, there is no way that others can interfere with her choices.
Maybe I was the one who was arrogant enough to try to do so.
I was trying to take advantage of the other person’s emotions and move them to my will for my convenience.
I thought I understood their feelings and their happiness.
But I don’t understand a single thing.

“I just don’t know what to do.” (Yuki)

 My true feelings, lost in a dead-end, spilled out.
I thought it was the right thing to do.
There had to be a choice that would not cause harm.
There must be a right answer somewhere.

 But there is no such right answer, and no matter how hard I look for it, I can’t find it, and here she is, walking next to me.
Even if it is a painful choice.

“Ahaha I don’t know it either.
…… It’s difficult.” (Shiori)

 Her smile was charming, her eyes squinted like a cat’s, and her smile was more mature than in junior high school.

“I’m done chasing after your back.
I want to walk shoulder to shoulder with you.
That’s all I want right now.
It feels different.
I want to start from there again.”

“There’s no way to reset it, though.” (Yuki)

We can’t go back like back in the past.
But I want to start from scratch again.” (Shiori)

 I wonder if there is a “future” for us, just as there was when she first approached me that day.

 Shiori meditates and takes a deep breath.
Then she slowly opens her eyes.
I was indeed there.

“Nice to meet you.
My name is Shiori Kamishiro. Hey, how can you work so hard?” (Shiori)

 Words I had heard long ago.
That’s how our relationship began.
Time passed by and we changed drastically.

“I’m not working hard on anything right now.” (Yuki)

 I just answer honestly.
Both hands were squeezed between my cheeks.

“Yuki is doing his best.
You’re always working hard on your own.
Always looking for answers for someone else.
Let me help you.
You may not be able to find the answer by yourself, but together we can find it.
Besides, we’re all here!” (Shiori)

 Shiori puts her right hand out in front of me.
An extended hand.
If I take that hand, I am sure she will suffer from now on.
Even so, I cannot refuse the hand that is forcibly extended to me.
It was extremely difficult to shake off the feelings of warmth.

“A handshake to make up and to say hello.
Now I just want to spend time together.
School life.
It’s going to be interesting from now on!” (Shiori)

 Bunbun, my hand shook vigorously up and down.
The guilt that she had shown in the past does not exist in her now.
She is enveloped in a presence like the sunshine of those days.

Let’s definitely win the sport festival!” (Shiori)

I swallowed the words that were about to come out of my throat.
I didn’t say it was impossible.
No, there was no need to say it.
Shiori Kamishiro knows exactly what she is talking about.
She knows exactly what she needs to do to win the championship and what she should do.

 As it is now, the outcome is left to luck.
It is a strong will that will bring it about.

Maybe we can do it.” (Yuki)

 After telling the refreshingly handsome man so much that it was impossible, I responded in the affirmative, without shame or regret.
I can’t escape the slander of being a dubsta, but it’s not up to me to decide.
It’s up to all of them to make up their minds.

“Does this mean that “pressure-free education” is over?” (Yuki)

“T-That’s not right, is it?” (Shiori)

 Shiori smiled, her eyebrows arched in a figure of an 八, as if she were troubled.

“Kokono-chan, you know, you know.
We want to win!” (Mineta)

“Yesterday, we all talked about it in the group chat.
We decided that we wanted to do something memorable, since it’s not often we get an opportunity like this.
We’ll all do our best, so why don’t you join us, Kokonoe?” (Kana)

 As soon as I got to school, hmph! Elizabeth and her friends come talking to me, snickering.
Mumu, I can feel the lumen vibrations getting stronger and stronger.

“Uommabushi” (Yuki) [TL: being surprised]

“Don’t be so surprised all of a sudden! You’re scaring me!” (Mineta)

 A fresh, handsome man comes and stands in front of my desk.

“If everyone can have fun together, that might be all right.
I know that’s the way it should be.
But I, we want to get results.
Yukito, we’re going to win for sure!” (Kouki)

 He talks as if it were a decision.
What in the world did they discuss yesterday? Maybe Shiori had sparked it.
I was a bit nervous about the tension in the air, but I took out the thing I had prepared.

“…… What’s that?” (Yuki)

“It’s like an booster.
You have to pay attention to the details in these things.” (Kouki)

 I took out a moderately sized wooden board.

“…… ‘Sports Festival Preparation Room’?” (Yuki)

“We’re going to do it, so we’re going to do it to the best of our ability.
We will now begin the [Sports Festival Strategy]!” (Kouki)

“Kokonoe-chan, is this what they mean by “gachi”?” (Mineta)

“It’s not good.
I can’t believe Kokonoe is motivated, this must be important …….” (???)

 Wading through the bustle and noise, I grabbed Shakado by the neck.

“G-good morning …….
Hihi…… Uhm……Something w-w-w-w-wrong?!” (Shakado)

 The group is a little further away from Shakado, who is left to her own devices.
[TL: reptile girl]

“Akanuma, Fujimori, and Doda.
We need your help to win.
Please, lend me your strength.” (Yuki)

A thudding head hits the desk.
The eyes were black and white.
Akanuma and the others are what is called a “liberal arts” group.
They are not so good at sports.
But to win the championship, it would take more than just a fresh, handsome guy and Shiori alone.
And the gymnastic festival is not only a festival for those who are good at sports.
The cooperation of the entire class, including Akanuma and the others, was essential.

“U-us?! We’ re not good at sports?” (Shakado)

“If this keeps up, it’s just going to be one fresh, good-looking guy over there with a grin on his face, and he’s going to stand out and enjoy the delicious taste of the food.
How can you allow that to happen?” (Yuki)

“Oi, we’re on your side!” (Kouki)

 Ignore the apologetic protests.

“If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll help.
……” (Yuki)

 That thing has a really good personality, doesn’t it? I mean, I just noticed that everyone in this class as a whole is very friendly.
Isn’t there some kind of more crusty faction warfare or something? Maybe I’m the only one who’s talking about shady characters and school caste.
…… For now, I turn away from the truth that is secretly being revealed.

“U-uhm….How did ……I ended up here …..?” (Shakado)

“Hmm? Ah, Shakado.
You are the trump card for the gymnastic festival.
The championship is in your hands!”(Yuki)

 Pointing a finger with a snap.
Yes, as far as I am concerned, Shakado is the trump card of our class that will play the most important role in the gymnastic festival.
If her mission succeeds, the victory will be assured.


 Shakado’s faint voice, which was not even a scream, seemed to echo through the classroom.

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