Rules are the shackles that assassins bring until the end of their life. Even if they chose to retire, those shackles will never be removed.

As an assassin: First, they are not allowed to have neither a connection with their family nor create their own family; giving them the only choice of being alone until the end of their lives.

Second, the assassins are not allowed to abandon their mission once they already signed the contract, unless the client cancelled it. It is also stated that the assassin cannot accept a new contract until the previous mission is already fulfilled. Termination of contract and indefinite suspension will be given to the assassins who are not dedicated to the mission they accepted and chose to disobey the said rule.

Third and last rule states that none of them can be romantically attached to their clients and specially to their TARGETS, unless the mission requires them to be. If the assassin already completed his tasks, those intimate connection will be forcefully terminated; if the assassin failed to do so, he/she will be subjected to a severe punishment.

Those are the three golden rules of the GAO which was also created by the late founder.

Since the organization was founded, only two assassins were able to bravely disobey those rules. Both of them disobeyed the same rule, THE THIRD RULE. The two unnamed assassins fell in love with their target and failed to fulfill the mission that was given to them.

When the GAOs higher-ups knew about it, they ordered the most severe punishment that they can give to the two assassin— which is DEATH.

It is said that, Disobeying the third rule would also mean you are disobeying all the rules.


… Zio immediately gathered information about the ALSS corporate event that will happen in just a couple of days at August, a well-known five-star hotel and resort.

The said event will be a product launching of their new mobile device that will soon be out in the market. A teaser for the new device had already been making a buzz in the social medias for its out of this world features; making it one of this years anticipated event.

Aside from it being a launching event, it will also be a gathering of high-class personalities: medias, influencers, investors and politicians. Thus, safety procedures before entering and the security around the area will be tighter.

Zios thoughts were disrupted when his phone rang. An unregistered number called him. He quickly picked it up.

[Hello. Is this Mr. Senix Gray?] A female voice asked.

”Yes. Whos this? ”

[This is from the August hotel and resort. We would like to inform you that we have received and checked your resume… We are gladly inviting you for an interview at the HR department today at 1 pm. We hope to see you there.]

A smirk crossed Zios face.

”Thank you. Ill be there. ” He answered and the call ended.

Zio stared at his phone for a second before standing up and walking towards the bathroom. Senix. Senix. Luckily, its easy to create fake documents.

After a couple of hours, he finally arrived at the hotels front desk. Hes wearing a white long sleeve polo with its sleeves folded up to his elbow and is neatly tucked in his black skinny jeans partnered with a pair of black shoes.

The lady receptionist blushed after seeing him and shyly said, ”What can I do for you, Sir. ”

Zio glanced around the lobby before looking back at her and answering.

”Im here for an interview. They said that I should go to the HR department but I don know where it is. ” He said.

The lady shyly tucked her hair behind her ears and smiled.

”The… The HR is right beside the fire exit… Just go straight and turn to the left and youll see a… a sign pointing where the fire exit is… Thats where the HR office is. ” The lady said shyly.

”Ah. Thank you. ” Zio answered. He was about to walk away when the woman extended her hand.

”By the way… I-Im Mina. ” She said.

Zio looked at her face and down at her hand before ignoring her and walking towards the direction she said. The woman was left embarrased.

Assassins are not allowed to be distracted when they are in their mission. Their whole attention should be focused on their plan and their target; avoiding any interruption along the way.

When he finally reached the HR office, Zio knocked twice.

”Come in. ” An old mans voice from the inside said.

Zio twisted the knob and pushed the door open. The old bald man whos sitting behind the table looked at him from head to toe pervertly. He motioned his withered hand, signalling Zio to come closer. By the looks of it, he must be the HR officer.

”Im here for an interview. ” Zio said and sat at the chair in front of the old mans table.

”So, you are Mr. Senix Gray? ” The old man asked while flipping the pages of a folder; trying to impose superiority over Zio.

”Yes. ” Zio answered while sneakily checking the surrounding. Being an assassin, they are trained to be alert of their environment all the time. From up the ceiling, down to the floor: everything should be check.

His attention got caught by a couple of wine bottles at the shelf behind the old man. A faint reflection of the computer monitor can be seen on the glass of the shelf: It was an image of a naked young man kneeling in front of a naked man. Zios eyes turned sharper. By looking at it intently, you will notice that it was a video that was paused— a p*rn*graphy video.

”You know what? You look pretty for a man. ” The old man complimented him.

Zio faked a smile, his eyes remained sharp.

e not actually short in staffs. But if you want I can squeeze you in at the group of entertainers. There will be a certain big event that will happen at our hotel and they are looking for dancers. ” The old man put the folder down and looked at Zio mischievously.

”Do you know how to dance? ” The old man asked.

”Im good at it. ” Zio answered monotonely. He can sing, dance, act; he can do anything that his job requires him to do.

The old man clapped his hands enthusiastically: ”Perfect! Perfect! Can you stand up for me? ”

Zio followed him obediently.

Compared to Zios height, the pervert old man stood quite shorter. He started walking around the young man while checking him out. Zio eyed the old mans big stomach, his buttons trying their best to keep the polo closed.

”Hmm… ” The old man mumbled with his index finger on his chin as he looked down at Zios behind. His hand suddenly travelled down towards Zios peach and gently squeeze it. A perverted smile appeared on his face.

Zio remained looking unbothered on the outside but deep inside hes already thinking of different ways on how to end the old mans disgusting life.

”Aside from being pretty for a man, you
e also sexy, huh? ”

The old man picked up his telephone and dialed someone.

”Hello. Theres an applicant here at my office. Yes… Yes… Just take his measurements here… Thats alright. ” The old man said and put the phone down.

”Someone will come here to take your measurements to see if you will fit on the dancers costumes. Im afraid you need to take off your clothes. Is that alright with you? ”

Zios eyes turned cold for a second, his murderous intents seeping out from his dark orbs.

The old man swallowed and looked away as he felt a sudden intimidation towards the younger. He set aside that feeling and reminded himself that hes just an applicant and hes still superior than him.

”Yes. ” Zio answered and faked a smile.

A sudden knock on the door caught the old mans attention.

”Come in. ” He said. An old woman holding a measuring tape and small notebook went it. She looked at the old man with a frown on her face before looking down at the floor. Zio noticed that she was just being forced on doing this.

”Take his measurements. ” The old man ordered.

The old woman nodded and shifted his eyes towards Zio. She looked at him with her eyes saying how sorry she is.

Zio sighed. I guess I have no choice.

He started to slowly unbuttoned his polo while looking at the old man enticingly. The bald pervert can helped but to feel impatient as he looked at every button that is being slowly removed.

Zios right cherry slowly peeked out as the right part of the polo slowly slips from his shoulder. Zio gracefully ran his slender index finger on his bud. He looks so gorgeous like a perfect painting that was made by talented hands.

”Am I already hired? ” Zio asked seductively as he saw the attention of the old man being drawn to his body. The old woman was left confused with what he is doing.

The old man whos already drooling at Zios teasing answered, ”Yes. You
e hired. ”

The HR officers head is already full of dirty thoughts that he just answered without looking away at Zios chest.

Zio glanced for a second at the CCTV that is placed at the corner of the ceiling. He quickly removed his polo, showing his chest, his abs and small waist.

The old woman started to take his measurement while the old and bald HR officer started to feast with his upper body. After the measuring of his upper body was already done, the old woman turned her back as she jot down the measurements. Zio, who was still topless, used that as a chance to walked towards the old man that is standing beside his table near the CCTV.

The old man looked at Zio, expectantly.

Zio tossed his white polo towards the CCTV, blocking them from the view. Without breaking his eye contact with the HR officer; he swiftly moved his hand and hit the nape of the old man with the side of his palm.

Zio caught his polo before it can even reach the floor as the old man fell unconscious.

When the old woman looked back, the officer is already lying helplessly at the ground.

”Help! He passed out. ” Zio acted concern but his eyes cannot hide the fact that he is laughing deep inside.

The old woman immediately ran towards them and checked the HR officers condition while Zio just put on his polo again.

”He said that Im already hired, right? ” Zio asked the old woman.

She just nodded, still oblivious of what happened.

”Where can I find the other performers? ” Zio asked again.

”They are at the largest function hall where the ALSS event will be held. ” She answered.

Zio smiled and bowed his head, ”Thank you. ”

”Hell definitely have a stiff neck when he wakes up. Ha! He deserve something more than that. That bastard deserves his cck to be cut. ” He murmured as he started to button up his polo and went out of the door.

He climbed up at the grand stairs of the hotel as he scanned the area looking for the function hall. He was about to turn left when he went across two men carrying heavy metals. Zios eyes landed at the I.Ds they are wearing and saw the logo of the ALSS company. He quietly followed them behind til they reach a large closed door that is guarded by two men wearing black suits.

The two guards carefully checked the metals that they are carrying before letting them inside. Zio sighed as he tried to blend in along with the two staffs but his clothes exposed him.

The arms of the guard immediately block his way as the door started to close.

”Who are you? ” The guard with a blond hair asked.

Zio glanced at the closing door.

”I… Im a newly hired performer. ” Zio answered and tried to push the guards arm that is blocking his way.

The two guards looked at each other. Zio glanced at the second guard that has a darker skin.

”Did they inform you that a new performer will be added to the line-up? ” The blond asked the brunet.

”No. ” He answered.

The blond guard looked at Zio seriously.

”Im sorry but we cannot allow you to enter. No one informed us about your arrival. ” He said.

Zio mentally cursed the pervert HR officer a hundred times. If that bastard did not passed out then someone would inform them— oh. right. I was the one who put him to sleep.

”Im telling the truth. I just got hired earlier. The pervert— I mean the HR officer passed out earlier. Maybe, thats why no one had informed you yet. ” Zio tried his luck once again.

The brunet spoke politely yet austerely, ”We already told you. We cannot let you enter until someone inform us. If you want, you can go back to the HR department and ask them to assist you. ”

Zio wished that he could just beat them out of the way. If he can go back to the HR department, he had already done.

The assassin was already on the verge of pushing his way in forcefully when the large door suddenly opened, revealing a frowning middle-aged woman that is angrily talking at the phone.

”WHATS THIS? WHY ARE YOU BLOCKING THE WAY? ” She yelled at the guards and put her phone down.

The three males eyes grew wide as they saw a dragon at a womans clothing.

”T-this man says that hes a newly hired performer but we cannot let him in because no one informed us. ” The brunet stammered, still shocked.

The woman frowned. The heavy eyelashes shes wearing added to her strong aura as he looked at Zio from head to toe.

e a pretty boy but we
e not looking for male performers. You can go now. ” The woman said and raised her left eyebrow.

Zio rolled his eyes and started to think of any other good reason to be able to participate at the event and get close to his target.

”Madame! Madame! ” A man shouted a couple of meters away while running towards them. Zio, the guards and the middle-aged womans attention was caught by him.

e late! Where is she? ” The middle-aged woman angrily asked. The man stopped in front of him: soaked in sweat, looking stressed and depressed.

”She won … be able to make it… An accident happened… Shes now currently… confined at the hospital. ” The man said in between his pants while trying to catch his breath.

”WHAT?! ” The madame shouted that broke the eardrums of the people around him, including Zio.

The assassin can helped but to roll his eyes.

”This can be! The event will be held in just a couple of days. We can just remove the belly dancing performance. The executives are already anticipating it. ” The middle-aged woman held her head as the sudden stressful situation hit her.

Zio smirked. Belly dancing? Executives?

”Excuse me. ” Zio tried to catch their attention.

The middle-aged woman, the man soaked in sweat and the guards looked at him questioningly.

”If you don mind, I can do belly dancing. ”

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