The ExTinction of Humanity

Chapter Two: Opening Up

In the year January 2060 The volcano Etna erupted. People thought it would eventually die down, but the lava kept on spreading and soon took over Not only Sicily but even Italy and a whole other bunch of countries next to it slowly covering them and killing the people living there. The world was dying, animals getting murdered and leaving Almost no food for the humans, but the lava was murdering them too. Every living thing was getting extinct. The Lava was spreading fast and the only few people living in the world were us.


Hi. My name is Alex. And this is my story. I am one of the few survivors of this lava taking over the entire world. I and a couple of hundred others are living in a bunker including a friend I made there, Nicholas, Hes a good guy and cared about people, sometimes bossy almost too much but then again thats what he had to do to keep the people in line. Every 2 days someone goes outside and searches for food for an hour if they find nothing they come back and unfortunately leave a few people pissed, I always felt sorry for the people here, including myself. I wanted to get out and do something, stop all of this, save people who are starving and dying.. but I didn know-how.

I made some other friends and did help out around the bunker and while I was filling up the kettle for some tea I heard some elderly talk about the one thing we could.

” Its getting harder to breathe every day now, ” said Elenora

” too much too bare, ” another lady said but unfortunately I couldn remember her name

” nonsense now, we lived our life and if God wishes for us to take us to see him then, by all means, we should let him, its the young ones that should worry ” exclaimed very rudely Nina the other old woman next to them

Eleanor replied ” there is no need to start an argument, there are some people in here with potential, I for one am not planning to see the Lord any time soon ”

” oh yes, and I suppose you will be looking for the Aurelia Flower then, ” said Nina

” someone will Nina, and if needs be then- ”

” Sorry to disturb your conversation but, what is this… Aurelia flower? ” I interrupted, I know in a way it was impolite to eavesdrop but this could be the thing I could do to save the people!

Eleanor said ”Alex! my dear haven you heard? The Aurelia Flower is possibly the only thing that can save us all. Police have been trying to find it for some time now, it only grows a few kilometres from here next to our dormant volcano but its most probably not going to happen, lava keeps coming in through the cracks, and the holes to the entrance are Almost filled, only a small figure could enter now and the police aren fit enough- ”

”meaning we are all done for, ” said Nina

” What happens if they get it ? ” I said

”well, the police said they just drop it in the middle of it all being the lava and it will start melting,

problem solved ” Elanor chuckled without a laugh

” yeah well we can all keep dreaming ” implied Nina

” thank you for telling me.. you helped me a lot, ” I said

I started to walk away but Eleanor shouted out ”Don do anything stupid, Alex ! ”

I kept walking away but I responded: ” I won ! ”


Everyone was asleep now, it was probably late at night, not a time better to leave the bunker and start the journey. I know going alone is probably not the best idea but I wasn gonna drag anyone with me, I didn want anyone on my conscience, if its just me then Im pretty sure I can take care of myself.

I got up and started packing the necessities I absolutely needed, I got some food with me, bandages, water, a knife, and rope, I closed my bag and headed for the door.

” where do you think you
e going? ”

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around slowly knowing exactly who it was

” Nicholas. ”

”Alex ”

” look Im just going for a stroll ill be back go back to sleep, ”I said to Nicholas

”oh! all right then please don let me disturb you from your stroll, ” said Nicholas

” thank you, ” I said cannot believe he actually fell for it…

” yeah just say hi to the Aurelia Flower for me when you get there, ” he said mocking me… I knew it would be too easy

I turned around to face him and said ” how do you know about that ”

”Eleanor told me, ” he said

” I knew she couldn keep her mouth shut ” I angrily replied

” Yeah and Im glad she didn , In what world do you actually think that Im gonna let you walk out that door to save a flower that doesn exist, ” He said quite angry to be exact

” you don know that Nicholas, think about it. All my life Ive said to myself you can either do nothing or something great. And Ive already tried nothing. ” I said in an almost whisper knowing once my friend told me that line that I never knew I would use it till now.

” AT least nothing won get you killed ” he retorted

” won it?. We
e gonna die anyway. this bunker won last long and the food supply will diminish more than it already has. I HAVE to try even if it gets me killed. ” I said while walking slowly towards the door.

” What about the elderly, they certainly cant venture out for food, not even the kids, who will do that? youd leave them alone? ” Is he just looking for excuses now?

” You stay with them. I don need your help Ive always lived on my own I can take care of myself Nick, goodbye ” I started walking closer to the door and as soon as I was going to open the door of the bunker a hand wrapped itself around my wrist

” wait. ” nick said and I turned around slowly to face him

” gimme 5 minutes ”.

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