”Didn I told you that I already filed a retirement form at the head office? ” Zio said to the lady on the other line. He sat up from his bed and scratched his head angrily. It was already dark outside and he was already about to sleep when he was disrupted by a call.

[We know. But this woman insists that he wants it to be you. The heads wants to see you now.] Said on the other line.

”Fine. ” He answered.

He pressed the end button, annoyed with what is happening. After 10 years of being in service, he had finally decided to take his leave and just be a normal citizen and enjoy his life. This was the first time that he had made a decision for his self, only to be blocked by a sudden mission. Is fate really testing my patience?

He quickly changed his clothes, put on his shoes and went out of his apartment. Using his motorbike, he was able to reach the headquarters in no time. As he entered, a bouncer stopped him. Zio can help but to roll his eyes and take his identification card out. When the bouncer saw it, he quickly moved out of his way.

”The security is so tight, as if someone would try and invade a place as dangerous as this. ” He murmured.

He knocked at the door twice. It was just a small old office that one might even mistaken it to be a law firm based on how old the small building is.

As the door opened. Zio went inside and sat on the long gray leather sofa, where assassins wait before being called inside by the clients.

Zio gave a side glance at the teenage boy beside him whos busy cleaning the lenses of his camera. The boy felt the eyes that are directed to him. He breathed slowly waiting for the man beside him to move.

Zio scratched his cheek, which became a signal for the attack to started. Guns are prohibited to be used inside the premises thats why they only took out their small knives. Before the teenage boy could even reach his neck, the tip of Zios knife was already a centimeter away from the teenagers right eye.

They both laughed and put their knives away.

”Its as if you
e getting much stronger everytime we go across each other. I can still beat your quickness. ” The teenage boy said.

Zio nodded while laughing.

”It takes a lot of practice and experience, Ken. ”

A lady wearing a white blouse and a black pencil cut skirt went in and looked at Zio.

”Mr. Zio, the client is waiting for you at room 003. Please follow me. ” the lady said and opened the door towards the VIP rooms. Zio gave a playful little salute to the teenage boy and quickly followed the lady.

They walked quietly along the narrow way. It was a small and dark passageway connecting to the building at the back which is a small motel. They stopped in front of a door with a gold plated tag that says 003. The lady opened the door and motioned her hand, signalling Zio to come in.

Zio went inside and saw a small table and chair. For the last years that hes working for the organization, he had been inside every room and everytime there is a new client, its design changes according to their liking.

This time, the client that he has, only left a small table and a chair infront of a curtain where a silhoutte of a woman is visible.

”Please, take a sit. ” The womans soft voice instructed. It was so soft like an angel that you will not suspect her to be making a contract with devils.

Zio pulled the chair and sat. He saw a folder that was placed on the table.

He flipped it and started reading what was written inside.

”Do you mind if I ask? ” Zio asked and looked at the silhoutte.

”So, this man that the contract is saying… Your husband? Boyfriend? A cheater? ” Most rich women that went to them from all around the globe are either got cheated on or has some other motives and most of the time, it was about money. Provoking rich people is really dangerous.

”Its none of your business. ” Woah! What a mouth.

As Zio continued to read the contract, a certain clause stopped him.

”Whats this? You want me to have his heart? Is this about love? Is he even gay? And without killing him? ” That was the most absurd rule that was given to an assassin like him whos specialty is killing, isn it ironic? And its a man that the contract is talking about. He was not even sure whether that man is a gay or what.

”Whether he is attracted to men or not, is not my problem. Isn it assassins job to cater their clients requests no matter how impossible it is? They said that its also possible for assassins to make their target go crazy? I want that. ” The client stated.

Zio can understand the womans logic. He wants him alive but at the same time wants him to live like a dead. For Zio, being unable to think on your own and just act without any direction to go is like dying. You
e just breathing but you
e no longer your self.

Actually, this kind of requests really happens but in discreet. Not all client has a privilege to know about it unless they are a VVIP. For the past 10 years of being an assassin this was the first time that he had this kind of instructions.

Most of the time, the heads are the ones who chooses the assassins whos going to do this kind of requests. The heads knew that Zios specialty is quick killing and not torturing. Thats why he was never chosen to do that kind of job.

”May I know why you requested me? If you don answer it, I might fail do what you want. ” Zio asked seriously.

The woman turned quiet for a second before speaking.

”Your face… ”

Zio grew confused. Whats wrong with my face?

”You resembles the first girl he loved. ” With that answer, multiple ideas ran around Zios head. First, there is a big chance that this woman is in love with the man on the contract or at least has a deep connection on him to knew this kinds of information. Second, The man on the contract probably did not treat him right because of that lost love causing him to be as ruthless as she is now. Third… The third possibility may cancel out the first two posibilities since they are connected to each other. The third possibility can be about money.

Zio looked at the profile of his new target.

Name: Iñigo Javier Alessio

Age: 32 years old

Birthday: August 5, 1990

Blood type: Type O-

Height: 190 cm.

Hes 6 feet and 2 inches tall? At least 10 cm taller than me.

He looked at the picture that is attached to the file. He has a handsome face. A strong aura can be felt even just from a single photo. He has a beautiful hazel nut eyes. He has a well-defined jaw and a beautifully shaped red lips. Zio will not be surprised if it turned out that the target hes after is a playboy.

He scanned the informations til he found what he wants, the persons financial background. An owner of a large electronic company… At such a young age, huh? Hmm.

”Okay. ” Zio said and closed the folder.

”Ill accept this. ” He added and signed the contract.

It was stated that the payment for the mission will be 8 million dollars. Not bad. After having that amount of money, he will be able to live a peaceful life without working til the end of his life.

The woman behind the curtain stood up. The sound of the chair screeching on the floor rang inside Zios head.

”With that being said, half of the payment will now be sent to your account while the other half will be given once you completed the mission. Bring him to me whole and unscathed ” The woman said and went out through the other door.

Zios phone vibrated. He fished it out his pocket and saw a new notification that just arrived. As he opened it, his mouth hanged open.

[From: ********

$4,000,000 just recently trasferred to your account. Your current balance is *******.]

Wow. They move so fast!

His eyes turned into dollar signs as he dreamed of bathing in a bath tub full of money. He gently shook his head. Ah. Enough of daydreaming!

He put back his phone inside his pocket as he stood up. Time to make up a plan!

He left the contract on the table and just took the page where the information regarding his target was stated. The lady from earlier went inside to collect the folders. She was the one in charge of keeping all the files between the client and the assassin safe.

Aside from personal informations, financial background information, and other common informations that are often stated, there is also informations regarding all the places where he frequently goes making it easier for Zio to know where he can find that Iñigo.

First stop was a famous bar at the center of the city where Iñigo often spends the night. It was 1 and a half hour drive away from their head quarters.

The Kings Bar is one of the famous pubs around the country which is also labeled as the den of rich predators that are trying to go wild. Regular people are not allowed to enter without access. Those access are only given to those rich personalities who are powerful enough in the society, inshort it was only for those who are super freaking rich.

Zio knew that he won be able to went inside. Which only leaves him to a single option, to trespass. He quickly parked his motorbike half a kilometer away from the bar and walked towards where the back door is. As he went closer, he saw a guard standing in front of the small door. He put on a black face mask to cover his face.

He quickly hid behind the nearest car after seeing that the guard was about to look at his way. Luckily, there was a parked car near him or else he will be caught. Just as he was about to move and go closer to the guard, the car suddenly moved like it was being hit by an earthquake.

Zios eyes grew wide because of shock. He thought that it was just parked there, who knew that there are people inside doing nasty things.

Zio took a step back and was about to move away when the car door suddenly opened— revealing a topless man with a naked woman sitting on his lap.

Zio and the womans eyes grew wide.

”Ahhh! Why did you suddenly opened the door, babe? ” The woman shrieked and tried to cover her body without standing on the mans lap. Zio almost wanted to vomit, right there and then.

”What do you think are you doing? Standing like a fool beside my car? Are you a paparazzi? ” The man said.

Zio cannot see his face clearly because half of it was blocked by the hair of the naked woman.

Me? A paparazzi?

Zio smiled, ”Im sorry for unknowingly disturbing the both of you but Im not a paparazzi and will never be. Now, if you may excuse me. ” He said.

The woman glared at him which he just answered with a smirk.

”Nice as*. ” He said and walked away.

He heard the woman shouted angrily towards the man she is with.

”B-babe! That man just— just— harassed me! ” The woman said, her voice broke down like she is about to cry.

Harassed? Thats harsh! I even complimented her.

He was about to continue doing what he needs to do when he heard the man speak.

”How many times should I tell you not to call me babe. Tsk. Annoying! Stop those fake tears and that act like you
e a freakin vrgn. Get lost! I already lose interest in you! ”

Zio can helped but to feel pity towards the woman who came out of the car crying. When she saw him, she raised her middle finger.

The pity that he had turned to annoyance. Psh! She deserves it.

The night already turned really bad for Zio and if he continues his plan, he might just screw it up and create a mess. Hes already feeling tired and annoyed that he already wants to go home.

He was about to turn his back and walk back to his motorbike when he heard a deep voice coming from inside the car.

”Hey! ”

As he looked towards where the voice came, he saw that the car door was left open.

”Hey! What are you going to do now? My companion just ran away from me. ”

Zio rolled his eyes. Who would not ran away after hearing those words? And didn you told her to get lost?

When he did not answer, the man went out of the car. He was still topless, revealing a muscular body: a beautifully carved abs, firm chest with big biceps. The man infront of him has a bigger body build compare to his maintained smaller physically fit body, that is required in accordance to his job.

The lights from the roof top of the bar switches from red to blue, adding more depth to the features of the man infront. Thats when Zio finally realized who it is.

The photo he saw earlier did not give justice to how that man really looks like in person. He already concluded that he was handsome based on the picture. But seeing him in person makes him realize that the man has a look that can be said as majestic.

It was the man that he was looking for. Mr. Iñigo Alessio.

Within just a short time of accidentally meeting him, Iñigo already left an impression on Zios mind. No wonder why a woman hired an assassin for him.

Zio remained standing a meter away. Unfazed.

”Aren you going to compensate me for the mess you made? ”

Iñigo can clearly see the mans face because of the dark and the mask that he is wearing but not those eyes. He noticed how the dark orbs of the man in front of him changed to a colder one, eyes that carries killing intents. Something that greatly excites him…

But not in bed.

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