The ExTinction of Humanity

Chapter Two: Opening Up

to be your friend to know you, believe me when I say your an open book, ” I said harshly, but then again I didn care and I never really had experience with people, at least not good people.

” well that didn hurt my feelings at all ” he whined expecting me to probably beg for his forgiveness but apparently I just kept surprising him that night.

e a big man you will get over it ” I smirked, somehow his sad face making the situation a bit laughable.

” not on this one, you just insulted me and told me that we aren friends in the same sentence, ” he said as we were turning the corner to cross the street and practically jump onto the pavement that didn have a big hole in the middle that could send us plummeting to our deaths.

” okay look what is it gonna take for you to just ” as soon as we jumped and crossed I stopped him and faced him and replied to him, being very serious since I preferred walking in silence.

” favourite colour? ” this man was going to be the death of me. but if it just took one question to shut him up for at least tonight, I would gladly take it.

” …Black. ” the answer was random yet true. I always liked the colour since when I was younger I would look up at the sky and see pitch black and be reminded that no one would see me if I escaped

” really? such a dull colour ” he complained since Im sure his colour is probably pink with a hind of gold…

” well something needs to match my soul, ” I smirked, clearly amused with the situation.

” dark. I like it. deepest desire? ” this question required a lot of thinking and personal depth but I wasn ready to trust nick yet so I just lied and said

” that you would have stayed at the bunker. ” I didn really mean it since the company is quite nice but he was really annoying and I wished he would shut up for like 2 hours.

” harsh much? ” he whined but I don think he was actually offended

” you asked ” I slapped back at him as if I was stating the most obvious thing in the world.

” alright you ask me one, ” Nick said as he keeps on leaving me speechless

”Id rather jump into a pit of lava. ” or I would throw him, either way, worked for me.

” come on! ” Nick whined continuously

” Alright fine. whats your… favourite month? ” not the best line but I couldn find anything more stupid than whats my favourite colour.

” really? your not good at the whole starter conversation are you. ” Nick noticed, finally he was caught up

” didn want one in the first place. ” I lied, knowing that I actually enjoyed this little talk, of course, I would never admit that to him.

” well a normal friendly conversation would usually start with.. where did you grow up? ” he asked genuinely curious.

”… ”

he kept staring at me waiting for my answer. I don usually share my past with just anyone, but for some reason I trusted nick. after all, he was opening up to me as well, might as well try.

” Orphanage, ” I thought id see him shy away from what I had said, usually it made people uncomfortable but Nick he kept on looking at me with more curiosity.

” every since you were a kid? ”

” for as long as I can remember at least ”

” When did you leave ” I felt things were gonna get too personal then and there so I chose to not answer and he respected that and we kept on walking and talking trying to find a way to this damn flower.

this was going to be a long night.

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