Xiao Luoyuan had a smile on his face but was inattentively answering Ma Jialiang’s words.
He opened his phone to check the time, and it just so happened that he received Abel’s WeChat message to ask him when it would be over.
He replied that he didn’t know, that it hadn’t even started yet. 

While Ma Jialiang talked about the year’s recent developments, Xiao Luoyuan was a little impatient because of Abel’s messages and wanted to quickly end the dinner and go back to the bed to coax this “disobedient” little lover.
He came to the mainland this time mainly for vacation, meeting with several corporate leaders in passing.
Recently, their company has been interested in the huge potential of the mainland’s markets, so they had the idea of entering this new market.
But after all, it is very risky to open up a new market without a detailed inspection and plan, so it’s better to not act too rashly.
A good option is to find a suitable business partner to do the first step, learn by experience, and achieve mutual benefits.

Xiao Luoyuan’s cousin is Ma Jialiang’s sister-in-law.
The two have a good relationship.
Naturally, Ma Jialiang knew that he had come to Beijing for a purpose other than vacation, so he said that he wanted to take him to meet someone, but mysteriously didn’t inform him who it was.
Originally, Xiao Luoyuan had the intention of putting himself in suspense.
However, his circle of connection and range of activities are mostly in Hong Kong, and he is far less familiar with Beijing than Ma Jialiang that’s a local person.
And although Ma Jialiang has a poor style and looks unreliable, he did have some ability.
Xiao Luoyuan was really interested in this person who he highly recommended.
However, Xiao Luoyuan just wanted to meet this person as soon as possible and return to the hotel after dinner.
Although work is important, after all, he is on vacation now, and entertainment is first.
Otherwise, he would not bring Abel with him.



Xiao Luoyuan’s face did not show the impatience in his heart.
Right away, he heard a knock on the door of the box.

Ma Jialiang was overjoyed.
“He’s here.” Then he immediately walks to the door to open it and smiled.
“Come in.” 

Min Yu showed an apologetic smile.
“I’m sorry.
There was a traffic jam on the road.
That’s why I’m late.”


Ma Jialiang was happy to see him but said to tease him, “Mr.
Min is really arrogant ah.
It’s getting harder to see him.”

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“Zs rlrafg-lc-ijk’r mberlc, JSY bo Xjcumtfcu Jtlkfl.”


Chiwei has developed rapidly in recent years and is gaining momentum.
Min Yu has naturally heard of it, but he did not expect that the person that Ma Jialiang would introduce is the CEO of Chiwei.
In connection with the rumors he heard recently, Min Yu knew a bit about the purpose of this meal.

Then Ma Jialiang said to Xiao Luoyuan, “Min Yu, the boss of Huaining.”

Xiao Luoyuan’s eyes turned bright as soon as Min Yu entered the door.
Huaining is naturally one of their company’s preferred partners and this is one of the purposes of his visit to Beijing this time.
Who would’ve expected that before he could even act, he would already meet the person in advance? He had never met Min Yu before and thought he was a middle-aged man with a greasy face and a potbelly.
Xiao Luoyuan took the initiative to stretch out his hand.
Min, I've long been admiring your great name.”


Min Yu shook his hand, faintly smiling.
“I dare not, Mr.
Xiao is being polite.” 

Ma Jialiang waited for them to finish their courtesy, then hurriedly pulled the two of them to sit down.
He called the waiter to serve the ordered dishes, then said with a smile, “These places’ dishes are good, so I brought you all here to taste it.”

When Min Yu heard the words, he held a stance that was neither enthusiastic nor bland.
“Knowing that you had a gluttonous appetite, I’ll try it out later.”

Ma Jialiang has received a lot of flattering words before, although Min Yu and he were close, Min Yu rarely praised him.
Even if it is a frivolous and useless affirmation, he immediately became a little more excited, saying, “I know more good places other than here, but you usually don’t come when I invite you.
You love to stay in your office so much.”

Min Yu smiled.
“The company has a lot of things to do, so there’s no time.” 

Ma Jialiang twitched his mouth and said nothing, obviously knowing Min Yu’s workaholic temperament.

After being seated, Xiao Luoyuan didn’t talk much, but his eyes drifted to Min Yu from time to time.
Min Yu felt that he was being looked at.
Just in time that he didn’t retract his gaze, their eyes met.
Xiao Luoyuan did not shy away and has instead smiled naturally at Min Yu.

Min Yu nodded and gave him a polite smile in return.

The dishes came in after a short while.
The three of them didn’t plan to drink, and as they ate and chat the atmosphere was harmonious. 

Xiao Luoyuan didn’t feel impatient anymore and forgot about Abel in the back of his mind, and said with a chuckle, “I have long heard about the strength of Huaining Group.
Now I know why right away after chatting with Mr.

Min Yu said modestly, “It’s all the foundations laid by the elders, I’m merely preserving it.”


Min is too humble.
However, Huaining’s business in the mainland has grown so much, I wonder if you have any interest in opening new markets? ”

Min Yu remembered his arrangement with Shao Mingwei and put down his chopsticks early on.
He took a sip of the juice.
Under the lights, he looked really soft.
“Of course, it is good to be in line with international standards, but this is not a trivial matter.
We still have to be cautious before we act.” He looked at Ma Jialiang and pointed at a dish, naturally changing the subject.
“The fish is well done and is fresh enough.” 

Ma Jialiang was somewhat proud of himself.
“If this fish is in line with your taste.
Next time, I will take you to a place specializing in fish.”

Min Yu merely smiled and did not answer.

Xiao Luoyuan saw him playing all-knowing, but the tone of his voice didn’t carry any sign of rejection.
Knowing that the other party was still interested in Chiwei, he felt relieved.
He also wanted to understand more, so he didn’t rush to mention it again, and converse with Ma Jialiang about the different cuisine on the mainland instead.

Min Yu looked interested, but in his heart, he had already planned when to leave the scene and what to eat with Shao Mingwei.
The thought of Shao Mingwei turned Min Yu’s forced smile a bit real, making Ma Jialiang and Xiao Luoyuan more interested in talking. 

There was no drink on the dining table, so Min Yu urgently left and the three of them inadvertently ended the dinner early.
He tactfully declined Ma Jialiang and Xiao Luoyuan’s following invitations, and apologetically said, “There are still things in the company, so I won’t go.”

Ma Jialiang has long been used to it, but Xiao Luoyuan wished to continue and had now completely forgotten about going back early to date with Abel before dinner.
Only regretting that he couldn’t stay with Min Yu.
He also bid farewell to Ma Jialiang and returned to the hotel.

Min Yu asked the driver to take a taxi back.
He sat in the driver’s seat and called Shao Mingwei, “Mingwei…”

They exchange a few words on the phone. 

Pulled by the desire to meet each other, Min Yu was too impatient to wait, but still smiled gently.
“En, it’s over.
Where are you?”

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