d me when I escape ? ” I muttered but received no response.

Id take that as a no, I smiled.

”Please step into the water with us. ”

I was stunned on seeing they were holding bathing equipments and bottles that I noted as soap and ointment, but I can bathe by myself!

”No need for this, I can bathe myself. ”

I chuckled nervously,

”We must obey The Mistress orders, please don make things hard for us. ”

A second maid said, I stared at her rigid face and knew she was going to be a pain.

Lets act cocky first,

”Okay, Ill come in, but… ” I paused, and they stared at me in a perplexed manner,

I pointed at the maid who had replied to me earlier, ”I want her out of here, four of you are enough. ” I smiled,

”Wha- ”

”Min mi leave. ” the head of them instructed her,

”But- ” her face held a mixture of anger and fear,

”Don worry, Ill tell her I said so. ”

I cut her off, understanding that compromising the order of Phoenix would cost her.

She remained silent then left silently, leaving me and the rest alone.

I gulped and undressed before jumping into the water,

I didn want their eyes lingering on my body for long and hopped in like a frog.

I remained as stiff as a rock as they bathed for me, but I didn let them go further down…you get it,

when it was time to wash my hair, the two women who bathed me exchanged glances.

”Its okay, I can wash my hair myself. ”

They nodded and stepped out, leaving me to my hair,

I stared at the four women who had their head lowered while I shampooed my hair and reached out to the voice.

”Hey, what are their personalities, I wanna know the human beings from the animals. ”

[First one – Xiao, quiet and reserved.]

[Second-Ming, chatterbox and hypocrite.]

”Aish! Just like in the manhwas, there always have to be a Billy goat. ”

[Third – Han, Shy and kindhearted.]

[Fourth- Siu, jolly and ambitious.]

”Hm, they seem okay, but that Ming…sounds like bad news. ” I shut my eyes as I rinsed my hair,

[Fifth- Min mi.]

”Yeah, that one looks evil. ”

[Min mi, malicious and cunning. Has an interest in Hónglián fènghuáng.]

My hands dropped, you have got to be kidding me…

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