throne, now I understood who dressed me up… her dressing was way more revealing.

I struggled to stand up and studied my surroundings, it looked like a palace.

”Who are you and what am I doing here? ”

I looked up to her, her throne was floating far from where I stood,

e in my home lad, Im the Queen of humor and mischief ” she smiled and to be honest I felt my heart twist to how lovely she looked.

”O-okay, your title already sounds scary…what do you want to do with me? Especially after dressing me up like this. ”

I stared down at myself then her

”Oh yes, Im selling you to my subjects. Youd worth a lot…with your fine features. ”

It felt like my soul got cold on hearing her words, her red eyes began to burn bright, she wants to sell me?

”I could taste you now. ” she moaned while licking her finger,

”You-you you
e a human trafficker! Thats a crime! You can do that! ”

I screamed at her, stomping the heel of the boots…my mind began to spin as I imagined those manhwas where fat smelly bald men would want fresh meat like me.

No, I won let her but Im not a match for her I could sense it,

”Hahhahahaha ” she suddenly burst into laughter and it sounded sweet, forget that… we
e in a serious situation, she wiped her tears and looked down at me with mirth dancing in those exceptional ruby eyes.

”That was funny, youll surely be entertaining. ”

”Please ” I pleaded ”Don sell me…I don want to transmigrate again, abeg. ”

”I was joking, remember my name? Mischief haha. Im going to send you to your type of fantasy world, the ones you spend your spare time reading. ”

I gulped and listened attentively

”I want to watch something interesting. You and your dear friend have it in yourselves. ”

So she asked if I wanted to transmigrate because she wants to use me as an entertainer and there I was thinking if I transmigrated I would be the one watching the drama.

I cleared my throat and chose my words wisely, I couldn bear to let her send me to a difficult world.

”Okay Queen, how do you want me to entertain you? ”

”Hm ” she rubbed her chin,

”There is a heartless Crown Prince in the Hóng lóng dàlù, the most powerful state in that world. I want you to find and always have contact with him…lets say win his heart. ”

What?! Hes heartless?

My mind replayed those manhwas where there is an ML that kills women that try to touch or seduce them, she is sending me to die! I looked up to her and studied her smiling face, what if me being killed is what she calls entertainment.

”But I said Im aromantic, I mean you even asked if I was good with men and I said no! You
e sending me to my death?! ”

She pinched her eyebrow and sighed, I took steps back not like I can escape this,

e getting noisy Doll, if I sent you to a man that falls for every lady. That would make it all boring, as I will be forced to watch romantic scenes all the time ugh! ”

”So what you
e saying is me being killed is entertaining? ”

”Doll… ” I felt like she didn want to say more,

”You have to survive and finish the task, its real. That world is real. ”

”So, if he eventually falls for me…what happens to me then? ”

”Maybe then you can have a choice to either stay there or come back home. ”

”I thought you said I could have access to my world? What about my mum? Shell be worried. ”

I pictured her panicking now and not being able to see her again until God knows when Id finish the damn tasks.

”I did say so, but its only a limited time. ”

”How frequent can I do that? ”

”After putting a ring on his finger… ”

*crash tiiiing!*

I heard shattering glasses in my ear,

”Im joking ” she chuckled.

”Anytime you want but Id advice not to do so in anyones view or when you
e in danger. ” she advised

I nodded and closed my eyes, said my prayers before saying the words shed be happy to hear.

”Im ready ” I said as determination burned in my eyes, just pour water itll be out lmao, help…

”Great! Thats what Id like to hear, obedience is the key word ”

She warned as I nodded frantically. She was about to snap her finger when I yelled.

”Wait! ” she stopped and raised a brow,

”Can I change my clothes? Where do I get my clothes, where do I live? I don have a family? How do- ”

”Hush now doll, this clothes fits you well and don think of changing whatever dressing I provide for you. ”

”But theyd think Im a slut, I mean the Prince would think I am! ”

I laughed bitterly staring at my appearance, immediately I felt a gush of wind pour on my face and when I looked up to her I noticed she had snapped those fingers.

”Remember o-b-e-d-i-e-n-c-e ” she spelt it and it sounded distant to my ears it was then I noticed I was falling through blue skies, I screamed in fear.

”No! No! ”

[Listen!] I heard a voice

”What?! ”


”What do you want me to obey?! ”

[Look, when you
e close to the ground say Halt]

I tried hard to open my eyes but the air that came rushing in to my eyes made it hard for me to see, even a tree, I couldn spot.

”I can see?! ”

[Increase vision to Gods eye]

Was it saying it for me or I should say it! I thought but then I remembered what she said obey.

”Increase vision to Gods eye! ”

I yelled not knowing what that would do but immediately I could see clearly and the air wasn affecting me,

I could see trees way down and wondered how far from the ground I was.

Lost in my thoughts I fell into a tree and hit a branch.

*Urgh Cough!*

I groaned on feeling a stabbing pain in my rib as I hit the hard cold branch, still falling, I yelled,

”Halt! ”

I stopped falling and just felt my body stop from hitting the hard surface, what now?

I thought as I wasn able to move.

[Took you long enough]

I heard the voice taunt me,

”My ribs hurt right now, so how do I get down to the ground and stop this floating? What if someone comes? ”

[Just use your words and please stop yelling, say it not yell it.]

”Uh ” I was trying to find a word,

”Drop ” and my body got released from hold and landed on my feet,

I placed my hand on my hurting rib and bent to have a view of the reddened area and muttered,

”Heal. ”

I felt a cooling sensation engulf the pain and felt relieved, with the red mark vanishing.


I sneezed and remembered the dress I had on but I trained on a snow mountain for days, so why am I suddenly sneezing?

”Woah, so cool. ”

[You understand how to use your words then, I guess]

”Maybe… ” I looked around the silent forest and groaned,

”But this isn the Crowned Princes palace, I was sent to the forest. ”

[Find it then]

”Oh really? find it then like I know him or his home. ”

I retorted and waited for response but got none,

I sighed in frustration and decided to take a right turn and hoped to not get lost.

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