her back.

Somewhere in S city, a man in black suit reports to an elderly man. ”Sir we
e very close to finding the young heir. After the wreckage, the heir was apparently rescued by a man but he moved his family to B city. We
e now tracking who this man is ”.

The old man stood up from his chair and slowly made his way to the window. He dismissed the man with a wave of his hand.

His lone figure stood there looking at the dark night with a melancholic expression.

At the Lyle house. Mother Nova and Reina prepared dinner together.

”What is your brother doing in his room for long. Since he came home and went to his room, he hasn come out. I hope nothing is wrong with him ” Mother Nova spoke with a worried look.

”Ill go an check up on him ” Reina uttered, Washed her hands and walked away to Axels room.

”Big brother, mother is calling you for dinner ” She called out to him and walked into his room to find a shirtless Axel standing in front of the vanity mirror, struggling to apply healing balm on an injury on his back. On the ground are blood soaked cotton swabs.

Reina eyes widen in shock, ” What happened to you?. How did you get injured ”She asked worriedly. ”Its nothing serious. Don alert mother about this ” Axel replied. His expression nonchalant. ”What do you mean it nothing serious?. You
e bleeding. Sit down and let me help you ”.

Axel nodded and sat down while Reina took charge to help treat his injury. He has a slash wound on the back of his right shoulder. She carefully started to apply first aid.

”What happened?. Who hurt you ”. She continued to question him.

”It was nothing. Just got into a little fight at work. ” he said hoarsely. When he winched with pain, Reina lowered her to gently blow on his wound. Hoping to take away some of the pain. Looking at her gentle expression, pouted lips lips through the vanity mirror, Axel looked at her with overflowing love.

After it was done, he put on his shirt and together they walked out to eat as a family. The next day, Reina was doing the laundry when she an a guest.

”Reina. Reina.. Reina ”. An excited voice called out to her. Reina looked up to find her best friend Julia rushing towards her. She was a beautiful and petite young lady with a blonde hair and exquisite facial features.

” Hey why are you so excited. Calm down and tell me whats happening ”. said Reina.

Panting, Julia nodded, ” I just can contain my excitement. I just found a way for you to make so much money that all your hardships will disappear in the blink of an eye ”.

Seeing her best friend so happy, Reina asked, ” Are you drunk or sick? ”

She stretched out her hand to touch her forehead but Julia slap it away. ”Im not sick dummy ”. She pouted.

”Have you heard of surrogacy? ” She asked. Reina nodded with a confused expression. ”Well. I found out a rich family is looking for someone to be a surrogate mother in exchange for five million dollars as compensation. FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!! ”.

She spoke with a lot of enthusiasm as though she could see so much money materialize in front of her.

Reinas eyes widen in shock, ”Five million dollars!! ”. she exclaimed.

”Yes. Five million and all you have to do is get an artificial insemination done to carry the child. Once its born, youll be free to go on with your life without any trouble. Nobody must know about it and everything is confidential. So convenient right. ”. She spoke with a soft voice.

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