”Jaxon! Jaxon! Where are you? ” A voice inundated with pain wails. Her body drenched in blood, her face smeared with a mixture of dirt and blood. Pain, fear, all evident on her face. She struggles to move her wobbly legs, she has to find her son, she promised she would always be there, how did she even lose him, why did she… She halts her thought as she forces herself to stop the overflowing tears that made her sight blurry.

”Mom?! ” A small voice calls out, walking briskly to the arms of his mother.

”Oh Jaxon, you
e ok ” she said smiling her brightest, she holds his cheek feeling the softness against her palms, she pulls him into her embrace once more elated that she could see her son.

”Mom!, mom!! I feel a bit strange, i think somethings happening to me! ” Little Jaxon says holding his stomach, feeling uncomfortable in his own skin, he felt tiny needles pricking at him from his insides.

Looking at her sons reaction, she looks around reminding herself of where she stood. She was crouching with her son in the middle of an impetus!

People running tumultously, creatures on all fours running or chasing, chants,hexes,magick all in the air, blood splattering on every spot, it was a war, the Specie War.

She looks back to her son with shiny eyes trying her best to hold herself, she couldn cry,no, she had to be strong for her son,for her comrades, she had to take him out of here Immediately, she didn want him to be here if things got worse, she had to keep him safe by all means.

”Mom? ” The boy calls out through gritted teeth bringing his mothers attention back to him. ”Im sorry, I couldn save uncle, tho….. those.. ” He said pointing.

His mother traces the direction and her eyes widen watching 36 people fall to the ground, the 37th clenching a nd groaning in an innumerable pain, what the hell was really happening, where they out here for themselves or is this another one of these voodoo-doers schemes. She gathers her strength,moving her shaky legs,she cradles her son who kept grunting in pain. She Stumbles on each step ignoring the pain…. One more! She kept chanting in her head, trying to move closer to the large pulpit which had 37 bodies laying on it, one was still alive and she had to save that one….

”No Sheila! ” A voice grabs her attention, a voice that sang music to her ears, she faces where the voice came from and new tears form in her eyes, a smile breaking through her wavering lips, her eyes sparkling at the tall man man with battered breath, a dirt-smeared face with only a surviving piece of cloth to cover his private area.

He reaches them stretching his hands to cup her face, he kisses her lightly on the lips, releasing a breath, he felt content and happy even in all this chaos, he felt euphoric, he looks towards the little creature craddled in his wifes arms and smiles, patting his curly dishevelled auburn hair and pecks him on the forehead.

”Dad, Im in pain!!! ” The boy groans.

”Yh, I know son but I promise it will be alright,ok? ” The man says then faces his wife to answer her unasked question. ”Yes! you
e right those witches have something to do with this but hes fine, I promise ” He suddenly shots his head up to face the coming danger, laced with a urgency, he says, ”Theres gonna be a truck at the border, both of you go with it get off at the first stop it makes….. ”

”What about you???…. ” Sheila asks in a quivering voice

”I promise Ill be right behind you, just go, Jaxon always remember… ” He gave him a knowing look, he turns to his wife,kisses her this time to his heart content. ”I

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