… ”If you don mind, I can do belly dancing. ”

It was really not that hard for Zio. He had once performed belly dancing for a mission way back when he was just 16. Up until now, the steps that he had used is still fresh in his mind.

”Are you sure? ” The middle-aged woman asked: her arms crossed over her chest as she gave Zio a scrutizining look. Shes aware that not all people can do belly dancing gracefully and with a pretty man in front of her saying that he can do it; she doesn have any reason to turn it down unless hes lying.

Zio gave a confident nod.

The middle-aged woman looked at the two guards, ”Let him in. I want to see him dance. ”

”B-but— ” the middle aged woman cutted off the blond guards words, ”NO BUTS! ” and immediately pulled Zio inside.

As Zio finally stepped inside the function hall, he had a view of how grand the event that will happen soon. The motif of the upcoming event is black, white and gold, giving a mysterious and elegant vibe all over the place.

The middle-aged woman brought him inside a room full of clothes: some are hanged at the clothing racks while some are scattered all around the place.

”I don know if what you are saying is true or not. So, I want to see how you dance. ” The middle-aged woman said with authority.

Zio looked around the area and towards the hanged clothes.

”Do you mind if I borrow a harem trousers? I don think Ill be able to dance comfortably if Im on my jeans. ” Zio said.

The woman sighed and went closer at the clothing racks. She took out a black harem trousers along with the belt that belly dancers used. It is richly decorated in beads and sequins that it shines whenever the light strucks it.

”Here. You can change at the bathroom. ” She handed the cloth to Zio and pointed towards the door at the back of the room.

As Zio entered the bathroom. He ran his fingers on the smooth texture of the cloth that is made of fine silk. He removed his shoes and started stripping, leaving only his boxer shorts on and quickly put the harem trousers on.

The sound of the clinks and the smooth touch of the cloth on his skin left him feeling much comfortable. He glanced at the bathroom mirror in front of him and saw his reflection, he can deny the fact that hes really sexy.

He went out of the bathroom: topless and barefoot.

The middle-aged woman looked satisfied with Zios body. It was not that big and not that small. His muscles are just the right amount and blends beautifully with how soft his face looks.

”Do you need some music? ” She asked and fished out her phone from her pocket.

Zio nodded before turning his back at the woman. As the music started; he closed his eyes and internalize the beat as memories from the last time that he performed belly dancing played inside his mind.

He slowly raised his hand over his head. His hips swayed according to the beat, enticing the audience while his lower back getting emphasized. The sound of the beads that are hanged at the belt echoed around the four corners of the room with every hip lift. He made an elegant turn and faced the middle-aged woman.

He slightly bent his knees and as he straighten one knee, hes lifting a side of his hip in accordance to what knee he moved.

He lift his left hip twice and his right hip twice alternately, following the beat. At the same time, He placed his hand down; palm facing the floor. He slowly and elegantly put his arms up til it was already on its resting position: spreaded like a relaxed wing and made few elegant soft movements with his fingers.

The middle-aged woman watched him carefully. She felt mesmerize with how graceful the man in front of him moves. With that, she knew, she found a great performer that would not let the excitement of the executives go to waste.

After a couple of minutes watching him dance, she stop the music and clapped her hands.

e really not lying. Youve even exceeded my expectation. ” She said and handed Zio a bottle of water.

Zio doesn need any compliment. He already knew that hes great.

”Though something is lacking. ” With those words, Zio felt his ego suddenly burst. He who is great at anything was lacking something but he did not bother to look really invested on what she is going to say next.

The woman looked at Zios eyes. He got the looks, the body, the graceful movements but he doesn have the feelings.

”Don you think you
e eyes looks a little dead, young man? It doesn have any emotions nor a spark of light in it. It even looks like you
e dancing to kill someone. ” She added seriously and crossed her hand over her chest again.

The assassin knew that he won be able to do something about that. His face, his movements, his words can lie but not his eyes. It was an eye of an assassin who ended several lives: eyes who already sold his soul to the devils.

He put the bottle of water down to the table and wipe the side of his lips with the back of his hand.

”Isn that to your advantage? When dancing something so graceful yet so seductive, don you think having mysterious eyes an additional asset? ” Zio said and looked at the woman straight in her eyes.

The woman felt cold as those pair of dark orbs looked across her own. Her words got caught in her chest. What the man in front of him said was right. Smile can be said that attract others but most often that attraction easily fades. While a mysterious eyes can not only attract others but hunt them as well and make them crave to know more about the holder of those eyes.

”Am I already hired? ” Zio asked.

The woman just nodded her head. She knew that the man in front of him is not just a normal citizen whos trying his best to live in the world that is constantly changing. He looks like the kind of person who would defy the world if he wants.

”Ah. I haven formally introduce my name. Im Senix Gray. My resume is at the HR department tho if you still needed, I can give you a copy. ” Zio said and extended his hand towards the middle-aged woman.

The woman accepted his hand, sealing the deal.

”Im Carol, the head of the performing staffs at ALSS event. Most of the staffs call me madame. ” She said.

Zio smiled. Carol. Hmm.

He went inside the bathroom again to change back to his clothes. After a couple of minutes, he went out holding the harem trousers in a hand.

”So, I hope to see you tomorrow for a quick practice and fitting of costumes. ” Madame said.

Zio nodded and smiled. He gave the trousers back

”You may now go. ” She added.

The assassin went out and walked back to the parking lot. As he reached the parking, two suspicious men talking at the dark area caught his attention.

He quietly went closer and immediately hid behind a car. He attentively listened to what they are talking about.

”I already had a copy of the hotels blueprint. ”

”Good. Is everything already set? ”

”50 percent of it. ”

”Lets finish it quickly. ”

The two men talking turned quiet as they both gave a glance at the car where Zio is hiding.

The sound of the car door opening and closing echoed followed by the sound of a cars engine. The assassin went out of the place where he is hiding and looked at the car that is fading away. He placed his finger on his chin as he think deeply.

”Should I bother myself with that information and follow them? or just let them be? After all I don really understand what they are talking about… ” He mumbled.

After a couple of seconds, he stretched his arms.

”Ahhhh! Why do I even bother. They are not even my targets. All I have to think of now is that Iñigo. ” He murmured and scratched the back of his neck as he walk towards his motorbike.

The next day, he went back to the hotel like what the madame said. She let Zio practiced at the function halls platform to help him familiarize the size of it and maximize his movements. It didn take Zio a couple of hours to be able to master the other movements that madame Carol taught him. After that, the old woman from the HR department took his measurements once again for the costume.

It was a long day for Zio that he totally forgot about the suspicious men from yesterday. As he was about to go home, a voice that is coming from the entrance stopped him.

”What do you think, Sir? ” The secretary named Felix. asked. Zio already had basic informations about the people surrounding his target and as far as he can remember he is one of his trusted subordinate.

Zio immediately hid himself at the back of the piled up empty boxes at the corner and silently watch Iñigo who is scanning the area.

”Hmm. Good. ” He said and turned his back.

Iñigos phone suddenly rang, stopping him from going out. He signaled his hands for the people around him to move out of his way as walked closer to the corner where boxes can be seen and where Zio is hiding.

”Have you checked the CCTV?… Mn… Hes wearing a black mask… Ah. Thats all I can remember… Mn… What about the other near establishment… ” Zio heared Iñigo said to whom he is talking with at the other line.

The assassin cannot understand what his target is talking about. He slowly tried to move closer to Iñigo, trying to at least be able to hear what was being said on the other line. A small rat suddenly ran towards him making him flinch and accidentally bumped at the boxes.

”Ill talk to you again later. ” Iñigo immediately ended the call and looked suspiciously at the boxes.

”Whos there? ”

The assassin can helped but to be amazed at how manly his targets voice is.

Zio covered his mouth with a hand. He knew that if Iñigo found out that hes eaves dropping at his phone conversation, that will blow up his plan of getting his targets trust and that will be a failure— he haven even made a move yet!

Iñigo was about to walked around and looked at whats behind the boxes when his secretary called him.

”Sir Alessio! Sir! ”

He turned his head, looking annoyed.

”What?! ”

”The directors are already at the meeting room waiting for you, Sir. ” Felix said while looking down at the floor.

Iñigo looked at the boxes once more before walking out of the hall.

Zio sighed. He was saved.

He went out of the corner and brushed the dust that was on his jeans. His target is looking for someone. Even if Zio wants to knew who is he looking for, the information he heard is too limited.

He immediately went home and prepared for the corporate event that will happen the next day and the plan that he will execute.


The next day, he went at the events hall at exactly 5 pm, three hours before it starts, to make a final touch on his performance and put his costume on.

Madame Carol looked at Zio from head to toe with a wide smile on his face.

”It really suits you. I never knew that a man can be this handsome and pretty at the same time. ” Zio knows, everyone often says that to him.

Zio went in front of a whole body mirror and looked at his reflection. The combination of turquoise blue and black complimented with his pale white skin. The turquoise blue harem trousers that he is wearing has a elegant black swirls and fake diamonds that are glued on it, the same with the fitted sleeveless croptop hes wearing. The clothes really emphasize his buttocks, small waist and slender arms.

He looked at intricate embroidery design of the belt he os wearing. It is made of golden colored threads adding beauty to the overall look of the clothes. He let his index finger run on the beads, sequins, crystal and coins that are hanging on the belt that he is wearing, it created a small clink sounds.

Of course, his clothes will not be complete without jewelries adding more in him. A broad collar necklace that is giving a fine touch on his slender neck and a gold-colored cuff bracelet on both of his wrist.

”Hmm. Not bad. ” Zio mumbled.

Madame Carol went closer and handed Zio a black tulle net cloth that has fancy jewelries attached on it. The assassin already knew what it is for and immediately put it on his face, covering the lower half of it.

”Perfect! ” Madame applaud. Though Zio doesn care cause he already knows he is.

As the time for the event slowly draws nearer, Zio peeked out of the back of the platform where the room for the entertainers is. The event hall is already starting to be filled with people wearing fancy dress and elegant suits that they almost made him blind.

He scanned the area looking for his target but instead of seeing who he needs to see, he saw something suspicious. It was the two fishy men from the parking lot. He put on the cloth that will be used to cover the half of his face and looked back inside, as he saw Madame Carol busily attending with the other performers, he sneakily went out and followed them.

”Have you placed the bombs where it should be? ” Asked the person with a rose tattoo on his neck and curly hair.

”Mn. ” The one with a semi-bald hair answered.

The two went out of the events hall like nothing happened.

Zios eyes turned sharper as he immediately scanned the area, looking for the bombs they are talking about while mentally cursing himself for accepting this kind of job.

Hes an assassin. He kills. But in this mission, he needs to protect his target but at the same time do harm to him.

He walked around the events hall barefoot. After a couple of minutes of walking around, he found the first bomb at the back of a big elegant vase near the platform. Luckily, he already had the knowledge on different kinds of bombs that he was able to immediately disarmed it.

Zio was about to go and look for the other bombs when the lights suddenly turned off and the only light that was left is at the platform. The sound of a round of applause echoed the whole room as Iñigo who looks bored along with a man who holds a mic went up the platform.

Iñigo looked around, his eyes stopped when he saw a familiar pair of cold and lifeless eyes.

Found ya. He said to himself.

The man holding the mic started talking but Zios attention wasn on it. A pair of malicious eyes is looking straight at him with amusement.

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