A lavish wedding is being held in a church. The brides look is mediocre but elegant wearing a glamorous white dress while the groom is a very handsome and tall young man.

Surrounding them are high class guests wishing them all the happiness in the world. As the ceremony continues and the priest proclaim, ” If anyone here has a reason why this couple shouldn be tied in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your piece ”.

The couple looked at each other in happy anticipation while a moment of silence reign in the hall. Just as the priest was about to continue, a soft yet sharp voice rang in the hall,

”I don agree ”.

Shocked, everyone turned their heads to see a heavily pregnant young lady with delicate features wearing a floral dress walking down the aisle while being supported by a tall young man.

The guests started murmuring to themselves, wondering whats going on. The bride and groom looked on in confusion.

”Hubby, how can you this to me and our child ”, the young lady spoke sadly with teary eyes as she looked at the groom. The groom eyes widen in horror, pointed at himself and shouted ” Do you know me?! ”.

The bride and everyone else was shocked ” Bitch, how dare you accuse my fiance of being your husband ”, the bride screamed as she angrily charged at the young lady but the young man was ready for her and ruthlessly kicked her away before her claws could touch the young lady. The crowd was in uproar at the scene.

”Bastard, explain this to me ”.

A middle aged man angrily charged at the groom and punched him hard in the face causing him to fall.

”I don want any trouble but this man was my husband and weve been married for two years now. I don know why hes marrying someone else ” The young lady spoke amidst pitiful tears causing others to feel sorry for her.

The bride who was being consoled and supported by her parents looked at her hatefully, ”You
e lying. Weve been together for one year. He will never dare to cheat on me ”,She shouted.

The groom crawled to the bride, fervently begging ” Baby please don listen to them. They
e lying. I don know who they are ”.

”Hubby, please stop lying. We both know the truth. I know the reason why you are doing this ”

The young lady cried but her words caused everyone to pay more attention to her, ”I know you are doing this because you want to sacrifice yourself for our family but I can let you do this. It doesn matter if we don have money, you don need to marry this woman because of her money ”.

Her words caused the bride and her familys face to turn ugly. The bride kicked the groom away from her, ”Get away from me. You bastard ”,she screamed. ”If you don believe me I have evidence here ”. The young lady spoke and signal to the young man beside her. He quickly took out a piece of paper and gave it to the brides father.

The moment he saw the paper, his expression turned even more gloomy and murderous. It

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