The ExTinction of Humanity

Chapter Three: Seeking Help

were hoping you could show us the way to the aurelia flower ” I piped up finally experiencing some hope in this miserable world but he just burst out laughing.

” hey, BOYS! you hear that?! this girl and her man wanna find the aurelia flower ” he yelled while still trying to contain his laughter. the other firemen laughed with him while others just shook their heads.

after he was done laughing he continued ” kid, go inside and somewhere safe, don get yourself killed over some stupid shit that doesn exist ”

” your lying ” there is no way that everyone has heard of this and now this cop is telling me its a fake.

” why would I lie about this? what would I gain? the flower is a myth, just to give people hope. the truth is there is a patch of a meadow surrounded by untouched soil seeds that have grown around the grass that is on the very east side of the country where the lava hasn hit yet and thats the reason people be saying that its magical, the lava hasn effected it yet, but give it time and it will. ” the cop explained, it is true that he had no reason to lie to me but then again why would he just tell me the story?

” so thats it. you
e just giving up? feeding people lies, to what? make people hopeful? ” I angrily told him quite furious since this was his only job and he wasn committing to it

” better than dying a sad death ” he retorted

” and I thought cops where the only thing this country had that could save it, boy were they wrong ” I scoffed

” you think I haven tried?! you think me and my team gave up immediately?! we were the only division who cared enough to try and go near the east to try and save this mess of a place but the lava is surrounding a big chunk of it, no one big as us could fit there to get a sample. half of my men died, I can risk anyone elses, Im a cop, Im supposed to save people yet the opposite is giving. I ain giving up, Im simply defeated. ” the cop said in such a rush yet so much passion

I heard every word and sympathised with him. I knew he was doing his job but now I see his job was limitless since the lives to save where everywhere, and now there are more people in bunkers trying to survive than cops trying to help, he had no choice.

” look, I know you think you
e defeated. but thats no reason to just give up. I know this must have been hard for you, but I want to do this, I don want to give up yet, Ive lived on my own all my life, Ive made do what its like to live outside, find my bearings and climb rocks and hills. if there is even a small chance I can get to that place and get a sample I will take that chance, people have suffered enough, someone has to keep on trying and I don care if its just me. ” I gave him a speech of my own filled with passion, somehow with just this, I felt a connection to him, though I didn know how to base it on just yet.

he sighed and thought for a few seconds and then said ” ill give you the coordinates as best as I can if you get the sample go to this lab and then circle this path and the people there will tell you what to do. I have faith in you, you
e the first person here to give me hope again, and thats saying something ” he said kindly while demonstrating every detail he showed me on the small map he provided.

” Thank you, officer… ” I can believe all this time Ive bonded with this cop yet I didn even know his name and vice versa.

” Carter. ” as soon as he said that something triggered in my brain like I have heard that before but I have met so many people it probably just brought back a few memories of no worth. ” your parents would be proud of you ” he continued

I snorted and replied ”I doubt that ” while looking down slightly ashamed

” come again? ”

”Ive never really had parents, my home was an orphanage, clearly they didn care enough to raise me on their own, who could blame them? I was a reckless child ” I chuckled but no humour held to it. I don know why I was inclined to tell him my life story, it wasn like me at all, but somehow with this cop, I felt something stir inside me. I always wondered what really happened when I arrived at the orphanage, I don remember much, only that I was a four-year-old wandering in the streets until a nun pulled me in the home, I always thought about my parents if they cared or why they abandoned me, but at the end of the day I shouldn give them to much thought, they clearly never thought of me so I shouldn give them the time of day. but somewhere deep inside I wondered if they survived all of this.

” Sorry to hear that. I lost my daughter when she was very young, one day she was there, the other vanished into thin air, taken, ” he said sadly

” Im sorry, no one should lose their kid like that ” I replied remorsefully

” it was a long time ago.. anyway best be on your way, that young man has been waiting for quite some time ” he nods his head in the direction of nick who was slouching on pole hands crossed and a sour face on meaning he was bored. I looked at him and chuckled since he was acting like a child at the store and wanted to go home.

” it was nice meeting you Ms.. ” he held out his hand expecting my name in return.

” Alex, ” I said as I put my hand in his giving him a friendly handshake.

” Alex? is that short for something? ” he asked curiously

” Alexis, the only thing my parents gave me ” his eyed widened a little but soon turned back to normal

” is something wrong? ” I asked worriedly

” no-no, the name is just.. familiar ” well I wasn that surprised many people are called Alex here it was quite a common name but I hated my actual name so I just went for the shortened boyish version.

”I see.. well see you I guess Officer Carter and thanks! ” I waved and went back to nick patting his arm and pushing him forward to move.

” your welcome Alex ” he waved back and then turned his head to face the other firemen and started talking with them as if we were never there.

we started walking in the direction he gave me in silence but soon was disturbed when nick said

” Alexis? ” he said while trying to hold his laughter in.

” shut up. ” I glared at him but soon turned into a smile and then a burst of laughter followed by his. I could tell this journey was already turning out a little better than expected.

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