Qi was taken aback.
She looked back and forth between the two of them and asked, “You… know?”

Shao Mingwei suddenly felt nervous and glanced at Min Yu.



Min Yu acted naturally, and said with a smile, “I went to Q University to give a speech where Xiao Shao is currently studying.
Xiao Shao is the student president in charge of the reception.”

Min Yu’s hair is delicately managed.
His face was like an exquisite gem.
The neckline of his white shirt was clean and neat, and the fabric fit perfectly on his shoulders, arms, and waistline, creating an alluring outline.
The rest of the fabrics were neatly tucked into the waistband of his office trousers. 

Qi, who was enlightened, smiled and said, “It turns out that this is the case, then I don’t have to introduce the two of you to each other.”


“Xiao Shao, you’re here…?” Min Yu was puzzled.

Qi answered him, “It’s your niece that’s making trouble.
Every time she takes her monthly exam, her advisor will summon me to school right after the result comes out.
And she made several make-up teachers angry.
Xiao Shao is a student of Li Ting’s husband, Professor Xue.
I invited him to come for a simple make-up class.”

Min Yu obviously knew his niece’s mischievousness, so he can’t help but smile, his eyes turning crescents.
“Then how was Xiao Shao’s teaching?”


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“Inviting Xiao Shao is not a mistake.
He can make the little devil obedient, so she passed all of her monthly tests.
If her class advisor calls me over again, I will absolutely have a headache.
When the make-up lesson is over, I will give Xiao Shao a big red envelope.” Mrs.
Qi was full of smiles, indicating that she was very satisfied with Shao Mingwei.

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From upstairs, she ran down at a lightning speed, sat down beside Min Yu and embraced him.
“You’re here!” Then pouted, “You haven’t visited for half a month, you have already forgotten me!” 

Min Yu patted her head with the other hand, and said with a smile, “I went on a business trip, and came here right after the trip.
I’ll give you this gift as a compensation.
I hope you can forgive uncle.” He coaxed and passed over the hard paper bag.

Qi Jingchun opened it and looked inside, then screamed in delight, “A brand-new skirt! ”

Qi helplessly said, “Qi Jingchun, stop being too flustered, all right?”

Qi Jingchun made a face at her, turned her head and hugged Min Yu’s waist and said, “Uncle, why are you so good and so understanding of me!” 

The eccentric Qi Jingchun pulled Min Yu into answering her questions, and Min Yu then answered them patiently.
He looked soft and absorbed at the moment, but Shao Mingwei can sense the subtle and shining gaze that floats in his direction from time to time.

The tip of his eyes possesses a gentle arc, faintly shining as if his eyes were always smiling.
This reveals the other party’s joy at the unexpected encounter that Shao Mingwei could sense.

He knew that Min Yu at the moment was sober, but those eyes can somehow make him recall how his eyes looked like that night a month ago.
The other party’s eyes looked moist and intoxicated.

Shao Mingwei suddenly felt the temperature of his face rising.
He coughed and glanced at the wall clock to cover up his reaction and said, “Jingchun, it’s time for class.” 

“Ah—” Qi Jingchun was actually trying to distract everyone to forget it.
She did not expect that Shao laoshi would not even pardon a one loose thread⁴.
She gave a miserable cry.
“Mommy, for the sake of uncle’s face, don’t let me take a make-up lesson this afternoon, ba.
He misses me terribly.
You should also give Shao laoshi a break.
Don’t you think Xiao Shao laoshi is particularly pitiful? He doesn’t even have a free weekend.” As a result, she has no free weekends either, Qi Jingchun thought plaintively.

Min Yu, who was used as a tool for an excuse, found it funny and so he said, “Miss Qi, please don’t use me as an excuse to escape.
Quickly, go and study, ba.
Your Xiao Shao laoshi is very good.
You can learn a lot from him,” he said in a natural tone, but Shao Mingwei doesn’t know if it was only an illusion, but the word Xiao Shao laoshi was as if deliberately said in a soft and gentle manner.
However, Min Yu lowered his eyes and did not look at Shao Mingwei.


For some reason, Shao Mingwei feels a little awkward and also refuses to look at Min Yu.
He stared at the wine glass in front of him, and naturally missed the faint redness on the tip of Min Yu’s ears.

He stood up and said, “Alright, let’s go upstairs.” Then he walked straight upstairs. 

Qi Jingchun had to follow him back to the study with drooping shoulders.

For the next hour, Shao Mingwei was a little absent-minded, but Qi Jingchun was dispirited too, so she did not notice it.
In the end, Shao Mingwei felt that he should not waste Mrs.
Qi’s salary, so forced himself to concentrate again.

When it was almost half five, Qi Jingchun closely watched the second hand of the clock gradually inch towards 12, and cheered right after.
She immediately jumped out from the chair and said “goodbye teacher” to Shao Mingwei.
He ran out of the study carrying her phone, then proceeded to her bedroom.

Shao Mingwei hadn’t reacted yet when the girl disappeared like a wisp of smoke.
He finds it a little annoying and funny at the same time.
He could only shake his head helplessly and take a sticky note to write down the assignment in a meticulous manner, and paste it on Qi Jingchun’s workbook. 

When he packed his things and went downstairs, he saw that Min Yu was still there, talking and laughing with Mrs.

Seeing him come down, Mrs.
Qi said, “Xiao Shao laoshi, finished with the lesson?”

Shao Mingwei said, “En.” Remembering something, he added, “Jingchun ran away too fast.
I pasted her assignment on the workbook.
Qi, please remember to remind her to do it.
I will check it on my next visit.”

Qi’s forehead frowned and said, “This Qi Jingchun must be anxious to play with her little sister.” 

Shao Mingwei did not respond to this and only said, “Then Mrs.
Qi, I’ll leave first.”

Qi was about to send him off when Min Yu stood up and said, “I’ll be leaving too.
Will Xiao Shao go back to school? It happens that I’ll be passing by.
It’ll be convenient to drop you off on the way.”

Qi gave her younger brother an odd look. Which house of his was found around Q?

She could only open her mouth, but dared not to speak. 

Shao Mingwei was startled.
He turned his head to look at Min Yu, whose smile was faint like a spring breeze.
He looked calm and natural.
His suggestion couldn’t be more logical.

Shao Mingwei didn’t want to have too much engagement with him, and was about to refuse, but the corner of his eyes swept over Min Yu’s hand, resting on the back of the sofa.
His thin white fingers were twisting the tassels of the sofa’s cover.
He was clutching the once neatly aligned tassels into disarray, as if the fingers were reflecting the agitated state of the owner.

Yet Min Yu looked so calm.

Out of the blue, Shao Mingwei’s heart turned soft.
It wasn’t known if it were the work of demons or gods because he muttered in reply, “Then I will trouble Mr.

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I mean… who can resist Min Yu, ah.

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