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Each room of the highest-grade dormitory of Marchen Academy, ‘Charles Hall’ was luxurious, befitting its splendid exterior.

This was a super-luxurious facility where only the top 10 students from each department and grade level could stay.

{T/N:- grade as in 1st years, 2nd years and all.
Departments mean the different streams in each year (kinda like science, humanities, commerce)}

It also had facilities for users which can be operated by individuals.
The academy itself had prepared high-quality human resources for students living at Charles Hall.

There, Kaya Astreane, the second seat of the freshman class at the Department of Magic, sat at her desk, resting her chin, lost in her thoughts.

Inside the dark room, the soft light of an enchanted lamp quietly illuminated her in her luxurious nightgown.

“It doesn’t make sense at all…”

Kaya was reflecting on what happened today.
This morning, when a man with blue-silver hair defeated a demon, she felt an overwhelming amount of mana overflowing.

On the other hand, at the time of mana measurement, such a man was ranked E, the lowest grade.

It was a contradiction.
It could only mean that the mana measurement meter was broken.

Is it possible that the man with blue hair didn’t let mana leak? No.
I’d checked the energy of the elements.

Besides, at that time, Kaya herself even felt his weak magic power.

‘There’s no way it can be true.’

The ability that the man with blue silver hair showed when he defeated the demon was far superior to her own.

Kaya knew how to handle wind and ice attributes.
So she had an eye for ice magic.

When she saw his 5-star magic, [Ice Explosion], she felt like she was watching a masterpiece created by a craftsman with great care over a dozen years.

How can such an expert be E-class? She was about to burst into laughter.

But Professor Fernando insisted that the magic power meter couldn’t go wrong.

Number 25, the man with blue-silver hair, did not raise any objections and just stayed silent, despite all the giggles and mockery of the students.

As if he knew this would happen…

‘An Archmage is a being able to change the maximum amount of magic power at will…’

She couldn’t help but remember the words she heard. You can fake the maximum amount of magic power by changing mana itself? How is it different from the absurd statement that each and every cell of the body can be changed at will?

No, in the first place, Archmage itself is a being that transcends common sense, so even if that’s possible…

Still, it doesn’t make sense that a student of such age has reached the level of an Archmage.

‘Archmage’ is an honorable title given only to those who are recognized as the best wizards on the continent.

Even the most successful Tier-1 wizards, such as the Mage Master, the Guild Leader of a high-ranking Guild, or the Royal Guard Mage, are not comparable to the size of a little fingernail in front of an Archmage…

Even Kaya’s family, the Duke of Astreane, who holds high social power, must bow their heads in front of the Archmage.

The Archmage is the point where – heaven’s blessings, the best talent, and bone-breaking efforts – are all used.

In the first place, although the 25th man had powerful mana, it was a little weaker than the Tier-1 mages Kaya had seen so far.
It was not enough to say that he has reached the level of an Archmage.

However, even thinking about it that way could not explain the contradiction that his magic power was measured as E-class.

‘I noticed that the dark-haired man didn’t know either.’

After the blue-silver-haired man left, Kaya woke up the person named Ian Fairy Tail who had passed out in the clearing, and healed his wounds with healing magic.

By the way, he recovered surprisingly quickly, as if Kaya’s healing magic was only an accelerator.

And she asked Ian in the process of healing.
She asked if he knew the man who defeated the demons.

He seemed completely unaware.
In the first place, his attention was focused only on the demon who had already turned to gray powder and disappeared.

It would be a waste of time to keep asking such a person, so Kaya decided to hold back.

‘Is it a secret that only I know number 25 is strong?’

She told Ian that she would report the issue of the appearance of a demon to the academy and after the magic power measurement was finished, she reported it to Professor Fernando.

She couldn’t see it being reported late.

Demons are far from collective action, and are considered to be natural disasters when they appear.
In other words, there is no hurry to report if the demons have already been slain.

But after hearing the mana power measurement result of the person who defeated the demon, and Fernando’s explanation – Kaya reported a little differently from the truth.

The demon was already dying, and it disappeared soon.
That’s why I don’t know who killed the demon. Because she thought of an unbelievable possibility.

“Really, really, that’s really nonsense…”

The perception of impossibility, the possibility that had been layered on top of each other, slowly peeled away and revealed its true form.

Finally, Kaya talked about the possibility.

“If it’s true whether that person has reached the level of an Archmage…? What if he arbitrarily adjusted the amount of his magic power even when he defeated the demon today…? Then, is that person a genius among geniuses that surpasses the Archmages that have been recorded in history so far…?”

{T/N:- kinda long shot imagination, but okay… I have made far worse speculations in life.}

What has been considered an absolute immutable truth can be overturned at any time when an exception appears.

The human race has only deduced in an inductive reasoning.

But what if today, that very ‘exception’ appeared?

What if that ‘exception’ was number 25, the man with blue-silver hair?

“That’s amazing…!”

Excited. These were the emotions she felt.

It means that he is a being and a motive who will become a legend.

It even means that she is the first to know his identity!

It didn’t feel real.
She felt like she was facing a huge truth that she shouldn’t have known.

Kaya trembled and the corners of her mouth twitched.

“No, no.
calm down.”

The professor said it was impossible. Think carefully.

When she calmed down and thought again, it was clear that this was impossible.
In fact, it was no different from the realm of fantasy.

But, what if it’s real? Really, what if it’s real?

What if he entered the academy hiding his original power for some reason?

Unknowingly, Kaya’s thoughts reached this point.
So, under the assumption that the person was an important figure, her mind was focused on keeping quiet about his credit for defeating the demon, seeing him pretending to be a weakling.

‘I need to find out.’

Kaya decided to talk to the person tomorrow.

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