The ExTinction of Humanity

Chapter Three: Seeking Help

And like that, we headed off after leaving a note to the rest where we went. We trudged off to the most likely place that the flower could be. Crops could grow from it, if it could save humanity then ill gladly risk my life for it, even if I don get to see another day of the sun. We were walking through an unknown town which led to the outskirts of the country. We figured the flower would have been on top of a hillside at the end of where the lava hasn hit yet, meaning at the very edge of where this country stops. We had a long way ahead of us, yet I was excited to be out of there, glad that I was doing something worth doing and not making tea to survive for a couple of more months basically signing my death anyway.

Nick was awfully quiet while next to me. After the supposedly 5 minutes which became 30 … and they say women take longer to get ready. We fought about why I didn bring any big jackets with me and that I should get one. The fight went on for 2 minutes until I reminded him that we were surrounded by lava and the chances of me dying of hypothermia were slim to none.

Nick always took care of me in there. he was like that unrelated big brother who took care of everyone. Even though he was 10 years older than me we still got on well.. most of the time anyway.

” so what made you want to start this death trip anyway? ” Nick started off the small talk with which I was not fond of, I preferred the peaceful silence.

” We
e gonna die anyway. might as well die trying to do something good ” I said with a glare towards him which he smirked at.

” were you always this adventurous or did the accident make u like this ? ” He lifted his eyebrow in curiousness

”your not funny ” I replied ready to end this conversation once and for all.

”I am kind of funny ” he retorted quite smugly

”not to mention arrogant ” this guy really need a downgraded ego booster

”I call that a personality trait ” nick kept smirking throughout this conversation, seems he was enjoying the company and talk, yet it was the complete opposite for me.

” Only you would call it a personality trait ” I replied, curious to see what his comeback would be.

” come on! I just want us to know each other a bit better, its a good way to pass the time ” he said while laughing the sentence off. Jesus, was everything a joke to this guy? hes acting like a 20-year-old and less like a 33-year-old.

” Nick, Ive known you for a year, I think I know you well enough, ” I said, which is undoubtedly true. I was pretty good at analysing people before all of this. it was the best way for me to survive, my past made me this way and I wouldn have changed it. Yes, it has made me a cautious person, and right now if you weren that, you would die within a fortnight.

” Alright then, whats my favourite colour? ” nick said which surprised me, out of all the things he could have said that was the most unexpected.

” what, ” I said since he caught me off guard

” See? you don know everything about me then ” he came back with another shot.

” I meant I knew everything you do and what you stand for, not whats your favourite pizza topping, ” I said clearly now pissed and wished I was doing this journey on my own.

” Well for one thing its pepperoni and the second thing is the point Im making. You can be a friend with just analysing me ” he bluntly stated out like he thought we were close pals in college or something

”I do not need to be your friend to know you, believe me when I say your an open book, ” I said harshly, but then again I didn care and I never really had experience with people, at least not good people.

” well that didn hurt my feelings at all ” he whined expecting me to probably beg for his forgiveness but apparently I just kept surprising him that night.

e a big man you will get over it ” I smirked, somehow his sad face making the situation a bit laughable.

” not on this one, you just insulted me and told me that we aren friends in the same sentence, ” he said as we were turning the corner to cross the street and practically jump onto the pavement that didn have a big hole in the middle that could send us plummeting to our deaths.

” okay look what is it gonna take for you to just ” as soon as we jumped and crossed I stopped him and faced him and replied to him, being very serious since I preferred walking in silence.

” favourite colour? ” this man was going to be the death of me. but if it just took one question to shut him up for at least tonight, I would gladly take it.

” …Black. ” the answer was random yet true. I always liked the colour since when I was younger I would look up at the sky and see pitch black and be reminded that no one would see me if I escaped

” really? such a dull colour ” he complained since Im sure his colour is probably pink with a hind of gold…

” well something needs to match my soul, ” I smirked, clearly amused with the situation.

” dark. I like it. deepest desire? ” this question required a lot of thinking and personal depth but I wasn ready to trust nick yet so I just lied and said

” that you would have stayed at the bunker. ” I didn really mean it since the company is quite nice but he was really annoying and I wished he would shut up for like 2 hours.

” harsh much? ” he whined but I don think he was actually offended

” you asked ” I slapped back at him as if I was stating the most obvious thing in the world.

” alright you ask me one, ” Nick said as he keeps on leaving me speechless

”Id rather jump into a pit of lava. ” or I would throw him, either way, worked for me.

” come on! ” Nick whined continuously

” Alright fine. whats your… favourite month? ” not the best line but I couldn find anything more stupid than whats my favourite colour.

” really? your not good at the whole starter conversation are you. ” Nick noticed, finally he was caught up

” didn want one in the first place. ” I lied, knowing that I actually enjoyed this little talk, of course, I would never admit that to him.

” well a normal friendly conversation would usually start with.. where did you grow up? ” he asked genuinely curious.

”… ”

he kept staring at me waiting for my answer. I don usually share my past with just anyone, but for some reason I trusted nick. after all, he was opening up to me as well, might as well try.

” Orphanage, ” I thought id see him shy away from what I had said, usually it made people uncomfortable but Nick he kept on looking at me with more curiosity.

” every since you were a kid? ”

” for as long as I can remember at least ”

” When did you leave ” I felt things were gonna get too personal then and there so I chose to not answer and he respected that and we kept on walking and talking trying to find a way to this damn flower.

this was going to be a long night.

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