hat Phoenix had told them.

”Wow, thats a good gift and your hair. Its nothing Ive seen before. ”

”Same, born with it. ”

Siu gasped,

”Ah, you
e lucky. ”

”Siu! ” Xiao called her in a firm tone,

”Can I ask questions? ” she frowned with her hands folded,

I chuckled at her action and went back to my nails,

”Your nails… ” Han said before taking sudden steps to my side and stopped,

”Hm? You like it? ” I smiled, and spread them in front of the mirror,

Truth is I had them painted yellow and black and guessed they don use nail polish here.

Weird world if you ask me…

”I can get some for you if you like. ”

Shed say no, I thought.

”Ah no miss, thank you. Id just like to know how you did it, I can be taught how to do that. ”

”Of course, shes not from our state. They probably do it in her state… ”

Siu scoffed and that shut Han up, she was labelled shy.

Sius face then lighted up, ”Where are you from, miss? ”

”Siu! You have asked enough questions! ” Xiao scowled,

After she placed a red ornament that looked expensive on my hair and was done,

She faced Siu with a glare before gripping her hand.

”We will be back with your attire, miss. ”

She said, before pulling the smiling Siu out with her, leaving me with Han and Ming.

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