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Rumbling thunder.

The sound of rain hitting the pavement.

I sat curled up in the open draped curtain.

Raindrops slide down the translucent icy veil, freezing as they were and becoming part of the veil.

I stared at the scene endlessly.


3 days.
It was the 3rd day.

No matter how much I thought about it, I transmigrated into the game , which I had been playing for 7 years.

As a third-class extra who had nothing to do with the protagonist or the main characters.

It was a really obvious cliché.

I don’t know if I’m in a stable period now.

It was just vague.

At the beginning of my student days, when I saw the piles of books stacked taller than my height, I felt a sense of dread and hopelessness.

Maybe this was a punishment.

I wanted to rehash the story after a long time.
So I tried to proceed comfortably and started playing anew with the only applicable stat 100 cheat.

Being a veteran person, I shouldn’t have done that…

‘That’s why I transmigrated.’

Haha, crazy.

I’m really thinking of all sorts of things.

However, it was true that I was transmigrated into .

As a result of living for three days, this was the Marchen Academy that I saw in the game.

And today is the day of the entrance ceremony, which marks the beginning of the game.

I found out thanks to the date on the entrance ceremony banner and the dormitory calendar, both of which were mostly hidden behind the main gate.

I first opened my eyes in the dormitory.

I used the academy’s own currency, which I received as a freshman benefit, and paid for my meals.

Wandering around silently every day.

I felt this absurd reality…

In addition, I was able to use magic by sending magic power sensibly.
This [Ice Curtain] was proof of that.

Well… it’s not funny.

As I was absent-mindedly lost in thought while listening to the sound of rain, a terrible realization struck my mind.

‘This…, it’s Hell level difficulty.’

begins with the selection of difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard.
You can choose the ‘Extreme’ difficulty from the 2nd round, and the infamous ‘Hell’ difficulty from the 3rd round onwards.

The atmosphere in ‘Hell’ difficulty changes dramatically from the start.

Today, as usual, should be sunny from start to finish.
It was a good day to mark the beginning of the main character, Ian Fairy Tail’s, chaotic academy life.

The refreshing background sound and bright atmosphere of that time were etched in my memory.

However, if you select Hell difficulty, the game starts with heavy rain and gloomy weather.

I remember the beginning of the ‘Hell’ difficulty, devoid of any background sound, and only the sound of rain sounded.
It was almost as if it was foreshadowing the difficult road ahead.

And in this difficulty, Ian fights the enemy even before the entrance ceremony begins.

‘Even if I got transmigrated… ’

Hell difficulty, as its name suggests, boasted insane difficulty.

It was natural for the enemies’ level to increase or the pattern to become more difficult, and the story itself has changed, so enemies that did not appear in the previous difficulty appear now and then.

It is a challenge that only most veterans of people can overcome.

‘But I… .`

When I willed to see the status window, a translucent window appeared in front of me.
It was an interface that I saw often in games.


Name: Isaac

Lv: 20

Gender: Male

Grade: 1

Title: Freshman

Magic Power : 280 / 300

– Magic Recovery Speed (D-)

– Stamina (D-)

– Muscular Strength (D)

– Intelligence (D)

– Mental Strength (B)

Potential <


[Combat Skills]

Elemental Series 1: Ice

– Elemental Firepower (D-)

– Elemental Efficiency (D)

– Elemental Synergy (C)

Elemental Series 2 (Locked)

[ Own Skills]


– (★1) Ice Generation (D)

– (★2) Ice Curtain(C)

– (★1) Cold Divergence (C)

– (★1) Basic Protection Magic (E)


– None

Skill Tree <


[ Unique Attribute ]

– None

As a third-class extra, these were disastrous abilities.

First and foremost, Level 20.
The average level of freshmen, from what I recall, was around 40.
There were students of various grades present, but there were some exceptions.

In this game, Level 20 was the level you can get during the Hell difficulty tutorial.
Too low.

Even if mental power is high, it will only increase resistance to Illusion-type magic.
It’s not much help in combat.

‘How can I not even be at a basic level?’

The same goes for skills.
Considering that the worst grade is E-class, it is easy to guess how garbage level is of [Elemental Firepower] D-grade, which was responsible for skill power.

How did such a trivial character get into the prestigious Marchen Academy?

If I think about the contents of the game, it was clear that I was overwhelmed by the writing skills, not the actual skills.

Then what do I do? My head is blank.

I have to worry about my future life.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to return to reality later or have to live here.

The worst case is when the world has a bad ending due to the death of the main character, Ian Fairy Tail, and I die too.

So, under the assumption that I can’t return to reality, what’s the safest countermeasure I can take?

It is to clear this game.

‘I got lucky that the cheat was applied… .’

As a result of checking the status window for the past 3 days, the stat 100 cheat was applied as it is.

It does not affect the direct stats.
It is used to invest in potential.
Therefore, it was difficult to expect dramatic effects.

The problem is that this ‘Isaac’ character has poor potential and specs…

‘… [Ice Generation].’

The ball of ice created in the air by sending magical energy was only the size of a soccer ball.
It was created by pouring out the maximum magical power that can once be used to make a block of ice.

「Ice Generation (Ice Attribute, ★1)」

When I released the power, the magical mass received the force of gravity and fell to the ground.

… Really, very weak.

Why don’t I make it inside the other person’s body? That’s not possible.
There is a setting where it’s not possible to generate the magic within another person’s body because of the ‘mana force field’.

In other words, my only power is to drop ice cubes.

So, I had to check it with my own two eyes first.

Will the main character, Ian Fairy Tail, be able to get through this hellish difficulty well?


The first boss of hell difficulty, ‘Trevion of Evil’.

He meets the main character today, just before the entrance ceremony.

In the future, the main character, Ian Fairy Tail, will have many enemies.
Because Ian has special powers.

‘The rain has stopped.’

The time has come.

I looked at the clock tower in the center of the academy.

The current time is 8 am.
The sun was pouring through the slowly shrinking dark clouds.

I went into the ‘Josena Forest’ outside the main gate of the academy to relive the memories of playing the game.

Climbing up the hill, I would find a small dormitory where the main character, Ian Fairy Tale, stayed for a while on his way to the Marchen Academy.
Ian leaves the dormitory today, heading to the academy.

My destination is an open vacant lot that comes out as you walk through a forest road lined with trees.
It was the place where Ian was on his way to the academy.

‘It’s here… !’

I stopped as soon as I reached my destination.

A black-haired man leaned against a tree, his head bowing.

He was dressed similarly to me, and blood poured from his mouth.

Seeing his so familiar face, I immediately knew who he was.

Ian Fairy Tail.
He was the protagonist of .

[ Ian Fairy Tail ]

Lv: 30

Race: Human

Attribute: Light

Danger: X

An information window appeared in the air and identified the black-haired man as Ian Fairy Tail.

After completing the Hell difficulty tutorial, your rank will be 30.
The main character, who was knocked out over there, seemed to have finished the tutorial.

And in front of the fainted protagonist, a dark-skinned man stood.

The dark-skinned man was limp.
His hands, which almost slanted to both sides, were twisted.

Curly, pure white hair.
The first villain th

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