Shao Mingwei followed Min Yu back to his condominium. 

Min Yu lives alone, but there’s someone who will come regularly to clean the house.
The interior is clean and tidy, and the decoration is simple and light.
Min Yu hung up their coats and gently said to Shao Mingwei, “The guest room has been cleaned up, pajamas were inside the closet.
The bathroom inside is also cleaned, so you can use it.
I remember you have classes tomorrow morning.
Rest early today.”

“You…” Shao Mingwei subconsciously held Min Yu who was about to enter the bedroom, but he didn’t know why he held him, so his words got stuck.



“Mn?” Min Yu looked at him curiously.
Seeing that he was hesitant to say a word, he remembered his misunderstanding in the office and showed a doting and soft smile.
He reached out to help him fix his hair, and then raised his head and kissed the young man’s chin.
His face was slightly red as he said, “Don’t think too much, I’m not in a hurry, just let nature take its course.” 

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Shao Mingwei looked at the ceiling, relieved, but there was an indescribable sense of disappointment.
He thought that regardless of what Min Yu would say, something would eventually happen to the two of them, and although he was not ready, he also wouldn’t resist.
But because he believed in things like “nature taking its course” and “let it be as it should be”, he would listen to Min Yu.
It stands to reason that he should not adapt to the relationship and behavior of two people in a relationship so quickly, but the fact is that he has actually been wanting to touch Min Yu, hug him and kiss him. Within a short time, he turned gay without any psychological barriers and even felt at a loss when he heard that nothing would happen, which made him very impatient.

You are really in a hurry, Shao Mingwei thought.


He suddenly raised his lips and laughed, as if mocking at his insecurity and recklessness.
Standing under the lights for a while, Shao Mingwei shook his head to clear out his chaotic thoughts, then turned off the lights and walked to the guest room.

In the master’s bedroom, Min Yu, who had been holding his breath and paying attention to the movement outside, heard the sound of footsteps and the slight sound of closing the door, exhaled and turned off the bedside lampshade.
However, he tossed and turned.
His mind was full of what had happened today and Shao Mingwei’s kisses.
The more he thought about it, the hotter his face became, and the more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t sleep.
Thinking about it over and over, Min Yu suddenly covered his head with the quilt.
Actually, he was extremely shy but at that time when he did it, he didn’t feel any trace of embarrassment.
However, in retrospect, it made him blush.
After a while, the quilt was too stuffy, so Min Yu couldn’t help but open it, but later on, the quilt was then subsequently lifted open and then covered again, so he tossed and turned until midnight before falling asleep.

After that day, Shao Mingwei gradually became a frequent visitor in Min Yu’s condominium.
Without the burden of high hospital bills, and the money owed to Min Yu was not so urgent, Shao Mingwei feels much more relaxed and reduces the frequency of his part-time work.
But he has a temperament that’s unable to just stay put, so he runs more diligently to Professor Xue’s laboratory or the library, either doing experiments or writing papers.
Regarding the issue of postgraduate studies, Professor Xue brought it up again, but Shao Mingwei once again did not refuse nor agreed.
To work after graduation or continue for postgraduate studies, he couldn’t choose yet, and so he simply put the matter for now and no longer ponders about it.
He rarely had a mentality of escaping things, but thinking that there was still more than half a year, maybe one day he would figure out what he wanted to do without any reluctance.
Min Yu was busy with the cooperation with Chi Wei, and the two couldn’t find much time to date.
In order to spend more time together, they often made arrangements in Min Yu’s condominium.
Gradually, the house was filled with in-pairs things like mugs, toothbrushes, towels, slippers, and so on.


It is said that two people who’re together need to have some quality time together or quarrels will be inevitable, but the quality time of Shao Mingwei and Min Yu is so short that it seems non-existent.
But because Min Yu treated Shao Mingwei as a young lover, he felt that he should always tolerate and love him like a child, and at the same time admire him as a tall and handsome young man.
He couldn’t help but rely on him and stick to him, just like a person suffering from skin hunger.
They don’t have much time to spend with each other.
Where can they find time to quarrel? Needless to say, Shao Mingwei has always felt that Min Yu was gentle and considerate, and there was no other elder who was as considerate and as gentle as him.
As a lover, Min Yu would act coquettish and is extremely dependent on him, and Shao Mingwei felt more and more that he’s a beautiful peony, and could not help but cherish and spoil him on everything—although Min Yu seldomly lets him (because he wanted to be the one who spoils Shao Mingwei). 

For instance, after getting along for a long time, Shao Mingwei discovered that Min Yu was like a little girl who’s very fond of cute things.
He also likes to use the same design or items for couples with him.
Min Yu bought two identical green dinosaur onesie pajamas, and he wanted to wear it with him.
Shao Mingwei couldn’t appreciate these too cute things, but he would wear them under Min Yu’s expectant gaze, and then Min Yu would pull him to take a lot of pictures in different poses.
Min Yu also specifically left a wall where he can post pictures of them playing together, saying that they would keep it as a remembrance.

Min Yu also likes to buy all kinds of clothes for him.
At first, Shao Mingwei was reluctant to accept it because the clothes Min Yu bought were too expensive for him.
Every time this happens, Min Yu would inevitably look at him with drooping eyes and a limp tail.
He said with a smile, “I want to see you wear it.
My boyfriend is tall and handsome.
How can I bear not to dress you up?” Shao Mingwei couldn’t resist, and seeing that he was really enjoying it, he let him be.
There was only one thing that bothered Shao Mingwei a lot.
Every time Min Yu asked him to try on some clothes and show them to him, in front of the mirror of the closet, Min Yu would look at him with infatuation, along with the adoration in his eyes.
But it was the kind of infatuation and adoration for a man’s body and it would make Min Yu look delicate and gorgeous.
Seeing this kind of Min Yu, a ball of fire suddenly ignited in Shao Mingwei’s head, wishing to control him, monopolize him, and… invade him.
And press him under his body to possess him, make him moan, and make him cry.

Since being together with Min Yu, Shao Mingwei has consciously learned some knowledge in that area, but as a matter of fact, the two of them seem to be waiting for something in tacit understanding, waiting for the right time, waiting for things to happen naturally.
In addition to kissing and hugging, there are no other actions in that matter.
But Shao Mingwei is a healthy young man.
Whenever Min Yu looked at him with that kind of emotion in his eyes, he felt the blood in his body boiling and tousling.
Shao Mingwei covered Min Yu’s eyes in helplessness, then said in a low voice, “Don’t look at me like this, I… couldn’t help but do bad things.”

Min Yu was startled for a moment.
The eyelashes brushing on Shao Mingwei’s palm were itching him to do something. He blushed slightly, chuckled, then pretended to be angry.
“Little rogue.” Min Yu’s eyes were covered by Shao Mingwei, but listening to his honest words, he didn’t express his own thoughts, only pouting his lips and saying, “Kiss me.” 

Shao Mingwei felt that he could really seduce people.
It was more than one can bear, and finally, he couldn’t resist pressing him into the depths of the closet, kissing and fondling him.
It ended with the scene where he had to clean up the closet full of clothes, which were practically a mess.

In this way, the traces of Shao Mingwei in Min Yu’s house became heavier and heavier, and it became more and more like a residence of two people cohabitating.

After Secretary Ren mentioned Min Yu’s birthday, Shao Mingwei took it to heart.
However, he rarely does things like preparing birthday gifts for people and has no idea at the moment.

One Saturday afternoon, Shao Mingwei called Liu Yang to a mall to choose a present for Min Yu.
He only told Liu Yang that it was a friend, but Liu Yang had never seen him do these kinds of things.
He knew he had hit the nail on the head and was certain that he was in love, then pestered him to spill who it was.
Shao Mingwei had to deal with him as he chose the right gift.
When he thought it was all good, he would contradict his own choice, thinking that it was not suitable: Min Yu can easily buy this and he doesn’t lack these, this is definitely not the quality Min Yu is used to, and it shows no special intention or sincerity. This is his first celebration of Min Yu’s birthday after being together, and Shao Mingwei wanted to make a deep impression on him.
But after strolling for the whole afternoon, Shao Mingwei hadn’t picked anything, and his mind was buzzing-he was pestered by the noisy Liu Yang.
None of Liu Yang’s suggestions were reliable.
It was hard for him to say that it was not a girlfriend but rather a boyfriend.
He just felt tired and regretful.
He wanted to send himself to the hospital for medical treatment.
Just why did he ask Liu Yang, a straight man who had never been in a relationship, to go with him? 

After returning home, Shao Mingwei temporarily put this matter aside, thinking that he might have an inspiration at some point.
Sure enough, one evening when he returned from the school building to the dormitory, he saw students from other majors carrying small hammers on the road.
Shao Mingwei naturally knew that it was their metalworking internship.
His footsteps suddenly paused, and an idea popped into his head.

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