When Min Yu was on a business trip, Shao Mingwei had three days before the start of the first exam.
Although he misses Min Yu in his heart, the tense rhythm of the end semester does not allow him to be distracted.
The two of them could only have a short phone call every night.
No matter how boring the studying was during the day, only hearing Min Yu’s gentle tone could always make Shao Mingwei have a good night’s sleep.
Then the next day, he would wake up and review, his spirit trembling in excitement. 

And Liu Yang, who he dragged to study, was mentally depressed because of the end semester, said with a resentful face, “A top student is a top student, even with the end semester, it’s really not something that mortals like us can compare to.”

In the midst of longing and busyness, two weeks had already passed in a blink of an eye.



Q University library, 12:30 in the afternoon.

Shao Mingwei’s textbooks and notes were spread out on the table, but his other hand was typing on the screen of his mobile phone. 

——Arrived? Have you eaten?


He put the phone aside, and soon when the phone vibrated, he quickly picked it up to take a look.

——Just got off the plane.
I ate a little while on the flight.
How about you?

——I just finished eating with Liu Yang in the cafeteria, and now I am in the library.
You go back to eat something, take a bath, and have a good rest.
I will go back and cook something delicious for you after I finish the last exam this afternoon.


Is Liu Yang with you?

Shao Mingwei was a little puzzled why Min Yu suddenly asked about Liu Yang, but he didn’t think much of it.

——He went back to the dormitory to take a nap and said that he would go directly to the examination room in a while.


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You study hard, I’ll be waiting for you at home. 

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Shao Mingwei, who has never felt that an exam is a burden, now wants to hurry up and finish his exam so he could go and meet his boyfriend.

He sighed with joy and helplessness and lowered his head again to concentrate on studying. 

Standing in front of the library, Min Yu waved at a big boy who was running toward him, and said with a smile, “Here.”

That boy was Liu Yang.

“Brother Min!” Liu Yang stood in front of Min Yu, gave him the student card in his hand, and asked with a smile, “Why did Brother Min suddenly want to go to the library?”

After Min Yu went to Shao Mingwei’s dormitory for the first time, he has been there several times intermittently.
Each time, he will bring a lot of things to munch on for the big boys of 327.
In addition, he has a gentle temperament, and getting along with him is like bathing in a spring breeze.
Shao Mingwei’s roommates welcome him very much.
Among them, Liu Yang is the most active. 

At first, Liu Yang didn’t know Min Yu’s name and identity, but he always thought that he looked familiar as if he had seen him somewhere, but he couldn’t remember and thought he was just thinking too much.
Then one day he was shaken by the sudden enlightenment.
Isn’t he the boss of Huaining Group?! And also the one who came to their school to give a speech!

Liu Yang hurriedly ran to ask Shao Mingwei, and Shao Mingwei immediately admitted it.
They were good brothers so there was nothing to hide.
He just thought that it was simply unnecessary to purposely mention the matter before.


And Liu Yang really adheres to what he thought he was.
He didn’t have any other messy ideas.
He didn’t ask how Shao Mingwei got acquainted with the big boss and even had a good relationship with him.
He just put his arm on his shoulder and joked, “From now on, brother will follow you to eat delicious food and drink hard liquor.
Old Shao, if you develop in the future, don’t forget this extremely handsome roommate.”

Shao Mingwei avoided his arm, pretended to be disgusted, and said, “Let go.” 

Liu Yang laughed out loud.

After seeing Min Yu again, even though Liu Yang knew that he was gentle and polite, he subconsciously showed some reverence, but he didn’t show it on his face.
It was no different from before.

“I’m looking for a book, also Mingwei was inside, so I’ll take a look at him.” Min Yu explained, handing the paper bag to Liu Yang while speaking, smiling kindly.
“I just came back from a business trip.
I brought some specialties.
You can take them back to your dormitory and share them with Xiao Ji and Yi Cong.”

“Then… thank you, Brother Min!” Liu Yang didn’t reject it.
He touched his head with one hand in embarrassment and took it with the other. 

“Don’t mention it, at this age you youngsters need to eat more to grow your body.” Min Yu glanced at his watch and said to Liu Yang, “Then you should go back to rest early so you won’t be delayed for the exam in the afternoon.
After I’m done using the student card, I’ll let Mingwei bring it to you.”

Liu Yang said casually, “It’s okay, it’s okay.
I have a student ID card, they’re the same, you can give it back to me anytime.
Then, Brother Min, I’m leaving.”

“Go ahead.”

Min Yu used to come to the library often when he was studying at Q University.
After so many years, the library has only undergone some necessary repairs, except for some old equipment.
There has been no major change. 

Min Yu knew that Shao Mingwei had always liked to study on the third floor.
After entering, he took the elevator to the third floor.
It was full of students who were reviewing for the end semester, their heads silently buried in their books.
Min Yu’s steps were light.
He walked in as if he was also a student who came there to study like them.

He glanced around to find Shao Mingwei and soon found Shao Mingwei’s tall and straight body among a group of students.
He couldn’t help showing a cheerful smile.
Just as he was about to quietly walk over to give him a surprise, as if there was some kind of mysterious telepathy between them, he unexpectedly raised his head and met Min Yu’s gaze.

Shao Mingwei was stunned for a moment, his eyes widened in surprise, then he excitedly smiled, and asked him silently, “Why are you here?”

Min Yu walked over and sat beside him.
The nearest student was so focused that he didn’t even lift his head when he heard the slightest movement, the pen in his hand moving quickly on his assignment. 

Shao Mingwei grabbed Min Yu’s hand under the table and asked in an extremely low voice, “Didn’t you go home? Why did you come here?”

Min Yu’s pair of jet-black eyes stared at him softly.
The end of his eyes had a gentle curve, giving off an attractive charm.
He pursed his lips and smiled in embarrassment, typing on his phone to show him: I miss you, that’s why I came.

Shao Mingwei felt a little distressed that he had been working too much, and after getting off the plane, he came to him directly without going home to rest.
But he was very surprised and happy in his heart.
A moment ago, he was itching to finish the exam quickly but now that he saw the other party, the feeling disappeared without a trace.
He did not take the advantage to say any redundant and caring words of concern, he just held Min Yu’s hand tightly, his eyes not leaving his face.

Min Yu felt embarrassed by the ardent emotions in his eyes and suddenly felt a little annoyed with himself because he was disturbing him.
He blamed himself for coming over impulsively because he couldn’t resist his longing.
He said softly, “You study well.
I’ll find a book to read and accompany you.
If you feel distracted, I can go back right away.” 

Shao Mingwei quickly said, “Not distracted.
Now that you’re here, don’t go back.”

Min Yu took out his hand from his hand and said with a smile: “Then hurry up and review.
I’ll go get a book.


Min Yu picked out a collection of essays at random.
Both of them are people who can quickly adjust.
One is studying, and the other is reading.
Sitting next to each other, they feel more at ease and warm.
Later on, it was time for Shao Mingwei to go to the examination room.
One after another, people packed their school bags and left, and there was space around them.

Min Yu asked, “How long will the exam take?” 

Shao Mingwei: “An hour and a half.
How about you go home first?”

Min Yu shook his head.
“I have nothing to do if I go back.
I’ll wait for you here and then we can go back together.”

“Okay,” Shao Mingwei answered him.
He suddenly curled his lips and smiled, then glanced around, without anyone paying attention to them, lowered his head, and quickly kissed Min Yu’s face.

Min Yu was caught off guard, glared at him, then reprimanded him by saying, “We’re still inside the school.
Are you not afraid of being seen by others?” 

Shao Mingwei rarely acts childish and coquettish in front of him.
“No one saw it.
I really wanted to kiss you just now.
I couldn’t hold back.”

Min Yu laughed helplessly, his tone indulging and loving.
“You ah, don’t repeat this mistake.
It’s about time.
You go quickly.
Don’t be late.”

“En, I’ll go.” Shao Mingwei smiled at him, picked up his schoolbag, and strode out of the library.

The room turned deserted.
Min Yu read the book for a while, but business trips and traveling can be exhausting.
It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep, his head resting in the crook of his arm. 

Translator’s corner: Hiyo loves! I am finally able to sort out my messy schedule and could now go back into updating 2 chapters a week yey!

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