Chapter 39: Encounter

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 I’ve heard that some people’s lives end when they drop their phones, but I’m so lazy that I don’t even bother to see if it’s true or not.
I don’t use it much, and I don’t have a lot of data on it.
It doesn’t matter if someone sees it or not.
–That’s how it was supposed to be, until now.

“My biggest enemy is my sister…….” (Yuki)

 I was alone in my room with my hands on my head.
What the hell are we doing?

 I had just returned from Sanjoji-sensei’s house, but I had done it again.
I felt sorry for myself and told Sanjoji-sensei that I could see her underwear.
That was supposed to be the end of it, but I don’t know what she was thinking, but she said, “I apologize.
You’re also a high school student, and if you’re worried about that……, you can take a picture.
But you must not let anyone find out!” She said to me, I don’t understand.
I’ll say it again.
I don’t understand what you mean.

That’s why the image is not stored in my mind’s memory, but in my phone’s memory, or storage in this case, since it’s an image, but it has stored a forbidden image that I can’t show to anyone.
It’s too dangerous.
If anyone were to see it, I would be in trouble with Sanjoji-sensei.
However, as a DT, I can’t do such a terrible thing as erasing this image.
…… But I think it was Sanjoji-sensei who was at fault.
It’s not me, is it?

“Where have you been today?” (Yuri) 

 As usual, the concept of knocking does not exist, and my sister comes straight to my room after taking a bath.
The only person who can peek at my phone without mercy is my sister, but I don’t know how to hide it…….
wait, hoooooooooold on a second!

“Why are you not wearing pants?” (Yuki) 

“Because they’re preemptive pants.” (Yuri) 

“You’re so persistent with that stuff! There’ s nothing to drag on like that!” (Yuki) 

 That’s enough.
She was wearing a tank top and shorts in the middle of summer, but she was drinking milk fluently.
My eyes swam all over the place.
And I knew I was right about the preemptive pants! I’ll have to complain to Shiori later.

“It’s fine.
You like it too, don’t you?” (Yuri) 

“Can you please not decide on your own?” (Yuki) 

“Do you have a favorite color? I’ll wear it for you.” (Yuri) 

“I think you’re taking kindness in the wrong direction.” (Yuki) 

“I think you’re being unkind.” (Yuki) 

“Wha-? You don’t like it?” (Yuri) 

“I do” (Yuki) 

 Why am I declaring such a thing? It was the sweat pants.

“So, where have you been all morning?” (Yuri) 

“I went to Sanjoji Sensei’s house.……” (Yuki) 

“What? You were invited to a teacher’s house for summer vacation?” (Yuri) 

“Don’t worry, I’m not angry.” (Yuki) 

“That’s not the point.
I’ll listen to you and tell me everything.” (Yuri) 

 Recently, my sister has been very interested in asking me anything and everything.
Maybe she’s trying to make up for the fact that we haven’t had a real conversation in the past.
I had nothing to hide, so I decided to be honest with her.

“I remember when I was in the second grade, something like that happened.
It’s too coincidental that she was your homeroom teacher.” (Yuri) 

“It was a long time ago and I’d forgotten about it, she apologized for it but I’m thankful” (Yuki) 

“You’re kind.” (Yuri) 

“You’ve taught me a lot about the past, so it’s all been worthwhile.” (Yuki) 

But wait a minute… I was thinking about that teacher’s internship…..” (Yuri) 

“Is there something on your mind?” (Yuki) 

“It’s not like that, but I’m sure I’ve seen her somewhere…..” (Yuri) 

 My sister frowned in distress, but I guess she didn’t find it, and quickly gave up.

“Well, it’s fine.
You’re going to the hot springs, aren’t you? That’s great, but we should also go swimming.” (Yuri) 

“I’ve already reached my limit for the season, so…” (Yuki) 

“Wha-? You’re not going with me?” (Yuri) 

“Please let me accompany you” (Yuki) 

“You can count on it.” (Yuri) 

“Yes” (Yuki) 

I’m just amazed at how low my position in the family ranks.

[Mother’s PoV]

(I’m so used to working from home, it’s kind of lazy to go to work like this.……)

 The reason why I feel so lazy to even show my face once in a while is probably because I’m so comfortable at home.
As long as I go out like this, I have to put on makeup.
I let out a secret sigh as I finished my work.
There are many things I have to do as soon as I arrive at the office, such as checking documents that can only be done at the office and having casual meetings.
It’s hard to completely switch off, but the work itself is very rewarding and fun.

“Would you like to have dinner with me now?” (???)

 I was approached by a colleague on my way home.
I don’t even have to check to see who it is.
This was the third person to ask me out today alone.
I refuse all of them because I want to go home early, but when I turn around, I see that it’s someone from another department who calls out to me every time I come to work.

“Excuse me.
My kids are home for summer vacation.
I have to go home and make them a meal.” (Mother) 

Even though I am divorced, I am still a mother of two children.
The man continued without paying attention to my feelings.

“I believe they are high school students.
If you’re that age, don’t you think it’s okay to leave some things to them without interfering too much? I’m sure they can handle their own meals.” (???)

“I’ve already told them I’ll be home today.” (Mother)

“That’s fine.
Now that we’ve met, what do you say? I know a good Italian restaurant.
Once in a while, forget about the kids and have some adult time—–” (???) 

“Please don’t say anything else.
Good day.” (Mother) 

“Oh, I’m sorry! I’ll see you next time.” (???) 

“I don’t think so.” (Mother) 

 I was about to lose my temper and yell at him, but I desperately suppressed myself.
I was incredibly uncomfortable.
As if to shake off the unpleasant feeling, I naturally started walking home faster.
What the hell does he know about me? Forget the kids? Don’t be silly.
They mean more to me than anything.
I’m getting frustrated.
I should go home and let my son soothe me.
We’ve been talking more and more lately.
That alone has made me very happy and fulfilled.

 After a quick shopping trip, I headed home and saw my son at the entrance of my apartment.
He was wearing a jersey.
He must have come home from a run.
I wondered to myself what was going on, but these days I was strangely nervous.
This has never happened to me before.
Maybe it’s because I’ve changed the way I face things, or maybe it’s because my son has come around to me.
I don’t know which is right, but it could be either.
As I walked over to my son, I saw him talking to a man.
And then they went away together.

“No way….why? That man……?” (Mother) 

 As it was summer, it was still light at this hour.
The temperature had barely dropped, and sweat was pouring out of me.
On my way home after finishing my daily run, I was approached by a strange man at the entrance.

“Excuse me, do you know where Kokonoe lives?” (Strange man)

“Are you a suspicious person?” (Yuki)

“If I were, I wouldn’t be standing here so openly! I’m an acquaintance of Ouka Kokonoe.” (Strange man) 

“That’s what all suspicious people say.” (Yuki) 

“Even if you say so…….
So what happens if I say I’m a suspicious person?” (Strange man) 

“Well, I’d call the cops.” (Yuki) 

“You can’t do that either way!” (Strange man) 

 I looked at the man closely.
He looks slightly unsure of himself.
It’s important to know what kind of acquaintance you have with your mother.
If it was someone who came to her house, she would have to be on her guard.
On the other hand, if it is a close acquaintance, it is unlikely that they do not know where you live.
After all, he is definitely someone who is not trustworthy and worthy of caution.

“Ouka Kokonoe is my mother, what on earth can I do for you?” (Yuki) 

 If it’s something you can’t tell me here, there’s no need to deal with me.
In addition, I secretly press the record button on my phone.
I’m going to ask my mom to check it later.

“…… is that you? Oh, so you’re Yukito Haha, what a good timing! I came to see you today.” (Strange man)

“Yes?” (Yuki) 

 What is this old man talking about? I’m a bit of a geek and don’t know many people, but I’ve never met an old man like him, let alone someone my age.
Unlike before, he was suddenly very friendly with me.
It was creepy.
When I gave him a happy smile, the old man made an unexpected suggestion.

“I’m Shiun Mikumo.
I’m your father.
Would you like to come live with me?” (Shiun) 

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