ok a bath right before!” (Hinagi) 

“As for me, I think the idea that hula hooping can cause bowel spasms is a myth.” (Yuki) 

“It smells good, right? Even the deodorant spray smells good.
So does it stink?! Does it stink?!” (Hinagi) 

“I told you I can’t smell it.” (Yuki) 

“Then don’t say anything to make me feel uneasy!” (Hinagi) 

While Hinagi was making some kind of protest – or excuse – the treatment was over.
It took only ten minutes.

“There, it’s over.
Let’s get you home.
I’ll take you home like this.” (Yuki) 

“Wait a minute, Yukito!” (Hinagi) 

 I carried the Hinagi on my back again.
The time was around 10pm.
Her parents must be worried about her.
She had injured her leg, of course.
I can’t let her go home alone at this hour, much less let her stay the night.
I need to send her back as soon as possible.

 I opened the door with a bang, and sure enough, my family was sticking tightly to the door listening.

“I’ve finished treating my stray childhood friend, so I’m just going to let her go.” (Yuki)

“Just throw the stray out.” (Yuri)

“It’s too outrageous.” (Yuki) 

“Are you all right, Hinagi-chan?” (Mother)

“Yes, …….
I’m sorry to bother you at this hour.”(Hinagi)

“You know if you do anything weird and come home late, right? You’ll wake up dreamy tomorrow morning.” (Yuki) 

“What will they do to me? Throb.” (Hinagi) 

That’s what I’m counting on.
I will be the morning f–” (Yuri)

“Aaahh! You can’t do that, Yuri-san!” (Hinagi) 

” Ah?!” (Yuri) 

“Let’s go before the beast gets out of control.” (Yuki) 

I’m going to get out of here as fast as I can.
They are truly water and oil, like dogs and monkeys.
But I wonder, do dogs and monkeys really get along that badly? If that’s the case, I wonder if Momotaro was concerned about his henchmen’s strained relationships.
It’s a hard world to be a hero in.

“…… Uhm! I can walk by myself.” (Hinagi) 

 After a short walk out of the apartment, Hinagi finally realized what kind of condition she was in.
I’m not going to say what it is, but for me it’s a benefit, and I have no problem staying in this state until I run out of energy.
She used to be a tiny little girl, but now she’s a fine woman.

“Stay quiet until I get tired.” (Yuki) 

“–…… Un” (Hinagi) 

 It was quiet, as if it had been a lie that it had been so noisy a few hours ago.
I wondered if the fireworks and the summer festival had even really happened.
The only thing I could hear was Hinagi’s voice murmuring over my back.

“You didn’t get to see the fireworks, did you?” (Hinagi) 

“No” (Yuki) 

“I wanted to go around the summer festival with you, but …… I ruined it again myself.” (Hinagi) 

“I see” (Yuki) 

 I just took in the words that were being spewed out without hesitation.
I don’t want to interrupt her in any way.
There is no need for her to lie or make excuses.
There was no intent to deceive, no malice, and what was being said was the truth, the genuine thoughts of Hinagi Suzurikawa.

 –Hinagi had changed.

 She was very honest.
No mending, no pretending, no embellishment of her own words.
It was unbelievable to see how much she had changed.
No, maybe it’s not that she changed, but that she regained it.
She has regained her honest, single-minded self.

 If that’s the case, can I believe that I too can regain something that I’ve lost? Just like her.
What I had in the past.

“When I went to the meeting place ……, Yukito was already gone, and I couldn’t get in touch with you.
I didn’t know what to do, so I found myself running to Yukito’s house.” (Hinagi) 

 When I checked my phone after all this time, I found many incoming calls and messages from Hinagi.
I guess I didn’t notice them while I was running because I was always on silent mode.

“Sorry.” (Yuki)

“No, you’re not in the wrong.
It was my fault for being late in the first place.
I should have called you right away.
I don’t know when it started.
No matter what I did, it didn’t work out, and nothing I wanted came true.
I just keep wishing and always fail to get it.” (Hinagi) 

 She whispered softly in my ear.

————–I love you——————–

 The words were abrupt and too simple.

 At this close range, there was no room for misunderstanding or pretending to be hard of hearing.
It was impossible to fool myself with an impossible slanted conclusion.

“You were supposed to be next to me, but somehow I followed your back.
I was going to give up, you know? I kept getting weaker and weaker, but you kept getting stronger and stronger.
Before I knew it, the distance between us had grown to the point where I couldn’t see you.
It was too late.
I’ve been having all these regrets.” (Hinagi)

 –Hinagi Suzurikawa became stronger.

 It’s really inexplicably dazzling.

 The words magically shaped her into the person she is today.

“I won’t let our misunderstandings happen.
I won’t let you say that you don’t understand my feelings.
No matter what answer you choose, as long as my feelings are conveyed to you straight away, I’ll not regret it.” (Hinagi) 

 I felt as if I was being taught that people can change.

 Himiyama-san, Shiori, and Hinagi.
Even my sister and mother.
Everyone is trying to change.
Maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t changed.
I feel isolated, like I’m being left behind.

“You’ve changed too, Yukito.” (Hinagi) 

“Is that so?” (Yuki)

“I feel like you’re watching me more than before.” (Hinagi) 

“Maybe it’s because I’m eating more blueberries.” (Yuki) 

“I’m not talking about your eyesight, you idiot.
I’m the one who’s really stupid at …….
I was about to make another mistake.
I decided not to make that mistake again.
I’m really a helpless idiot.
You’re on your own, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” (Hinagi) 

 –I realized.

 I’ve realized something now.

 I was planning to avoid her.
Hinagi had the freedom to seek her own happiness.
I couldn’t take that time away from her, that’s what I thought.

 But I’m sure I can’t convince the current Hinagi Suzurikawa.
I would understand that no conclusions or words that I came up with right now would convince her.

 It’s a myth that has been spun by countless predecessors, and has been created in tens of thousands of ways.

 The “childhood friend” is undoubtedly the absolute heroine.

“I’m going to tell you everything that happened today.
I want you to listen to me.
There’s something I want to talk to you about.
If it’s just me, I don’t know what to do, but if it’s just the two of us, I’m not afraid.” (Hinagi)

 I remember when we were in elementary school.
There was nothing to hide between us.
That’s how we moved forward.
It was like a phantom relationship that somehow disappeared.
I just remember the time when we were childhood friends.

“Hinagi” (Yuki) 

“……?” (Hinagi) 

“Now that I have enjoyed the sensation, can I drop you now?”(Yuki) 

“…… Idiot.” (Hinagi) 

“Yes, defeat!” means to defeat or defeat an opponent’s opinion with one’s own explanation.
In most cases, this is expressed in a sarcastic tone or attitude.
The term “debate” was popularized in the popular series of the TV program “Gekkai TV Sukatto Japan”.
The term has become popular.

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