harp words and cranky eyes, Elliot showed no embarrassment.
He calmly retracted the hand slapped by Rose and leaned back.

“Is it wrong for me to enter my fiancée's room?”

“No! I don't understand that word.
Fiancée? Ha.
And we haven't even eaten together, much less entered each other's room.
Please get out!”

Rose pulled the blanket tighter around her frame.

She was still wearing her sleepwear.
In front of Elliot.
It was already an embarrassing moment to be caught wearing sleepwear in front of outsiders, much less the man who killed her.

“I came because I have something to give to you.”

Elliot looked away as though he had finally become aware of her clothing choice.

“When it comes to the engagement, I have already said all there is to say, Elliot.
I have nothing more to say to you.”


Her soon-to-be ex-fiancé hummed, crossing his legs and leaning his chin on his palms.
His stance was obvious.
He wasn't going to leave. 

Quickly leave—“

“When was the last time we met, Rose?”

Immediately, Rose, who was ready to complain, became mute. 

Her mind almost mechanically followed her previous actions and counted the days since she last saw him.

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“Last week.
I went to the Proud manor to see you.”

The day after she returned to her past.
The day Rose declared that she was going to his manor to break off their engagement.

That was the last time the two had met.

Stubbornly, Honeywell's young lady did not want to dwell on whether her answer was incorrect or not.

“Ah, that's correct, Rose.
Then when was the last time we went out together?”

“…A month ago?”

I hate this.
Why do I remember these details?

Why is Elliot questioning me suddenly?

She tried to read his expressionless face.

I can't find anything besides him having no intention to leave. 

Rose resigned herself to her fate when she heard him muttering softly.
She would wait him out.

“It's been a month.
It's a good period for something exciting to happen.”

“What do you mean?”

Elliot slowly lowered his head and stared at her with his blue eyes.

Yearning and hatred intertwined in her heart.
Those were the blue eyes she'd fallen in love with.
Now, they made her stomach churn. 

But there was no way Elliot would know her thoughts.

He would ignore them even if he could.

“More than a month ago, you were anxious to see me for even a little longer, Rose.
Just being in the same space as I would cause you to scream with joy and stick to my side.”

He knew everything!

Rose's mouth opened in surprise, and before she died, she would feel sorry for herself.
She used to pour her heart out to Elliot, never really knowing what he felt in return.

Perhaps, if she hadn't returned to her past in time, then Rose Honeywell of this world would have been betrayed and killed off again. 

The young lady gritted her teeth and forced spiteful words from her lips.

“I don't know why I fell so deeply for you! It's like an endless loop; we're always talking about this topic between us.
I proposed breaking up the marriage first, so I'll take responsibility and finish it.
If you're concerned about the dignity of Duke Proud, I'll write it over as if it's my fault.”

Would he then back down if I took the fall?

Rose planned to attend every banquet and cause as many scandals as she could, just so Elliot would have no choice but to accept the breakup.

No matter who I meet, each of them will be compared to Elliot.

Have there been any invitations recently? I don't remember.
I've been confined to the manor.
I should go and check soon.

From her memories, there should be two banquets to celebrate.
The debutante ball for young ladies and lords and the end-of-year celebration banquet at the Imperial Palace.
Both of those already have their main characters for the event; it would be difficult should Rose to try to get attention.

She chewed her lower lips and pondered.

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Brother may have received many invitations, and there should be many people who would want to be invited to the Duke of Honeywell's Manor.

Rose recalled that her coming-of-age celebration was lavishly held in their family's manor.

Rose, who had been shy in her past life, danced with Wells first and then ran away to her room.
Thus, her debutante ball turned into a party hosted for the guests.

There had been a banquet held in the Imperial Palace for the coming-of-age ceremony.
Rose had briefly attended the beginning, hid in the private lounge, and then returned home.

I need to adjust my plans; I can't just flirt and get into scandals with multiple men.

Her first step was to receive an invitation.
She would work out the rest of the details later.

Further thoughts of breaking her engagement were interrupted as the sound of several carriages was heard from outside.


My savior has arrived!

Rose tossed the covers aside and jumped off her bed.

Her bed was soft; suddenly jumping caused Rose to stumble as she moved.
When Elliot reached out to stabilize her, Rose shook his hand off and left the room.

Brother! My brother is here! Oh brother, you're alive!

Rose ran down the hallway in her nightgown, which, though it was winter wear, compared to her daily outer clothes, was extremely thin and barely blocked out the cold.

Within seconds, Rose felt the chill in the air, reminding her of her last moments being chased by the Proud Knights through the snow. 

She forced the memories away and added strength to her legs.

What does Brother look like now? The last image I have of my brother was when he was seriously injured.
I can't wait to see him again.

Breathing heavily, Rose raced down the stairs, two steps at a time.

As she reached the last step, her eyes trained on her brother, Wells, as he entered the manor with the butler.

Tears welled in her eyes at the sight of her brother unharmed.

“Oh my!”

Rose froze, her heart racing with emotion.

Behind the two, a girl wearing a fur coat followed with a curious expression. 

Wells and the butler weren't the only people entering the manor.

“Ilya Titonsser.”

Light brown hair, sparkling emerald-green eyes, and an innocent face.

Her figure overlapped those of her past life.

Despair settled in Rose's chest as she watched Ilya look around the manor with admiration.

TL Notes:

[TL/N: Honestly, if something was pushing my back while I was lost in the darkness, I would freak out and try to fight it off, not follow it.]

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