Chapter 43: Shiori Kamishiro part 1

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They say that a woman’s heart and the weather in autumn are changeable, but you could say the same about the weather in summer.
Clear skies suddenly turned cloudy, and rain started to fall as if to cool the air that had been heated by the sun.
The providence of the natural world was in normal operation today.

 Summer is suddenly here.

 On my way back from the shopping mall, I was hit by a sudden downpour and decided to take shelter from the rain at Shiori’s apartment.
The water had soaked into my shoes and made me feel uncomfortable.
The weather forecast was helpless against such sudden changes in the weather.
I wiped my head and body with the towel I had with me.

“Go ahead and take a shower first.” (Yuki)

 As for me, I couldn’t let Shiori catch a cold.
I suggested this, but for some reason Shiori’s face turned red.
What’s wrong?

“I-I’m embarrassed by that line.……” (Shiori)

 I don’t know where the embarrassing element was, but I can’t help but wonder about it.
It’s a fact of life that even if you pursue it, you’ll end up in trouble.
Thunder rumbled and flashes flashed across the sky covered with thick clouds.

“I wonder if the power will go out?” (Shiori)

“If it does, I’ll warm you up.” (Yuki)

“Why are you saying, Yuki!? You did it on purpose, didn’t you? It’s definitely on purpose!” (Shiori)

“What are you talking about?” (Yuki)

 He turns his glittering, naive and pure eyes to Shiori.

“Ahhhh! You’re always so gloomy, but why are you so innocent at times like this!” (Shiori)

 Shiori was screaming in agony and writhing.
What in the world is going on? It’s not safe to take a bath when the power goes out and it’s pitch black.
There was even a risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom.
If you hit your head when you fall, it’s no big deal.
It is said that about 5,000 people suffer from heat shock alone every year, and 14,000 people have accidents in the bathroom every year.
The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the home.
It is too dangerous to enter in the dark.
Everyone should be careful!

I said that if the power goes out, I can only do something to keep Shiori warm so that she doesn’t catch a cold, but what the hell is Shiori talking about? She’s an adolescent, so maybe she’s delusional.
Well, it can’t be helped.

“It’s not going to stop yet.” (Yuki)

Do you think it’ll be raining till night?” (Shiori)

“The clouds are thinning out over there, so it won’t last long, right?” (Yuki)

 It is a characteristic of summer rains that they do not last long.
It is still going strong, but it will probably ease off in an hour.

“Oh, I have to get the laundry in!” (Shiori)

“I’ll do it.
You’ll catch a cold.
Hurry up and get in there.” (Yuki)

“Um! Thanks, Yuki.
I’ll be back soon.”

 I went straight to the balcony and started to take in the laundry as I heard the sound of rags being undressed.
The rain was hitting the balcony relentlessly.
The laundry was already wet, but it would dry sufficiently after the rain stopped.
I took in only the dry clothes.
It was hot again this summer.
The IOC must be laughing at the idea of holding the Olympics at this time of year.

There wasn’t much laundry to be done.
To begin with, Shiori lives alone in this apartment.
She said that she chose to live alone because the school she is attending is far away from her parents’ house.

“Dekai (Huge) ……” (Yuki)

 SUGOI DEKAI (SO HUGE) bra is hanging out to dry.
Shiori, you’ve become a great …… person.

 Shiori Kamishiro is the strongest girl in terms of physique.

 She’s over 170cm tall, which is rare for a girl (she’s still growing, so she’s setting new records).
She is not only tall, but also has excellent athletic ability.
It was no surprise that she was heavily recruited by basketball and volleyball clubs.
And I won’t say what it is, but Shiori Kamishiro is a girl whose body parts are correspondingly out of the ordinary.

 With this in mind, I took in the underwear that had been hung out to dry along with her clothes.
I can’t just leave the underwear behind.
I don’t have any naughty thoughts.

“I ammmmmmmmm! Yuki, underwear, underwear no good!” (Shiori)

 Shiori came rushing out of the bathroom, probably remembering that she had hung up her underwear.

“You’re not supposed to be dressed like that, are you? Besides, I’ve already taken it in.……” (Yuki)

 Shiori came running out wearing only a bath towel, but it was already too late.
By that time, I had already started folding the laundry.
When Mom came home late, I did most of the housework.
There was nothing to be upset about now that there was underwear mixed in with the laundry.

 In addition, my mother and sister are also SUGOI DEKAI.
aside from my mother, my sister is not that tall, unlike Shiori.
It’s a bit unbalanced compared to Shiori, who has larger parts all over the place.

“Ugh …….” (Shiori)

 With teary eyes and a red face, she slinked back into the bathroom.
I’m Yukito Kokonoe, a man who doesn’t expect a happy ending.
If I continue to talk with Shiori in that outfit, there’s a chance that the bath towel might come off, or something dangerous like that might happen.
I don’t think that would be her intention.
I’m not going to take that risk.
I have perfect risk management.

 Shiori was still blushing when she came out of the shower.
She was moaning inarticulately.
I pondered what to do and called out to her to reassure her.

“Don’t worry about it.
I’m already used to seeing my mom and sister’s.” (Yuki)

“Yes, I do! I mean, how can you be so familiar?” (Shiori)

“Nee-san has no bride skills.
I was in charge of laundry and housework.” (Yuki)

“That’s right, …….
So that’s why you can cook and stuff.” (Shiori)

“In the old days, my mother came home late.” (Yuki)

I don’t get to cook as often as I used to, but it’s a skill that won’t hurt me in the future.
I handed Shiori the laundry that I had finished folding when she came out in a rough T-shirt and half pants.

“I’ve been wondering why my mom and sister have been barging into my room in their underwear so often lately.
I often wake up in the morning and find them in my bed.” (Yuki)

“What do you mean!? Hey, what’s going on Yuki?!” (Shiori)

I don’t want to hear! Ever since my bed became queen-sized during summer vacation, I feel like I’ve been sleeping with someone almost every day.
I want my good night’s sleep back! I miss my nights alone.
My sister has been occupying my room as if it were her own room for some time now, but go back to your room, you succubus! Disperse, sister! Disperse, sister! I think I’ll go to the shrine and buy a charm to get rid of my bad sister.
Do they sell those? As I was sending out the vindictive vibes, Shiori came back, having finished putting away the laundry.

“Do you want to take a shower, Yuki?” (Shiori)

“I’m good.
I’ll go home as soon as it stops.” (Yuki)

“Go and take a shower! Do you have something to do after this?” (Shiori)

“No, but ……” (Yuki)

“Then—-!” (Shiori)

I see.
So you’re lonely because you live alone, huh?

 This is the second time I’ve come here.
Shiori Kamishiro lives alone in this apartment.
It’s a long way from her current school to her home, so she chose to live alone.
Even so, Shiori is only 16 years old.
Even though she is a high school student, she is still just a child who has just graduated from junior high school.

 She has to do all the housework by herself that her mother used to do.
There is no family to wake her up in the morning.
She has to make all the meals by herself.
She has to do all the cleaning and laundry by herself.
There is no doubt that she is having a much harder time than before.
Her parents must be worried about her living alone away from them, and more than anything, it’s not hard to imagine how lonely Shiori must be feeling.

“All right.
I’ll borrow it for a while.” (Yuki)

“Um!” (Shiori)

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything strange.” (Yuki)

“Why do you always say things like that?” (Shiori)

“I’m trying to be honest.
……” (Yuki)

“Mou! Hurry up and get dressed.
Do you want to play a game after?” (Shiori)

 She pushed my back.
The good smell of soap tickled my nostrils.
She may be stressed out from living alone, which she is not used to.
It might be my duty to help her relieve it.

 Because Shiori chose to live alone because of me.

 I’m the reason she’s alone and lonely, and I’m the reason she’s distorting her three glorious years of youth as a high school student, and Shiori thinks it’s a sin.

 How long do I have to keep stealing Shiori’s future?

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