The Great Assassination Organization (GAO) that Zio was under is a big organization that has a lot of hidden headquarters around the globe. Since they are a widely-known organization, they prioritize how good and clean an assassin can finish their mission, avoiding even a little miscues that can cause for their trusted organization to be tainted. As a result, the late founder made a qualifications for the assassins to be hired which is still used up to the present.

As an assassin, one must possess a pretty and attractive face along with a good body build that can capture the eyes of their target; specially if their mission is about making their target fall for them. Also as an assassin, they are also required to have various of talents whether on stage or in bed— the best entertainer to be exact.

Aside from those given quallities, to be an assassin also requires to be sexually attracted to people of any gender. In view of the fact that targets varies from heterosexuals (male and female), bisexuals (attracted to both gender), lesbians (attracted only to females), gays (attracted only to males), and transgender (persons that had transitions or fully identified themselves as the opposite of the sex that they had from birth.)

Sometimes, other than killing, assassins are also having missions that requires them to: sleep with their target, live with their target and to act in love with their target.Thus, in addition to being pansexual, being romantically attracted to people of any gender and regardless of their age or panromantic is also required.

Those qualities are the most important qualification an assassin must possess. No matter how good you are at combat or how intelligent you are, if you fail to have those qualities, you still won be able to be an assassin. Other than those, everything can be learned as the organization will prepare the qualified new assassins for their first tasks.

For the organization, Zio is one of the perfect assassins that they were able to produce. He has the beautiful looks that can turn the heads of any gender. A brain that easily calculates and formulates different posibilities while trying to create a solution. And physical strength that was a product of hard trainings.


… ”Did you bit your tongue? ” Iñigo asked sarcastically. A devilish smile appeared on his face as he combed his messed up hair using his fingers.

Zio just continued staring at the man, analyzing him. Luckily, he had a mask on. Based on how he talk towards the woman earlier, he can say that Iñigo has a short-temper and easily lose interest in anything. If he move right now without creating a plan first; the chances of getting closer to him will be low. But if he just run away, he will look like a coward. Zio find it hard to choose because either way, both options doesn sound good.

He glanced at the back door of the bar and saw the guard watching them intently.

”Im talking to you. ” Iñigo said with full of authority and started to walk closer to him.

Zio looked back at Iñigo. He felt the rush. He doesn have anything to choose aside from the only two options he has. At this point running is the only good choice, after all he never really intended to meet his target face to face but to only watch him from a far and list down all his traits and mannerism. And even though his ego cannot accept the fact that he needs to run, he has no choice. He took a step back before turning and running towards where his motorbike was parked. How shameful it is to see an assassin running away from his target.

Iñigo scoffed and just looked at the fading figure of the mans back. He was not able to see his face yet he was really curious about those dead beautiful eyes, its a pity if he turned out ugly. He walked back inside his car and started the engine. He needs to relieve the excitement that he suddenly felt.

When Zio finally reached his motorbike, he quickly drove home. For now, aside from a couple of traits, he knew that there was something off on that man. He stopped in front of the nearest convenience store at his home and parked his motorbike.

As he entered, the sound of chimes that was hanged on top of the glass door echoed.

”Welcome. ” The familiar male cashier greeted him with a smile.

”Hi. ” Zio greeted without looking at him and walked straight to the stand where the cup noodles are placed.

As he went back to the counter along with the 3 cup noodles, the cashier smiled again at him.

”Isn it already too late at night? I almost thought that you
e not going to buy cup noodles here today. ” The cashier asked and scanned the cups barcode. It was a traditon; eating cup noodles as a midnight snack.

”Uh… ” Whats his name again?

Zio slightly squinched his eyes while trying to recall the name of the man in front of him. Rick?… Kick?…Dck?

”Dck!—– I mean, Nick. I had a work to do today so I went home late. ” He said and placed his payment at the counter after seeing the total amount.

Nick laughed. His eyes vanished. Perks of being a half-korean… or chinese?

Its been already half a year since he move to his apartment and half a year since he first bought his first cup noodles in Nicks convenience store. He was already accustomed to having a little chat with the cashier though at first he kept on ignoring him. Nick is like mosquito flying near your ear, too bothersome.

”Why do you always forget my name? ” He asked. Nick gently shook his head and chuckled.

Zio just looked at him and took the small paper bag with his cup noodles inside. Because you
e not a target.

”Thanks. Ill be going now. ” He said monotonely and turned his back.

”Good night. ” The cashier said enthusiastically while waving his hand.

When he reached home, he changed his clothes to pajamas and immediately pinned the profile of his new target at the small bulletin board in his sala. He sat on the sofa while stirring his noodles using his chopsticks (that is only used when hes eating noodles).

He stared at the photo attached on the paper.

”Hes a hot-headed womanizer. ” Zio mumbled and started slurping his hot noodles with a serious face.

To be able to get closer to him and do what he needs to do, he needs to be his only lover yet coming up with a plan of flirting him will be no good if hes not into men. Using the information he has now, he can still be sure if hes a straight or a bisexual, giving him atleast a 50 percent chance of succeeding.

He yawned.

Whatever his sexuality is, he needs to earn his trust first; the sooner the better.

He put down the empty cup on the small table and stretched his arms. I can wait to start my lifetime vacation!

The next day, his schedule is to silently follow Mr. Alessio: starting early in the morning where he stops by at a famous coffee shop to have his favorite black brewed coffee, inside the mall as he pay a small visit towards a small bookstore, until he finally reach his company building. Zio noticed how different he is in the broad daylight compared to last night. The whole morning, Iñigo didn even smile a bit: he just looked like hes bored.

Zio stayed at the small coffee shop in front of Iñigos company building. He looked around the area. It was an aesthetically pleasing place to relax after office hours, with a tri-color motif: oak, white and gray.

”Mr. Zio. ” The lady at the counter called his name. He went closer and took his cappuccino before coming back to his table, sitting at the wooden chair that is facing the doorway.

He scrolled throughout his contacts, looking for a certain person that is also working for the organization named Tyler. Hes specialty is digging deeper information regarding ones target: like their schedule, bank transfers and even does phone tappings. Same with the lady at the headquarters waiting area that keeps the confidential files; Tyler is also one of the reliable people that has the trust of most assassins when it comes to their targets information. What differentiate them is that Tyler doesn do his service for free even if he has a salary. He took a sip in his coffee without averting his eyes off the phone.

”Excuse me, may I sit here? ” A womans voice asked. Her voice is as soft like a cotton. Zio nodded. He did not bother to look at her but remained alert in case she was an enemy.

When he finally found the number that he was looking for, he stood up. He took his coffee along with him and walked towards the door. He was only able to make a couple of step when he heard the woman chuckled.

He stopped for a second and gave her a side glance. Zio was not able to see her face since he was already behind her. She has a silky straight hair. Her skin is as white as a pearl. Zio noticed how sophisticated the ladys candle-like fingers hugged the cup of coffee. Her jewelries, her high-end clothes, her sitting posture: shows what kind of lifestyle she is having.

”Good luck. ” The woman said. So, its her.

Zio ignored her. He continued walking and quietly went out of the café. He did not even bother himself to see the womans face; the woman is his employer and not his target. Zios interest now only revolves around Mr. Alessio.

He finished his coffee first and threw it out at the nearby trashcan before walking towards the parking.

Zio connected his bluetooth headset to his phone before putting on his helmet and riding his motorbike. He dialed Tylers number. It took a couple of rings before it was picked up.

He put his key in the ignition switch of his motorbike and started the engine. Smoke was emitted from the exhaust pipe of the motorbike.


”Zio. ” He answered.

The tires screeched on the road as he drove it out of the parking.

[Oh. Its you. How are you doing? I thought you already filed a retirement? I even cried when you told me that!]

Zio smirked. Tyler will always be full of energy.

”It was just delayed because of a mission. Your tears aren wasted. ” He turned left.

[Psh. You
e still in demand, huh? Is that because of your looks? Im envious!]

Zio laughed.

”Enough with the pleasantries. I need information regarding the schedule of my target. ” He cutted the sweet talks and went directly to what he needs.

[U-huh. Name and at what day?]

”Iñigo Alessio, this whole week. ” He answered as he turned the motorbike to the right.

[You mean? That young CEO? This is shocking. What kind of scandal could it be?]

Zio rolled his eyes.

”Cmon. I need it right away. Ill be there in an hour. ” He said.

[Don worry. This will be done before you could even get here. HAHAHAHA. Don forget the money!] And then the call ended.

After almost an hour of driving, he finally reached Tylers place. It was an old apartment building at the back of a public market. He still can think of any reason why his friend chooses to live in a run-down building. He went up and knocked at Tylers door.

”Password. ” A male voice from the inside said.

”What password? Open the door or Ill blow this up. ” Zio threatened.

The man inside laughed and opened the door.

”Welcome. ” Tyler greeted.

Zio entered and immediately sat down at the sofa while looking around the house.

”You bought a new computer? ” Zio asked when he saw an additional monitor and CPU at the corner.

Tyler adjusted his glasses and scratched his cheek.

Zio looked at him from his head to toe. Hes not wearing slippers and he looks like he haven taken a bath since yesterday. He gently shook his head. He knew that he was not the only one who go and ask Tylers help.

”I got tempted. Its the latest model so… ” Zio already knew, Tyler is a computer freak.

”Oh right— the schedule. ”

Tyler sat at his gaming chair in front of his working desk and typed something. The sound of the printer working echoed in the four corners of the room. Tyler pushed his chair towards the printers direction and took out the documents. He looked at it for a second before standing and handing it to Zio.

”His schedule is kinda tight. It must be hard handling a big company at such a young age. ” Tyler said and yawned.

Zio took out his phone and transferred 10 thousand dollars at the computer freaks account. As Tyler saw his notification, he smiled widely.

”Thats ma man! ” He said and playfully punch Zios shoulder.

”You know the rules. ” Zio said as he stood up.

”I know. I know. Even though Im not working on field, Im still an assassin. Whatever information that was shared inside this room will remain inside. Argh. ” Tyler said uninterestedly.

”Im just reminding you. We
e friends but we
e also assassins. Ill be going, now. ” Zio said coldly and went out.

Tyler sighed.

Being an assassin is really hard; Its an unspoken rule not to trust anyone other than yourself. And both the men knew it but even so they still cherish each other as friends.

After getting what he needs, Zio went back to following Iñigo behind all throughout the day but still was not able to gather the information he needs. He only learned that, Iñigo is a stoic person and mostly go around with only his driver with him.

As the day end, Zio went home. He realized that it was futile to follow Iñigo around because even if you tail at him all day and night, you won learn anything.You will just be a witness to his dirty doings.

He pinned Iñigos schedule at his bulletin board beside the profile information. Most of the things his target must attend to for this week are meetings that are either inside the company or abroad. Zio scanned the list thoroughly and stopped as he saw something interesting.

A corporal event that will be organized by ALSS Co. which will be held couple of days from now.

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