Chapter 34: The emotion of “Anger”

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“So, you want to tell me what this is all about?” (Yuri)

“Kokonoe, if you like older girls, you know you have me.” (Keido)

“If you’re causing trouble at other schools, you’re——” (Mukimo)

“Don’t you ever try to control yourself a little?” (Sanjoji-sensei)

 After school, I was kidnapped to the student council room and made to sit on the floor.
Isn’t that a little too unreasonable? It’s complete power harassment.
I glanced up at her.
You can clearly see that my sister was in a bad mood.
I don’t know what to call the power harassment by my sister, but I’ve named it Sister Harassment, or Sis Harassment for short.

But lately, I feel like my sister has been glued to me.
The other day, I found her sleeping in my bed.
I woke up in a cold sweat and felt awful.
Basically, I’m at her mercy because I can’t resist her, but she’s not my only problem.

In addition to Sanjoji-sensei, homeroom teacher Fujishiro-sensei, student council president Keido-senpai, Mikumo-senpai, Tojo-senpai, and even Hinagi and Shiori are gathered here.
The ratio of women to male is too high.
I sensed the danger and brought a fresh, handsome guy with me, but for some reason I was the only one sitting on the floor.
No favoritism!

“We were just having a practice game for the basketball team.” (Yuki)

“What do you mean?” (Yuri)

“Because I was pissed off.…… Ha!? No, that’s not it.
It was for the basketball team, and there was no room for doubt.” (Yuki) 

“You have the smell of a woman.” (Yuri) 

“Aren’t you too sharp?!” (Yuki) 

 Just the other day, we had a practice match against Mob A and the others.
Despite the fact that they were university students with superior physiques, our opponents were not a serious club, but just a bunch of slackers.
In the first half, the opponents had the upper hand, but as we had worked hard to improve our basic physical strength, we never lost our momentum.
From the second half on, we had the advantage from start to finish.

Mob A and the others, frustrated by the situation, tried to play rough, but we answered back with rough play too, and as a result we won.
Having played a lot of street basketball in junior high school, I was pretty good at rough play.

 Mob A and the others were torn to shreds, but Hyakushin-senpai and the rest of the basketball club were furious that they had tried to destroy a high schooler by playing rough, and Mob A and the others were taken away.
I’m a merciful person.
I felt sorry for them, but what happened to them after that? I couldn’t help but wonder, but they were only mobs.
I’m sure they’ll forget about it tomorrow.

 This situation was more of a problem than anything else.
Give me a break, seriously.

“Do you know why I called you here?” (Yuri)

“It’s about the practice match, isn’t it?” (Yuki) 

“I’m not saying that there’s no problem, but I’m not going to question it.
I’m a little skeptical about the motive behind the practice match.” (Yuri)

“So why am I here?” (Yuki) 

“It’s about the mixer.” (Yuri) 

“I’m suddenly feeling sick to my stomach.
My E.
coli is on the rampage, so that’s it for today.” (Yuki) 

“Wait, don’t try to escape.” (Yuri) 

 When I tried to get up and leave, I was held tightly from both sides.
Apparently, they wouldn’t let me leave.
No! No! No! I’m leaving! I tried to act like a spoiled child, but it was futile resistance.
The fresh, handsome guy is looking away.
I’m going to double his training menu!

“Why are you at the party? Even though I am here.” (Yuri)

“I think I heard some funny words, but I must be imagining it.” (Yuki) 

“Kokonoe, if you’re frustrated, I’ll be your partner.
Today is an okay day” (Keido) 

“I-I’m fine, too!” (Erika)

“What? Why are you blushing, are you fine?!” (Yuki) 

“Of course I’m—-” (Erika)

“No, you don’t have to answer, I’m scared” (Yuki) 

“You’re still students, aren’t you? I’ll educate—” (Sanjoji)

“Wait a minute.
He is my student.” (Fujishiro)

“Yukito, why don’t you come to my house today? It’s been a while.” (Hinagi)

 This was a battlefield.
The moment I agree with someone, I feel like my life will end.

“You see, the reason I joined the party was due to force majeure, not my will…….” (Yuki) 

“Which woman’s will was it? Just tell us what you know.” (Shiori)

“No, that’s ……” (Yuki)

“That’s right, Kokonoe.
You’ve got me.
There’s no need for you to be distracted by other women.” (Keido)

“Is this what our student body president looks like?” (Yuki)

Love is blind, you know.” (Keido)

“Isn’t that a bit much to ask?” (Yuki)

 There was a lot of excitement, but I wondered if I had done something wrong.
I was simply asked by Mio to participate in a party, and I had nothing to be ashamed of!

“What’s wrong with a party! What’s wrong with GOING to a party!?” (Yuki)

“Wh—?” (Yuri)

“I’m sorry, it was my fault.” (Yuki)

I’m scaaaaaarred! What are those eyes? My mind is telling me that I was going to die!

“So, that’s why it was a mess.” (Yuki)

“I’m sorry, Yukito-kun.
I’m sorry I caused you so much trouble.” (Mio)

“No, please don’t worry about it.
Mio-san didn’t do anything wrong.” (Yuki) 

“Yukito, have they done anything to you since then?” (Mio) 

I received a message from Hyakuma-senpai that he had trained him, so I think he did well.” (Yuki) 

“I see.
That’s good!” (Mio) 

 The student council room was as hellish to me as a damaged floor with no countermeasures.
It was an abnormal space where my HP was slowly being drained even though I hadn’t done anything.
Also, there are too many women in the room and the smell of fornication is making me dizzy.
I was exhausted and headed to the cafe where I was called, where Mio and Tristy were waiting for me.

“Once again, I’m sorry for getting you involved in something so strange the other day.” (Yuki) 

“As I said before, please don’t worry about it.
If something happened to you because of that, I wouldn’t feel good about it.” (Mio)

“What about me? What about me, Yukito?” (Tristy)

“I’m glad nothing happened to you either, Tristy.” (Yuki) 

“Hee hee~~” (Tristy)

Tristy-san’s cheeks were dyed red and she was smiling.
Mio-san is a benefactor to me, but Tristy-san is a perpetrator in my eyes.
It’s not like I was seriously injured, but from every word she said, I could feel her deep regret for the accident she caused.
It’s painful to see Tristy looking so remorseful when I don’t care about her.

“But, Yukito-kun.
Why did you ask him to play such a game out of the blue?” (Mio)

“Well, I have my reasons and motives” (Yuki) 

“You said you were in trouble.” (Mio)

“I was originally thinking of having a practice match with another school.
There is also the fact that it was just the right opponent, but yes.
In addition, I was pissed off because those people were talking about Mio-san and Tristy-san as if they were objects.
……” (Yuki) 

“For us?” (Mio)

“It’s just that I was annoyed.” (Yuki) 

“Yukito, you’re kind of cute, aren’t you?” (Mio)

“Yukito-kun, you’re so cute.……” (Tristy)

 I’m not sure what she’s talking about, but Tristy is suddenly touching me.
In this day and age of alcohol disinfectants, what kind of sane person would voluntarily engage in intense contact with another person? But I couldn’t resist, and was being treated like a pet.
Am I a lapdog?

 Once again, I was able to clearly recognize my own emotions when I put them into words.
I was pissed off.
Mio-san had been giving me a lot of encouragement, but I couldn’t overlook the fact that they were being treated like this.
Besides, the practice match had brought back one emotion for me.

 When Mob A and the others switched to rough play, the first one to fall victim was my senpai, Himura.
Just before he was about to shoot, his clothes were pulled off and he fell down.
It was an obvious foul, but it was a practice game and there was no official referee.
There was nothing that could be done if the white line was cut.
It was obvious that Mob A was going to play rough again.

 I was angry.
It was a feeling I hadn’t had in a long time.
It was a feeling I thought I had lost.
In junior high school, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it.
Back then, I was just using basketball for personal gain.
No one else existed there.
I didn’t care about my teammates, the outcome of the game, or anything else.

 But what about now? It’s not that I had any desire or interest in basketball.
But I started again because I wanted to change.
I wanted to regain what I had lost, one thing at a time.
Unlike back then, I’m not playing basketball alone.

 When I saw Himura-senpai lying on the floor, I thought.
What the hell are they doing? I thought.
The reason why the senpai is working so hard is to confess his feelings to Takamiya-senpai.
If that senior got injured and couldn’t participate in the tournament, I wouldn’t be able to look at him.
That’s how I lost my last tournament in middle school.
I didn’t want that to happen to him.

“Well, that’s why I did it on my own, so please don’t worry about it.” (Yuki)

“That’s not going to happen.” (Mio)

“Yukito-kun, can you give us something to apologize for?” (Tristy)

“Oh, this is going to end badly for me.” (Yuki) 

 I have a bad feeling about this, suddenly, my phone vibrated.
It was from my sister.
Am I being watched? Where on earth have my human rights gone……?

“Come hang out with us.” (Tristy)

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