love you! ” He said shoving her out of the way to face the danger behind.

”Dad!! No!! ” Jaxon cries out holding out his hands for his father.

”Hes gonna be fine Jaxon, cmon lets go, we have to hurry ”

With all the strength she could gather she limps her way into the dense woods, trying not to turn around so as not to be tempted to go back, but she was gonna come back all she had to do was save her son first.

”Mom, you said to never back down in a fight why
e we running? ”

”Listen baby we aren , sometimes we have to put what reminds of our better self so as not to lose it in the fight ” She ducks a tree branch. ”You, my love remind I and your dad of our better selves, it reminds of our human self, you, my munchkin are our salvation, our strength ”she smiles at him. ”When all this is over, we
e gonna need you to remember our true selves so no… We
e not running ”. She clarifies,eyes glistening at the sight of the road, she was close.


They both fling their heads in the direction of the sound, she increases her pace, her heartbeat quickening, ignoring all the throbbing parts of her body….. Almost there….. Almost there…..

#vroom…. vroom# The truck revs ready to go.

Seeing the truck turning,she turns to Jaxon. ”Munchkin, do you remember you and daddys favorite hubby?? ”

”Yes mommy ” He grins ignoring the prickles on his skin for a while, ”shifting in the air ” He smiles sheepishly revealing a cute deep dimples, his eyes brighten.

Sheila smiles looking at him, this was the memory she wanted to keep with her, ”mommas little impish munchkin ” Her smile increased seeing his broad smile. ” Never forget baby,momma loves you so much,your dad does too,ok? No matter what baby, you
e not alone, you
e never gonna be, I and your poppa would always be with you, even your aunt and uncle,okay munchkin? Right now mom wants to see if you still remember the skills you learnt with your poppa, you see that truck ” she points at the truck which had almost turned now, ”mommas gonna give you a start, you
e gonna air shift and land in that truck, youve got to try, ok baby and even if you fall, you stand up until your goal is achieved, that truck right now baby is your goal….. ”

”Im scared mommy, what about you and daddy, uncle and aunty, what about everybody??? ” He asks worry laced in his voice.

Sheila smiles at him happy that he was concerned for the pack. ”You
e an Alpha baby, you have to be strong for your pack,ok? Well all come for you,well find you and I will always be with you baby, always and forever!!!! ” She says using all her strength left to propel him in the direction of the truck. ”We love you, I love you baby ” she screams after him. Seeing him successfully shifting in the air and though he almost missed his landing, he immediately adjusts, a proud smile breaks into her strained face, she waves at him blowing him a kiss.

”Look what we have here!! A dark husky voice breaks her little reverie. She turns around sharply to find out she was surrounded.

They bared their fangs at her, a warning that she shouldn act smart. Their claws prolonging, eyes having a dangerous red glint.

She looks around her, they were four of them, she could take them, she had to, she had to meet him, she had to make sure he was fine, she promised her son and that was what she was going to do, let all this be over!

What happens next? Would she survive? Would the war stop? What happens to little Jaxon? Get all your curiosity resolved and catch up on all the unravelling and exciting events to unfold on The Foretold Story Of The Full Moon by Ahanonye.A.Ada

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