Chapter 33: The man who causes a ruckus at the university part 2

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“Yukito, do you have any pain after that accident? Are you feeling any after-effects?” (Tristy)

“No, I’m fine.” (Yuki)

“Are you sure? If you have any problems, please let me know.
I’ll do anything I can.” (Tristy) 

“I’m fine, Syaoran-san.
Don’t worry so much about it.” (Yuki) 

“Ugh……, I’m so sorry!” (Tristy) 

“You’ve already apologized before.
You are bit too close though—-” (Yuki) 

“I’d appreciate it if you’d call me Tristy!” (Tristy) 

“All right, just get away from me.” (Yuki) 

“Yukito, what do you want to drink? You can’ t have alcohol, so how about a Cola?” (Tristy) 

“How strange, can you not hear me from this distance……?” (Yuki) 

 Tristy-san tried to take care of me, but why do people around me not listen to me at all, it’s a mystery that only deepens.
It’s like we’re having a conversation, but only one person gets to talk the entire time.

Suddenly, my vision was covered by Tristy.
I don’t want her to realize….
what this soft touch is, so I expel her from my thoughts.
I’m just a healthy high school student.
I mean, it’s huge! I wonder what kind of cup it is? I had failed to remove it from my thoughts.

 I didn’t expect to meet the perpetrator of the accident here.
I don’t hold a grudge against Tristy, nor do I have any second thoughts about her.
It’s not like I was seriously injured, so when someone is this sick at heart, it makes me feel like I did something wrong.

“Yukito, do you know Tristy? Don’t tell me you have a girlfriend while you have me…” (Mio)

“Why are you giving off such a stiff atmosphere? (Yuki)

“Because, Yukito.
Do you understand that you’re playing my lover right now?” (Mio)

 Mio-san, who was looking at us curiously, whispered to me secretly.
I think it would be better to explain the situation to her.
It’s not something I need to hide.
It was just a matter of me being dumb.

“—- and that’s how it happened” (Yuki)

“I heard something like that.
I think I saw it on the news.
So it was you, wasn’t it? That was really bad luck for you and also you’re not hurt right?” (Mio) 

I’m fine, there were no abnormalities in the examination.” (Yuki)

“It must have been hard for you, Tristy.” (Mio) 

“I can’t stop worrying about you because it’s my fault.
I made my mom and dad worry.
I was more worried about Yukito, the victim of the accident.
I’m glad to see you!” (Tristy)

“Don’t you hate it, usually? You don’t want to get involved with …….” (Yuki)

“That’s not true! I’ve always been worried about you.” (Tristy) 

 While we were conversing, I felt a stare piercing through me from earlier.
We were currently in the middle of a party, but Mio, Tristy and I, who joined later, were sitting somewhere slightly further away.
We had no intention of participating.
We were having a conversation completely by ourselves, so to put it bluntly, we were standing out.
Perhaps that’s why the other men had been looking at me with such resentment.

“Excuse me, I have to go to the restroom.” (Yuki)

“Are you okay? Do you need help?” (Tristy) 

“Seriously, give me a break.” (Yuki) 

 If Tristy-san helps me, I won’t be able to use the restroom because of her.
I’m also a healthy high school boy.

“Phew.……” (Yuki) 

 I did my business for a while.
It’s not a big one, but a small one.
I sigh with satisfaction.
I’m not too old for this kind of thing.
Even though I haven’t been drinking, it’s out of character for a high school student to be participating in a party with college students.
I’m an out-of-touch person in many ways, so it’s a bit late for me to say this, but it’s not surprising that I’d be punished by the school.
Well, it’s too late for me to get disciplined!

 As I was leaving the bathroom, someone approached me.
It was someone from the basketball club.
He looked like a naughty guy, but of course, there was no way he knew me, and we hadn’t had any conversation up to this point.

“You there, why don’t you try to read the air?” (Mob A)

 Mob A, who looked like a charlatan2 and a pain in the a*s, spoke to me.

“It’s 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and about 1% argon and carbon dioxide.” (Yuki) 

“I’m not asking you to read the main components of air!” (Mob A) 

“It’s just a chemistry joke, of course.
Ha-Ha-Ha” (Yuki) 

“Stop keeping a straight face when you’re laughing!” (Mob A) 

“So, do you want something from me?” (Yuki) 

“Oh? Yes, I do.
You know this is a mixer, right?” (Mob A) 

“That’s what I heard.” (Yuki) 

“It seems that Ninomiya-san brought you here, but to be frank, your presence is annoying.” (Mob A) 

 I knew this would be the case, I was right on target.
He was glaring at me so blatantly.
However there’s nothing I can do about it, even if you tell me.

“Even if you say so, I was only asked by Mio-san.” (Yuki) 

“Tristy is also very attached to you.” (Mob A) 

“Isn’t it because she doesn’t want to participate in a s**t-shaming party?” (Yuki) 

“Oi, are you making fun of us?” (Mob A) 

“Come on, let’s have some fun.” (Yuki) 

“We’re not having fun with you.” (Mob A) 

“You’re just not attractive enough.” (Yuki) 

You’re pissing me off” (Mob A) 

“I’m just being honest.” (Yuki) 

“You shouldn’t talk to me like that.
You’re younger than me.” (Mob A) 

“Aren’t you ashamed of intimidating a younger man?” (Yuki) 

“Leave.” (Mob A) 

“Then I’ll leave with Mio-san” (Yuki) 

“Wha-? Leave Ninomiya-san behind” (Mob A) 

“Are you stupid? Oh, it slipped out.” (Yuki) 

“Don’t f**k with me.” (Mob A) 

For some reason, Mob A is angry.
But even in the face of such an opponent, I did not feel anything in particular.
When I think about it, the first thing I lost was probably the emotion of fear.
When I wished for my own death, the feeling of fear disintegrated.
Since then, I have not been afraid of anything.

 The next emotion I lost was anger.
When I gave up on life, everything turned into resignation, and I no longer had such rage.
I gave up on myself and had no expectations of anyone or anything.
As a result, I don’t even think of those negative emotions anymore.

 At first glance, this seems like a good thing.
At least, that’s what made me who I am.
But that’s not what I need now.

 Fear and anger, maybe I still had them deep inside.
Maybe I could get them back.
Understanding the emotions that others have for me will also help me understand the favors that they may have for me.
The way I am now, I can’t respond to anyone’s feelings.

 It’s an emotion that I lost one day.
It was necessary to regain them in order to go from the negatives to a zero and to understand what lies beyond.
That’s why I have to seek it.
What I once lost.
To never make anyone sad again.
To not see them cry.
A throbbing headache hit me.

 Maybe I am trying to “like” someone.

 That’s what I want to believe.

 And I want to “fall in love” again.

 I want to regain my love that has disappeared, and one day…

“You know that is for Mio-san to decide, not for you to decide, right?” (Yuki) 

“Why don’t you just go home by yourself right now?” (Mob A) 

“I’m here because I was invited by Mio-san” (Yuki) 

“That’s none of my business.” (Mob A) 

“Is this what happens when your head is dominated by sexual desire?” (Yuki) 

“Don’t get carried away!” (Mob A) 

 He grabbed me by the chest.
It was as if I couldn’t understand what he was saying.
I pulled off my collar and easily removed his hand, then quickly went back to Mio.
I don’t know if I can handle this at all.

 And then I remembered something.

“Oh, Yukito-kun.
Welcome back!” (Mio)

“I’m in trouble because I got involved with someone.” (Yuki) 

“Yukito-kun, you’re back! Who did you get involved with?” (Tristy)

“That person.” (Yuki) 

 I pointed my finger at Mob A, who was returning from the restroom.
We met each other’s gaze, partly because of the hateful look on his face.

“Hey, what did you do to Yukito?” (Tristy) 

“N-no, Tristy, I didn’t do anything…….” (Mob A) 

 Tristy-san is attacking Mob A.
Mob A was slumping, but the place was becoming noisy.
Sensing that things were about to get messy, I quickly made a phone call.

“Yukito, let’s go.
It’s not nice to be here.” (Mio) 

“Wait a minute, please.” (Yuki)

 A few rings later, I’m connected.

“Hey, what’s up, Yukito? What’s wrong?” (Hyakushin)

“It’s been a while, Hyakushin-senpai.
I’m sorry, I’m having a mixer with the members of the basketball club, but I can’t seem to get along with them and I’m getting tangled up, can you do something about it?” (Yuki) 

“Our basketball team? What’s his name? I’ve never heard of this mixer.
And why is Yukito-kun in such a place?” (Hyakushin) 

“I’ll explain the situation later, but I think his name is Mob A.” (Yuki) 

“Mob A?” (Hyakushin) 

“Oh, I’m sorry.
I think his name was Sato or something like that.……” (Yuki) 

“Sato? He’s not in our club.
We’re not the only ones who play basketball, so he must be from another club.” (Hyakushin) 

“Is that so? I heard they’re a Yarisa club1.” (Yuki) 

“Oh, those guys.
I don’t think it’s us, then.
And you know we’re not a Yarisa, don’t you, Yukito” (Hyakushin) 

“Ah, that’s right.
I’m sorry.” (Yuki) 

“It’s fine.
What are you getting yourself into? Do you want me to come?” (Hyakushin) 

“No, I’m glad you’re not involved with them.” (Yuki) 

“What are you going to do?” (Hyakushin) 

“I’ll let you know.” (Yuki) 

 When I hung up the phone, I called out to Tristy, who looked very angry.

“It’s okay, Tristy-san.
He didn’t do anything to me.” (Yuki)

“But, Yukito…” (Tristy)

“He was trying to have fun in his own way.” (Yuki) 

“I’m sorry, Yukito, but you’ve come all this way.” (Tristy) 

 Tristy is looking sad and depressed.
It’s really cute.
Speaking of which, the competition is coming up soon.
It is a good time to start practicing in earnest.
I approached Mob A and the others, who had indignant expressions on their faces, and made a proposal.

“You guys are in a basketball club, right?” (Yuki) 

“What about it?” (Mob A)

“If you want, do you want to play against me?” (Yuki) 

“What?” (Mob A) 

 It would be a good practice match.
The basketball team’s policy and practice menu had been thrown to me.
It would be a shame if we didn’t have a chance to play a match.

“You’re not going to run away, are you?” (Yuki) 

“You little……!” (Mob A) 

 Somehow, I can’t say anything urgent about Himura-senpai either.

(University) club that exists for the purpose of getting women drunk and taking advantage of them. A person who pretends to have skills or knowledge that they do not have, especially in medicine.

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