense ……” (Natsume)

“I’m going to make you even prettier than you are now, and turn around and see this rotten world for what it is!” (Yuki)

“Yes? Uhm… me, Miss Japan?  That is a funy joke–” (Natsume)

“I see.
You’ll get it!” (Yuki)

“Y-You got it wrong! The answer I just gave you was not–!” (Natsume)

 With this, it was decided that Chika Natsume, a chubby girl with glasses, would participate in the beauty contest.

“We have the winner of the beauty contest.” (Yuki)

“Uhm, are you listening, Kokonoe-san? Hey, what do you mean? Kokonoe-san? Hey come on, Kokonoe-saaaaaaaaaaaan!?” (Natsume)

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