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Marchen Academy.

The Marchen Academy was located on a vast remote island in the eastern part of the continent, and it had its own economic system.

First and foremost, the currency used was not the prevalent currency.
Here, you can only use a currency called ‘Gel’.

A Gel was obtained through either a performance evaluation or testing.
It was distributed differently based on grades or other specific criteria.
It was also possible to work part-time, but the efficiency is not good.
Think of it as a supplementary measure.

Local money can also be converted into gels.
However, only before the start of each semester, until the tuition for one semester.
If you have a lot of gel, you can pay the tuition with it.

What if I run out of gel? I have no choice but to borrow it from someone else, go to the academy bank to get a loan, or do a part-time job.
Otherwise, I will have to starve.
It’s a harsh place.

All the freshmen who come to the academy are given 5000 Gels.

Textbooks and school uniforms are all provided by the academy, so unless you overspend, you will have enough until the next performance evaluation.

I used the Gel in moderation at the student cafeteria for lunch and dinner.
Everything was delicious and I felt full.

What a strange feeling.

After defeating Trevion today and going through the entrance ceremony and orientation, I was convinced that I had transmigrated into .

I also went to the library to read an introduction to basic magic that I thought would be appropriate for my level – it was well worth my time.

Understanding the contents was not difficult, possibly due to my prior knowledge of the game.

I also took out and read an introduction to advanced magic.

‘Oh, it’s difficult.’

Physics? Chemistry? I’m not sure because I was a liberal arts major, but it felt like I was seeing something similar.

Just looking at it made me feel dizzy, so I quickly closed the book and headed to the dormitory.

Marchen Academy had a total of four dormitories and each semester, the places I can go were divided according to grades.

I resided in the ‘Doris Hall’, the lowest dormitory with relatively poor facilities.
The dormitories were assigned to students based on their entrance exam scores.

Doris Hall was a dormitory for inferior students, a gathering place for those with the lowest grades.
For the time being, the main character, Ian Fairy Tail, also resided here.

I went into my room.

My belongings had all been transferred to my room.
Everything I needed was already there: clothes, toiletries, disposable items, writing tools.

In any case, it was a small room.
Of course, it’s just that it’s narrow in comparison to other dorms.

As someone who has lived in a 3-pyeong studio in Sillim-dong, I can attest that it was spacious, clean, and luxurious.

For reference, the academy purposefully made the facilities here narrow in order to motivate students to get out of here.
Elitism, indeed.

The showers are extremely well-equipped.

“I’m stuck in a place like this!!!”

“Huh! what?”

I was surprised…

It sounded like someone was shouting in the other room – a cry of strong will to escape.

A room like this must have been a big psychological blow for aristocrats who have always lived well in a good place.

I shut the door and sat down on the bed.
The single bed wrapped softly around my butt.


It’s already been 3 days since I transmigrated into this game.

If I fall asleep today and don’t return to reality, as I’ve thought many times, my goal was clear.

To clear this game.

The problem is that Ian, the main character who serves as the criterion for a bad ending, was no better than a shitty newbie.

Hell difficulty was extremely difficult, starting with the enemy’s specs.
As a result, excellent control abilities from a player were required.

But Ian, this bastard almost had a bad ending at the start of the day and there was no guarantee that this would not happen in the future.

‘Then, in the end, I have to become stronger.’

Then there is only me.
An existence that can prevent the bad ending of this world.

This is because Ian is a human born with the Light attribute, which is a demon’s weakness.
As a result, Ian can defeat demons with significant level differences.

Light attribute abilities and divine powers can only be used by noble saints who have been blessed by God.
In other words, it was impossible for Ian, an ordinary human, to be born with the Light attribute.

However, Ian is a mixed blood of a human and an Elyos who wields divine power.
That’s why he was born with the ability to wield divine power.
It is a story that comes out as a twist later on.

Of course, Ian and I must both gradually improve our strengths.
The light attribute has many uses, and if he doesn’t use divine power later, invincible demons will appear.

At that time, Ian has to release the invincible state by using the Light attribute 8-star ultimate skill [Expelled from Paradise] with the final weapon ‘Sword of the Spear’.
In other words, it was necessary to have the minimum strength necessary for the progress of the story.

‘The final boss is the biggest problem.’

The biggest problem was the final boss, Nephid, the Evil God of Destruction.

He’s a bloody tough boss.
In Hell Difficulty, even if the player had maxed out their specs as much as possible, if they got hit even once, it was game over.
This is because Nephid uses 9-star magic, which is on the level of destroying the world.

The law that resurrects the sealed Evil God Nephid is engraved on the roof of the ‘Bartos Hall’ in Marchen Academy.

But it is impossible to see or touch because of 9-star magic that blocks absolute perception.
What if you destroy the building? During a Q&A game event, a user asked exactly that question and I certainly remember the answer to that question.
It was ‘It is meaningless to destroy the building because the law is engraved beyond time and space.’

In the end, the Evil God Nephid is bound to be resurrected when the time comes.

‘Still, if I catch Nephid, it’s the end.’ Because Nephid was the one who sent the demons to Ian.

Currently, Nephid is sealed in the abyss, so he can only leak a little of his magic to the outside world.

The magic that Nephid sends is used to wake up the demons sleeping in the form of mana under the ground.
That’s why he sent a small number of demons from time to time to kill Ian.

Anyway, I have to prevent the bad ending by defeating all the demons.

‘In order to clear this game, I have to be strong enough to beat the final boss…’

Since I was Isaac, the goal was clear.

‘Let’s see the potential.’

[ Potential]

Remaining Stats: 25

◆ Growth Rate

– Physical Training Efficiency (D+): 16/100 [UP]

– Magic Training Efficiency (D-): 10/100 [UP]

– Learning Efficiency (D): 12/100 [UP]

◆ Elemental Resistance

– Fire Element Resistance (E): 0/100 [UP]

– Water Element Resistance (D): 6/100 [UP]

– Ice Element Resistance (C-): 24/100 [UP]

– Lightning Elemental Resistance (C): 29/100 [UP]

– Rock Rlement Eesistance (E): 2/100 [UP]

– Wind Element Resistance (D): 13/100 [UP]

– Neutral Property Magic Resistance (D): 8/100 [UP]

◆ v/s.
Race Combat Power

– vs.
Human Combat Power (E): 4/100 [UP]

– vs.
This Race Combat Power (E): 1/100 [UP]

– vs.
Elyos Combat Power (E): 0/100 [UP]

– vs.
Demon Combat Power (S): 100/100 [MAX]

Where should I invest my stats? It was time to think about the future.

There will be a class assignment evaluation soon and around that time, demons will appear.

The problem is that in order to catch the demon, there is a harsh condition that I have to endure for about 5 hours in a battle royale with guys stronger than me.

However, if I try to increase my chances of survival by increasing [vs.
Human Combat Power], I will be far away from defeating the Evil God Nephid.

I needed to grow up a little bit faster.

‘Then, I should give top priority to [Physical Training Efficiency] and [Magical Training Efficiency].’

I distributed 10 stats to [Physical Training Efficiency] and 15 to [Magic Training Efficiency].


[Potential [Physical Training Efficiency] has increased from D+ to C!]

[Potential [Magical Training Efficiency] has increased from D- to C-!]

I didn’t expect a dramatic effect right away until the class assignment evaluation, but I hope it’s as efficient as the increase.

‘I have to make a training plan now.’

…I was quite tired.

Sitting at my desk, unfolding the parchment, and writing down my plans, I fell asleep.

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