In a large royal-like bedroom with all its furniture having golden intricate,from the rugs to the walls and up to the Ceilings indicated wealth and power. On the bed lay two bodies entangled in each other, breathing in each others scents with their hearts beating erratically. Moans and whines hitting through the air as their bodies heat up.

”Em….. ” Her eyes closed in ecstasy she tries to catch her breath, ”Em… Emerson,hold on hold….. On! ” She hurries her words hoping to not fall deep into it.

An angular, well-toned face retracts from her neck, looking at her with neon-red eyes, Its fluoresce having a warm fervor to it.

”Your eyes are glowing again ” she pointed out but all she received was a playful smirk.

He leans to her ear and whispers so lightly, ”Thats how much you affect me, even my wolf is so giddy ”

Her heart skips a beat, her insides fluttering, the way he spoke brought shivers down her spine, it felt like feathers fanning lightly against her ears, she closed her eyes again climbing those stairs slowly.


She snaps out of it to face the man

”I bet that wasn the reason you stopped me ” His voice throaty but beautiful to her ears, it was like a music to her soul, butterflies in her tommy, ”Amy? ” She faces him again and smiles sweetly.

”Call my name like that again and Ill be lost for good ” she leans towards him and whispers, ”thats how much YOU affect me ”.

It felt like slow breeze passing through his ears to all his insides. He locks lip with her sucking on hers like he just couldn get enough but then stops holding on to whatever thread of sanity left in him.

”Tell me Amy before I gobble you up and of course the baby? ”

”Sheila said its a she ”

”I guess that answers my question of why you used your powers, thank God its just that ”

”Even how I tried to hide it and pretend like I didn do anything? ” Now she looked grumpy

”Did I tell you that while I was in that meeting all I could smell and feel was you? ” Kissing her neck down to her collarbone ”all I could think of ”

”Ha! ” She moans ”let me tell you her name ” she says hastily

He groans but still stops ”yes love ”

”She said Belle…. ”

He leans backward, an attempt to see her face completely.

”Well she should look like you then, or me? What about a little bit of both? ” He said thoughtfully

”And here I was thinking I was the only one excited, what about Bella…. Bella Keller ”

”That sounds so much like the taste of you ” He Kisses her again this time not stopping, and the moans and whines hitting and passing through the walls, good thing they had the floor to themselves.

**** The Foretold Story Of The Full Moon ****

”Marilyn? I told you countless times, your aunt needs to rest and no she can practice magick for now ”

”Because shes pregnant? ”

”Yes! ” Halley clarifies for the umpteenth time

Marilyn props on the arm chair trying to reach the ears of her aunt, Cheryl.

”Don worry aunty Ill take Care of her but if she as much as cries too much, I know a spell to mute her or choke her? ”

”What???!!! ” Halley screams

”You don sound scary at all!! ” Cheryl says.

e gonna choke a child? Wheres that darkness coming from? ” Halley scrooches in front of a now down cast Marilyn. ”Marilyn, I try, I try my best to be a better mother to you, how do you still get drawn to this darkness? Has it infected you? ” Disappointment displaying in her voice she continues, ”Mari, if you were put on a muting spell or being choked how will that feel, how would you be? ”

”Mother Im sorry, I….. ”

”Sorry cannot undo the damage, your actions would ” Halley sighs ”always remember Mari, in every story theres the good side and the bad side, what ever side you choose always remember that you cannot put in a rotten seed and expect a blooming rose. Go to room now and ask Gaia to cleanse you. ”

”Im sorry mother, Im sorry aunt ” Marilyn says running off.

Cheryl stands up from her seat immediately Marilyn was of sight. Halley seeing that as the cue retracts from her crouching position and they both move outside to a beautiful veranda, from the height below they were on the first floor. They stood around a small fountain.

”You should know sister, you are dong your best. ” Cheryl comments

”Hmm mm ” was all she could utter, waving her hands through the water, her her face pales, her eyes turning into pitch dark. ”The dark witches are planning something! Something huge! ” she mutters.

Cheryl eyes widen, moving back a little. No matter how they tried, the dark magic in her sister just wouldn leave her but on the plus side, they could control it like right now.


Cheryl splashes water from the little fountain on her sister. Panting and heaving, Halley gets herself, they both stare at each other with widened eyes both having a different reason for the stare. One hoping her sister was back and the other frightened at what she had seen.

**** The Foretold Story Of The Full Moon****

#police sirens #

Red and blue lights spiraling in the faces of the people in and out of the yellow tape drawn in a circle. Lights flashing repeatedly at what lay on the floor. It was a body! The body of a child between 6-7, it laid soaked in a pool of blood. A hand in blue gloves moves the head to the side revealing two punctured marks.

In between the crowds stood a five-years old boy looking blankly at what he scene, either nobody seemed to notice him or he was just invisible because he was a sight to behold with blood dripping from the side of his mouth, eyes in a cerise color, a dark mist emitting from all parts of his body, claws elongated. His eyes were fixed on the body in the pool of blood. His teeth gnashing. He took a step but….

”Jackson….. ” A beautiful voice laced with worry calls out, her hands on the boys shoulder. She looks around hoping no one could see them. Seeing as they didn have anyones attention, she turns to the boy and like air,they no longer stood there.

They appeared in what looked like a sitting-room, with the couches and furniture all around.

”Jackson!!! ” She clamors angrily. Having his attention she countinues, ”What happened to that boy? ”

The boys eyes return to a beautiful silver color and all the darkness that surrounded him disappeared. ”He called me a monster ” he shots back

”And you killed him? ” She asks in repudiation.

The boy looks at her,guilt breaking through his face, ”I tried to ignore it but he kept coming closer and I swear I wanrned and you know what he said? ” The boy reveals a mischievous but cheeky smile.

**** Hours ago****

”You look like a monster, I bet your mom is more of that than you are. ” A six/seven years old boy donning a disgusted look points out, his fingers stretched to a once retreating back, a five years old.

The five years old turns to the boy, ”tch.. bullies ” He says to himself. He moved closer to the boy, his once beautiful silver eyes turning to a dangerous red, with every step it kept darkening, a dark mist escaping through all parts of his body. He didn about people seeing him because unknowingly he had cloaked himself letting only the boy whos teeths now clattered uncontrollably to see him.

The five years old boy grins seeing the boy freezing. ”I think your mother could also be a monster, lets try this, ” He crosses his arms ”Ill kill you right now then well see how your mom reacts. ” The boys smile iincreases but suddenly falls off seeing as the boy was dazed.

”tah… boring!! ” He exclaims and immediately pulls the boy to himself and hungrily bites into his neck, he kept sucking and sucking until the boys limp body falls to the ground.

”Tasteless! ” He licks his lips. He makes an attempt to grab the body again but…. ”aaaarrrrggghhhh ” A searing pain shots through his head as blurry images past through his memories, he began to pull at his hair limping away from he stood, pain that didn belong to him shot through his heart. He clutches his chest attempting to pull his own heart out, words kept mixing, blood splattered around, they all sounded distant, the images blurry. Suddenly he shots his head up, an aura filled with darkness surrounds him.

A crowd had began to form around the dead child but for some reason nobody seemed to move close to that position where he stood, even though they couldn see, they felt it like cold running down their spines, like a repellent moving them away.

The boys eyes trained on the body, a new motive in his head, he takes a step but….

**** Present****

The lady looks at the boys sly smile, hed just activated his true side, something thatd never existed. A vampire-demon!

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