Chapter 42: Ambiguous

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Students who come to school during the summer vacation are generally divided into three categories.
It’s either club activities, make-up classes, or committees.
I’ve been failing at life, but my test scores are fine.
Therefore, if I were to come to school, it would either be for club activities or for a committee, but since I don’t belong to a committee, that means club activities.
Despite this, I’m currently in the student council room.

 It’s only during the summer vacation, so the school is not so strict.
That’s why we’re sitting in the student council room, eating ice cream and talking, but of course we’re not here without any business.

“Coincidences are scary….
But I, maybe you’d be happy to–” (Yumi)

“Yumi Onee-chan” (Yuki)

“Huh! N, no don’t do that.
…… It’s bad for my heart! I’ll give you pocket money.” (Yumi)

She gave me 100 yen.
I am filled with regret.
I’ll buy my senior a drink later.
In front of me, Mikumo-senpai is waddling and turning red.
Her shy smile is dazzling.
Lately, the women around me have been pushing me too hard, and my senpai was a comfort.
This may be the now lost concept of “moe”.

“How come you don’t get along with the old man?” (Yuki)

“It’s not like that, but …….
they’ve been good to me.
But I wonder.
I’m not sure I’m convinced. I guess I’m just a kid.” (Yumi)

“Were you always opposed to remarriage?” (Yuki)

“No, no.
When my mother told me that she was getting married again, I supported her.
She seemed to be happy after she started dating Shiun-san.
But a while ago.
I was shocked to find out that it was an affair.” (Yumi)

I heard that the seniors had work to do in preparation for the school festival, and that they had come to school a few days like this.
I’m sure that Keido, who has gone to the staff room, will be back soon.

I was asking Mikumo about the old man.
If the old man were to take me in, Mikumo and I would become siblings.
When I told my sister about it, she showed an unusual hostility towards the word “step sister”.
What in the world would drive her to that level?

That being said, I was curious as to why the old man was not on good terms with Mikumo, so I came here to ask.
I heard that the whole thing started when he mentioned Senpai’s name in a conversation with his family.
The old man, who had a familiar name, tried to improve his relationship with his step daughter, but the more I heard about it, the more shallow it sounded.

“I didn’t think it was you, Yukito.
Do you want to move in with me?” (Yumi)

“Yumi Onee-chan” (Yuki)

“That’s why, mou! mou! I can’t.
…… my mind can’t take it.
…… I’ll give you some pocket money.” (Yumi)

 I’ve got another 100 yen from her.
Senpai’s mouth was moving in a muffled manner.
My sister’s reaction was so fresh that I couldn’t help but do something unnecessary.

Even so, I’m an outsider, and from the senior’s mother’s point of view, I’m a nuisance.
I don’t know why he is telling me this now.
My mother was also very upset.

“That’s right.
Yeah, I don’t think it will work either.” (Yumi)

 Mikumo-senpai smiled troubledly at me.
Senpai said that she was a child, but that’s not true.
The point is that everything is just the courage of an old man.
It is a proposal that will not make anyone happy.
The only person who doesn’t understand this is the old man, and it’s probably because he is such a person that the old man and my mother didn’t get along and broke up.
If he want to start a relationship with a senpai’s mother, he should have at least settled the relationship properly.

 The old man hurts someone without realizing it.

 It’s just like me—-

 I can’t help but think that we might be father and son after all.
If that’s the case, I shouldn’t be any less so.
An unclear relationship will only make someone unhappy.
Postponing the answer doesn’t mean there is hope.

“But I’m sure it would be fun to live together.
I’m an only child, so I’ve always wanted a brother or sister.” (Yumi)

“That’s not true.
I hardly ever talk to my sister until recently.” (Yuki)

“Is that so? You seem like you get along well.
……” (Yumi)

“—She hated me for a while.” (Yuki)

No matter how you try to make it up, it’s true.
If it wasn’t, she wouldn’t have done what she did.
My relationship with my sister is still in a state of limbo.
Even though it has improved somewhat, we are still far from being “normal siblings”.
In fact, I feel like we’re getting further away from each other, can I do something about it?

 By the way, please listen to me.
Until recently, the bed in my room was a single size, but somehow my sister appealed directly to my mom and got it replaced with a queen size bed before the summer vacation.
My mom said yes.
If anything, she was excited about it.
Thanks to her, I now have a huge bed in my room with enough room for two adults to sleep.

 It’s true that my room is spacious due to the fact that I have almost no personal belongings, but why do I need such a big bed? When I demanded an answer, she said, “Makes it easier for us to sleep together, doesn’t it?” was the merciless reply.
She also said, “Now you can do some intense movements.” which I don’t understand what she meant.
What do you mean by intense movement on the bed?

I’m a lightweight, and my sister’s recklessness is out of my league.
I was going to file a complaint with the customer service center, but since my sister was the contact person, I couldn’t go against it.
I don’t know what’s going on here! When did my room become the bedroom of a married couple? I was as confused as an adventurer who has been hit by medapani.

 To return to the topic at hand, I still don’t know why my sister did what she did back then.
I don’t even know why she’s closing the distance between us now.
Maybe they are trying to avoid touching each other.
Somewhere, she felt that the current relationship, which had been built without touching the core of each other, would eventually lead to another fatal breakdown.
At some point, I’ll have to face my sister properly.
If we don’t, we’ll never be “normal siblings” no matter how long it takes.

“I’m not very good with …… men.
Maybe that’s why I’m scarred of Shiun-san.” (Yumi)

“You’re having a normal conversation with me right now.” (Yuki)

“You’re …… special.
You tried to help me that time.” (Yumi)

“It was an attempt, and I have not done anything” (Yuki)

“Still! I’m sorry that you tried to help me.
I just wanted to apologize again for stepping on your good intentions.
You see, I get out of control when I’m with Mutsuki.” (Yumi)

 The senpai bows her head deeply.
I didn’t help her, but it was uncomfortable to be bowed to like this.
I did not do anything to be thanked.
There is nothing that the senpai should be worried about.
And yet, she bows to me like this.
Mikumo-senpai was a sensible person and a saint.

“Can I call you Saint?” (Yuki)

“It’s embarrassing! And I don’t want to be expelled or make a fun out of you.” (Yumi)

“I understand.
Yumi Onee-chan” (Yuki)

“Stop it! You’re making me nervous! But, but you can call me that once in a while if you want.
I’ll give you some pocket money.” (Yumi)

I got another 100 yen, which was 300 yen extra income.
I’m going to give it back to my senpai.

“Well, thanks for waiting! Yukito Kokonoe, why don’t you stay at my house today? Don’t worry.
My house is far away from here.
No one will blame you if you raise your voice a little bit!” (Keido)

“See you later, Yumi Onee-chan.
I’ve got club activities now.” (Yuki)

“U-um! I mean, stop it! I’ll give you pocket money another time!” (Yumi)

 When the lascivious senior returned, I fled like a rabbit and headed for the gym.

“Thank you, Yuki! Let me repay you in some way.” (Shiori)

“It’s your birthday, right? Don’t worry about it.” (Yuki)

 Her voice was booming and her cheeks were flushed.
The smile on her face was so bright that I wanted to turn away from her.

 After club activities, Shiori asked me to accompany her to the mall to buy some running shoes, so we went there.
The price was about 15,000 yen, but as I had no hobbies, it was a small price to pay.
Besides, a birthday present is not something you give with the expectation of being rewarded.

 We also wandered around the boutiques.
Shiori’s eyes were shining brightly.
It was refreshing to see Shiori’s eyes sparkle, as I hadn’t experienced anything like this before.

“I’ll give something back to Yuki for your birthday next time!” (Shiori)

“There’s nothing I want, so don’t worry about it.” (Yuki)

“Th-that’s not good.
I’m the only one who gets something.” (Shiori)

“Maybe when the time comes.” (Yuki)

I promise!” (Shiori)

Shiori has an annoyed expression on her face, but I’ve never been conscious of my birthday, so it doesn’t really hurt me.
I’ve never wanted anything in particular, so every year I’m reminded of it only after I’m told to.

“Kamishiro-san?” (Suzuki)

 As we were walking through the mall chatting, Shiori stopped.
I wondered if they were on their way home from club activities like we were.
A group of several people.
One boy comes forward as if being pushed out.

“Suzuki-senpai, ……?” (Shiori)

 That name sounded familiar.
I’m pretty sure it was the guy who confessed to Shiori that he was a sophomore on the baseball team and a potential ace.
I had never met him before, so I couldn’t interrupt their conversation.

“Are you on a date, Kamishiro-san?” (Suzuki)

“No, I’m not! Yuki just went shopping with me, it isn’t a date.” (Shiori)

“You’re …….
Oh, so you’re Kokonoe.” (Suzuki)

 I was quiet, but the senpai started to talk to me.

Are you a self-introduction canceller?

“Well, you’re famous.
I’m Keiji Suzuki, second year.
Are you and Kamishiro-san dating?” (Suzuki)

“I’m just here to chaperone her to the store.” (Yuki)

“To be honest, I don’t think much of you.
Regardless of the truth, you’re too conspicuous.” (Suzuki)

“Senpai, Yuki is not like that!” (Shiori)

“I haven’t given up on you yet, Kamishiro-san.
You’re not going out with anyone, are you? If so, I think I have a chance.
Last time I confessed to you and was rejected, but I will turn you around.

“I-I’can’t do this! I thought I turned you down!” (Shiori)

“I seriously like you.” (Suzuki)

“That’s not what I’m talking about.
……” (Shiori)

 Hughes and his senior friends chuckled helplessly.
Suzuki-senpai had a straightforward look in his eyes.
The way he straightforwardly expressed his feelings was graceful.
But at the same time, even though she had already rejected him once, to surround her with a group of people like this and confess to her again seemed like he was putting pressure on her, and it felt like cowardice.
What about the fact that Shiori doesn’t even notice that she doesn’t like him?

“That’s lame.
Shiori, let’s go home, okay?” (Yuki)

“What, Yuki? Sorry, senpai!” (Shiori)

“O-oi, Wait!” (Suzuki)

Deciding that I can’t keep up with him, I forcibly end the conversation.
I shrugged my shoulders and headed for the exit with Shiori.
I don’t really know what kind of person Suzuki-senpai is, but I wonder how he can harass someone he likes.
If you can’t give up, that’s fine.
But it’s not fair for her to corner her like that.

“Thank you Yuki.” (Shiori)

“You’re very popular.” (Yuki)

“It sounds sarcastic when you say it, doesn’t it?” (Shiori)

“I’ve never had a girlfriend.
……” (Yuki)

“—if only!” (Shiori)

 After a short walk outside the mall, the sky, which had been so clear, suddenly darkened.
Rapidly forming cumulonimbus clouds were covering the sky.
In the summer, when the air is warmed by the sun and cooled in the sky, cumulonimbus clouds develop rapidly and the atmospheric conditions become unstable.
Thunder rumbles and rain begins to fall in a flash.
Sudden natural disasters in summer are extremely difficult to predict.
Of course, I don’t have an umbrella.

“Guerrilla rain, huh? Yukito Kokonoe’s motivation dropped by 10.
Shiori, let’s run!” (Yuki)

Yuki come to my house it’s closer from here!” (Shiori)

 The rain began to fall with increasing force, hitting the asphalt so hard that I could no longer hear Shiori’s voice next to me.

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