A girl about eighteen years of age was running wildly as her large purple curls that reached her waist engulfed her heart shaped face,

she had a Marshmallow brown skin tone that looked soft and succulent to the eye of the watcher and penetrating gold eyes that were watery at the moment,

her moist pink lips were opened wide as she panted for air. She kept twisting her slender alluring figure as she dodged Ninja stars, darts that threatened to stab her skin and a fish net?

Her dressing would make you wonder why a beautiful belly dancer was being chased and sought to being killed or caught,

Yes, a belly dancer thats what youd think on seeing her exposed breast and thighs that were half covered.

She probably ran out of the Hónglián huā kèzhàn where such beauties resided and performed at any time,

Day or night they would attend to you and make you go dizzy with pleasure due to their seductive dancing skills .

Ifes P.O.V

You must be wondering how I ended up in this situation in the first place, running in the woods like a lunatic and dodging flying darts and knives that look like stars, I like stars but not this kind! Do they really think Im a fish? Why the fish nets?!

I am Ife, Id like to emphasize on how pretty I am. I got my light skin texture from my mom shes a Northerner and my dad a Westerner but hes late.


He died when I was just 5 years and left my mom, my older sister and I with his company,

She really didn let him down on this one and made it the biggest company it is today…Ah wait Im deviating from the tale,

Well, Im a pampered princess and leave everyone drooling but my mom flung my ass to the great region where martial arts and other fighting skills are no match for any other mortal at the age of ten,

She didn want me to be a pampered and weak damsel and sent me to the hills, I trained hard and made it out of he den Id say as competition there was very high and youd get bruised if you don fight!

Deviating again!

I was in my room laying on the bed with my mobile phone reading a manhua themed romance with a touch of action, thats what I read to keep myself busy.

Then a random ad popped up on my screen.

”Hey! My account is premium, howd you pop up here?! Im going to retract my review about this app. ”

I grumbled in complaint trying hard to exit the app but it didn budge,

[Tap me to fill a survey for this app]

”A survey ” I like doing surveys as it gave me points, so I decided to open it but instead I came face to face with a woman that was dressed in an ancient apparel,

One an arrogant woman in Eastern fantasy manhuas would wear, her features were very alluring that I felt insecure a little.

She studied my face for a while and placed her slender fingers on her red lips and chuckled,

”Hm, how delicate looking just like a doll. ”

”Are you referring to me? I thought this was supposed to be a survey. ” I frowned slightly,

”It is and you will answer all my questions. ”

”Is that supposed to be an order? You
e working for Cookie Toon right? You
e so cocky, do you want to lose your job? ”

I tried to sound arrogant as possible to show that she wasn intimidating me in the very least, but I wouldn let a person lose their livelihood.

”Well, you have said enough…the first question. Have you ever transmigrated? ”

she asked in a serious tone and held a brush for writing I guessed.

”Its not even possible, no ”

She took notes and I couldn see it

”How good are you with men? ”

My eyes popped out of its socket, what questions are this? Is she a matchmaker? I was confused

”Im too young to date anyone, what is this survey? ”

Her red eyes stared back at me as she remained silent, I felt uncomfortable and sat straight

”Um I haven been in a relationship if thats what you
e insinuating. To top it all Im aromantic. ”

She nodded and took notes again

”Would you like to be the first person to transmigrate into another world? ”

Eh? Is she serious? This must be a joke

”Ha yes. ”

She was about to take notes

”But ”

She stopped writing and stared back

”Yes? ”

”If Im to transmigrate, I don want any harem shit and ladies thatd want me dead. ”

”Oh don worry, youd have access to this world and have special abilities…lets say non-human and benefits but youd have to obey and therell be nooo problem ”

I stared at her smiling face in suspicion and thought of what she had offered me but maybe its a survey? Totally normal one… yeah

”Okay, so when does it happen? ”

”Now ”

”What?! I have to tell my mom first! ”

”Too late ” she grinned and the screen went black,

I stared in fear

Shes gone, so this was a prank after all phew! What a well-acted play,

I thought before tossing my phone on the bed and wearing a hair net to keep my curls and changed into my nighties and flopped back unto my bed and thought back to her questions.

Transmigrating sounds fun though and having special abilities, if I were to transmigrate Id only watch dramas, I giggled.

”Oh yeah, Im going to talk to Natasha Lu about this survey. ”

Strange thing is Natasha said she also filled the survey and it was the same woman that asked questions,

”She asked how good I am with men and I simply said How about we meet in person and have dinner? haha she only smirked and guessed my sexuality Bent! ”

Truth is Natasha isn straight and is a cross dresser, shes smooth with the ladies.

”Did you say yes when she asked if you want to transmigrate? ”

”Heck yeah, Im in for anything exciting thats if its real anyway ” she murmured,

Shes the adventurous type and I the assassin hiding behind a cute appearance like shed say.

”Well, thats cool. Im sure youd be the young fierce lady that leads a great army but is crossdressing as a man in an Eastern Fantasy manhwa ” I chuckled as I watched her face light up in the video call.

”You are right! And women would die to be with me. ”

”Uhun Im sur- ” immediately I felt woozy and strengthened my grip on my phone,

”Ife? Are you okay? ” she asked,

”I- I don feel good, Ill cut the call now. Ill see Mallory now ”

I supported my head with my palm and stood up to meet with my caretaker but the dizziness got worse and I could barely hear Nat speak.

”O…ay, be careful and do…n trip! ”

”Hm ” I muttered and cut the call before losing my balance and fell back on my bed but it didn seem like I landed on it but air.

My eyes snapped open and I was dressed in a revealing garment, would I even call this a garment?

This was way too skimpy, like I was wrapped in threads with my plump boobs half covered with a red silky material, my thighs exposed, and red thigh boots to accompany it.

”Who undressed me? ”

”It really suits you. ”

My eyes snapped to where I heard the voice, I realized I was kneeling and looked up to the same survey woman who sat magnificently on a

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