”Phew! ”

[You did well, maybe]

”Shut. Up. Please ” I groaned and stood up on my feet,

my dressing was still in one piece…more like in pieces I frowned slightly then went to look out the window.

This large pagoda was really busy and bustling with men of different sizes, handsome and ugly.

I spotted a lady dressed in a bra and hip wraps that were red as expected, and she was smiling while serving a tray filled with whatever substance was in the cup,

a stout man dressed in a purple tang suit grabbed her thigh forcefully, I felt my stomach churn…so this is what will happen to me?

And she couldn even fight back, even though she had the killer gaze directed to him before leaving his grip.

My breath quickened, Id have to escape, but this place is busy and jumping out the window is like landing into the lions den; Id get turn apart due to my looks.

I bit my lip and went for the door, as I reached for the knob I paused,

e here for you]

”Who?! ” the door suddenly opened, and five women came in,

they were average in terms of looks, and they wore outfits similar to mine… revealing, except that Im the only one putting on thigh boots.

”The Hónglián fènghuáng has instructed us to handle you with care, well bathe you and give you your medicine. ”

One of them said, while they all bowed.

”Whats this now? I have maids already? ” I thought while staring at each one of them,

”Please don bow to me, look at me. ” I said to them, hoping they would answer,

they all raised their heads and gazed at me, but I guessed my eye color had them rattled.

”Uh, please come with us. ”

The one I deemed to be the leader asked me to walk out with them, and I simply obeyed,

we walked through a quiet corridor, they surely built this place well as the noise on the outside had ceased as we went further.

We had finally come to a stop and walked through a curtain, my eyes widened on seeing the bathing area, it was large and clearly a spring.

”How? ” I was confused, howd this fit into a building!


”So she does magic ” I thought,

[Shes not the one with magic, she hired someone.]

”Ah, the complicated world. I hope she won hire that same someone to find me when I escape ? ” I muttered but received no response.

Id take that as a no, I smiled.

”Please step into the water with us. ”

I was stunned on seeing they were holding bathing equipments and bottles that I noted as soap and ointment, but I can bathe by myself!

”No need for this, I can bathe myself. ”

I chuckled nervously,

”We must obey The Mistress orders, please don make things hard for us. ”

A second maid said, I stared at her rigid face and knew she was going to be a pain.

Lets act cocky first,

”Okay, Ill come in, but… ” I paused, and they stared at me in a perplexed manner,

I pointed at the maid who had replied to me earlier, ”I want her out of here, four of you are enough. ” I smiled,

”Wha- ”

”Min mi leave. ” the head of them instructed her,

”But- ” her face held a mixture of anger and fear,

”Don worry, Ill tell her I said so. ”

I cut her off, understanding that compromising the order of Phoenix would cost her.

She remained silent then left silently, leaving me and the rest alone.

I gulped and undressed before jumping into the water,

I didn want their eyes lingering on my body for long and hopped in like a frog.

I remained as stiff as a rock as they bathed for me, but I didn let them go further down…you get it,

when it was time to wash my hair, the two women who bathed me exchanged glances.

”Its okay, I can wash my hair myself. ”

They nodded and stepped out, leaving me to my hair,

I stared at the four women who had their head lowered while I shampooed my hair and reached out to the voice.

”Hey, what are their personalities, I wanna know the human beings from the animals. ”

[First one – Xiao, quiet and reserved.]

[Second-Ming, chatterbox and hypocrite.]

”Aish! Just like in the manhwas, there always have to be a Billy goat. ”

[Third – Han, Shy and kindhearted.]

[Fourth- Siu, jolly and ambitious.]

”Hm, they seem okay, but that Ming…sounds like bad news. ” I shut my eyes as I rinsed my hair,

[Fifth- Min mi.]

”Yeah, that one looks evil. ”

[Min mi, malicious and cunning. Has an interest in Hónglián fènghuáng.]

My hands dropped, you have got to be kidding me…

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