Chapter 3: The Sister’s Heart is Unknown to Her Brother

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Sorry to have skipped the journey to my house, but I’m back home now and I’m immediately being questioned.
Suspect Yukito Kokonoe (16).

“Why are you talking like that?” (Yuri)

 Today is another tense day at the dinner table, but the look in her eyes is even scarier than usual.
The person sitting in front of me, the accuser, is my sister, Yuri Kokonoe.
No matter how you look at her, she is in a bad mood.
It looks like I’m going to be sentenced to jail without a trial, someone please do something about it.

“I have no idea what’s going on here.……” (Yuki)

My sister was honestly a beauty, just like my mom, even in my eyes.
She was a complete goddess.
She had beautiful black hair that reached her waist, and her eyes and nose were well defined.
For now, let’s worship her at least three times a day.
I’m lucky to have drawn the Ultra Super Rare sister even though I thought I had used up all my luck in my previously life.

 She is one year older than me and is a second year student at the same high school.
I heard that she’s rumored to be the next student council president, and with her good looks, she’s one of the most popular people at school (I don’t know much about her).
I’m proud of my sister, but it’s hard for me to be recognized by my older sister, because there’s too much of a social status difference between us in high school.

 In general, my mom, my sister, and I are just different people.
I genuinely used to wonder about it, and on a Wednesday, I came up with a theory that I was found under a bridge, and explained it to my mom.
She cried like a baby in response to it, so that topic has become taboo for me.

“Have you made friends?” (Yuri)

When my sister speaks to me, her halo is dazzling, and sadly, I’m a nervous little guy.
I can’t look at her directly when she stares me down with those big eyes, and I can’t help but look away.
There’s some kind of invisible aura she’s emitting.
The reason why I look away is, because my sister usually wears loose fitting t-shirt and shorts at home, so it’s hard to look at her.

“What are …… frie …… friends ……?” (Yuki)

“I’m scared to ask more questions, so stop.” (Yuri)

I wonder if she is genuinely wondering if her little brother, who is a complete failure, is having a decent high school life.
My sister’s kindness is known throughout the whole world, but if I have a bad reputation, it might affect hers as well.
Oh man, I have to be careful from now on.

“Isn’t this guy called Miho-san your friend?” (Yuri)

“Yuri-san, do you know Kouki-san?” (Yuki)

 I was surprised by the refreshingly handsome name that popped out of my sister’s mouth.
Is he that famous? He certainly has a good face and personality.
I’m not sure what to make of it.

“Do you like him?” (Yuri)

“What?” (Yuki)

I was almost shot dead by her gaze.
With that cold-eyed-stare, I almost was convinced that I had done something wrong.
I gently lifted my head and stole a look at her face, but she was staring at me.
It seems I’ve stepped on a landmine, the Yuri glare! Yukito’s defense has been lowered!

“It’s nothing!” (Yuki)

 I’m so scared.
My instincts told me that if I made her angry, I would be dead.

“So, why did you greet him like that?” (Yuri)

“Before I answer that, why are you so interested—” (Yuki)

“Answer the question.” (Yuri)

“Okay.” (Yuki)

 The younger brother is helpless against the older sister.
I’m sure you’re aware of what happened in the classroom.
I’m not sure whether there’s a spy amongst my classmates already.

“Is it because of Suzurikawa-san and Kamishiro-san?” (Yuri)

I have nothing to say.” (Yuki)

Death penalty.” (Yuri)

“It’s not a lie, it’s the truth.” (Yuki)

 The judicial system was surprised by the arbitrary decision.

“Huh? But how could Yuri-san know about Kamishiro-san?” (Yuki)

“I’m sure you know how.” (Yuri)

 What the heck, …… it can’t be! This came as the biggest surprise of the century, but it was only April.
At this rate, I can’t imagine what the future holds.
I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a great idea.
Maybe it’s just a matter of time for a smart girl like her.
It’s not like I’m too good at it.

 But even so, I was surprised that she knew Kamishiro-san.
I’m almost sure that the two never had any contact with each other I feel a slight twitch in my heart when she mentions the two names.

“I’m sorry, Yuri-san.
I’ll go study.” (Yuki)

 I quickly cleaned up the dishes and left the kitchen, as if I was running away.
I’m going to be decapitated if I don’t.
The urge to not be here right now was stronger than the urge to be here.

“Yukito, are you sure you’re okay? Are you–” (Yuri)

“Yes, I’m fine.” (Yuki)

 I interrupted my sister.
I’m so angry at myself for being so rude.
I’m so sorry that I’m taking my annoyance out on you.

 I wonder what she was going to say? Is it possible that she was worried about me? No, that’s not possible.

 –Because she hates me.

(Sister’s POV)

“Why do I have to go through all of this ……?” (Yuri)

 Oh,……, God! I scratched my head in frustration.
I thought the situation would improve when I entered high school, but it’s actually getting worse.
I hate his classmates for being so fake.

 I ground my teeth.
As my younger brother was heading towards his room, I felt helpless, as I was unable to say anything to him.
I may have angered him by insensitively bringing up the topic he didn’t want to talk about.
Why am I such an idiot?

 My brother, mother and I live in this apartment together, a family of three.
My father and mother divorced each other a long time ago.
Fortunately, we were wealthy and my mother alone had a good income, so there weren’t any custody disputes.
However, there was a more pressing matter, at hand.

 I was looking forward to the day when he entered school, but this is no different than before! I wanted my younger brother to have a bright and enjoyable high school life.
However, at this point… There is no end to my indescribable anxiety.
When I checked who was in my brother’s class, my expression became sour.
The worst combination you can think of.

 I’m not sure what to do.

 The stupid woman who betrayed and abandoned my brother, even though she loved him, and the other b*tch who ruined all his efforts.
I will never forgive them both.
I don’t want either of them getting close to my brother anymore.

 It’s too bad that he was put in the same class with these two, out of all people.
I wondered if there was anything I could do to help him, but there was nothing I could do until they moved on and changed classes.

 There’s nothing I could do to help him without ridiculing myself.

 I hate both of them.

 I also hated myself.
It was only natural to hate myself, because I have hurt him in the past too.

 I remembered the look on my brother’s face when I was leaving.

 And now I hurt my brother again.
Nothing has changed since then.

 The way my brother looks at me is always frightening.
I can tell at a glance what he thinks of me, with the way he looks away quickly.

 He is always walking on eggshells around me and never speaks to me, unless it’s necessary.
That can’t be a healthy relationship between a brother and sister.
…… But it was me who caused it to be like that.
I had hoped that the passing of time would resolve the distance between us, but instead of fixing it, it became worse.
The fact that my plan had failed only made the painful reality more distressing.

 Since that day, my brother has called me Yuri-san.

 He has never once called me onee-chan.

 There’s absolutely nothing I can say to him, as an older sister.

 –Because my younger brother hates me.

“I’m home.” (Mother)

 It’s past 8:00 p.m.
Mom, Ouka Kokonoe, arrives home.
She’s as busy as ever.
She often comes home at this time, and when she does, I’m usually in charge of dinner.
My sister is not very good at …… housekeeping.
It may be that God doesn’t grant one person two things to be good at.
That part of her is also attractive in reverse, so beautiful women are beneficial.

“Welcome back.” (Yuri)

“Oh, yeah.
I’m sorry I couldn’t make dinner.” (Mother)

“No, it’s okay.” (Yuri)

 I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of when your mother cleans and cooks for you, but it’s not really my choice, since she basically wants to do it herself.
I wouldn’t mind if I did more around the house, but not my sister.
I think my sister, who is destructive when she cleans, shouldn’t be allowed to do more.
I am repeating this once more, because it’s important, but my mom has no way of knowing how bad my sister is in housekeeping.

“How’s …… school going for you, Yukito?” (Mother)

“Well, I guess alright.” (Yuki)

“Oh, yeah.
Good.” (Mother)

“…………” (Yuki) /(Mother)

 A slightly awkward silence enveloped the area.
The reason why both my sister and mom ask me questions related to school, is probably because they’re concerned about whether I am causing any problems or not.

It could be said that they don’t trust me very much, but it was completely my own fault, considering how I have caused a lot of trouble in the past.

“I’m not going to do anything to cause trouble, probably.
I’m just going to be quiet.” (Yuki)

“No, what I mean is—-” (Mother)

“I’ve made dinner, you can heat it up and eat it if you’d like.
I’m going back to my room.” (Yuki)

“Oh.” (Mother)

His shoulders hunched in defeat, as he walked back to his room.

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