alled Kane’s reddened face, let out an airy laugh.


‘Now it would be great if only I can get in touch with Cerdian.’


After contemplating, she lightly swept the colorful hydrangeas on one side of the garden with her fingertips.
The sweet smell tickled the tip of her nose.


‘He still hasn’t come out of his room…….’


There still has been no contact since that day.
Waiting made her think of all sorts of things.
At first, emotions that were full of worries, which then gradually turned into sadness.


“At least tell me the reason…”


Rodelia, with a dejected face, muttered in vain.


“Reason for what?”


Surprised by the voice breaking the still air that surrounded her, she turned her head.




It was Cerdian Aizen, whom she had been waiting for so long.


How long does this man intend to keep surprising her? Rodelia narrowed her eyes, thinking that she seemed to meet him this way every time.


“Were you cursing at me under your breath?”


He was making eye contact with her in the same way as before.


The surprise was brief.
When she saw his face, she felt disgust rather than welcome.
With a look of resignation she turned her head back to the hydrangeas.


“Will you really pretend not to know?” [R]




“Then I think I’ll be a little upset.” [R]


She was upset.
His thoughtless words made her angry.


“I am upset.
Now you…….” [R]




“You made me so worried, and you didn’t contact me.
Now you show up pretending as if nothing happened, shouldn’t I be upset?”




I don’t know what you think of me, but I thought that we have at least gotten a little closer.


Rodelia closed her mouth, blurring the end of her words.


While talking, she wondered if this was the right situation.


‘What’s my purpose for arguing with him like this? I have nothing to do with the Cerdian.’


Cerdian, who was staring at Rodelia’s side profile, smiled.
Would it be crazy to say that she looked a little cute when she closed her mouth while talking without looking at him?


Based on her long trembling eyelashes, she didn’t seem to be very angry.
At least he didn’t think so…….


“You must have been really worried.”


The unique low voice oozed playfulness that could not be hidden.


“……I wasn’t worried.
My tongue must have slipped for a moment.”


“Let’s say it was that.”


“It really was.”


“Don’t look like you’re going to cry right now, look at me.”


Cerdian grabbed Rodelia’s shoulder and turned her carefully.
There were deep tremors in her eyes as she stared straight at him.


Facing him, his eyes bent beautifully.


Seeing Cerdian’s proud face made her recall that day.
A fever rose and she began to feel the blood coursing through her body vividly.


Even the red sunset resembling the light of the lantern reminded her of every situation from that day without missing anything.


His breath, his body temperature, his scent that she felt up close.


Rodelia’s eyes turned to his lips.
The red lips drew a fascinating arc, and soon opened slowly.


“I had a situation.” [C]


When Rodelia suddenly came to her senses at his laughing voice that denied it, Cerdian, who leaned down and came closer, whispered slyly.


“But why are you staring at my lips like that, I’m embarrassed.” 


‘Oh, my God.
Did I look at him so blatantly?’


The heat that rose instantly turned her ears red.


Rodelia forced her mouth open so as not to be shaken.


“……Me? That can’t be.” [R]


Once again, she was drawn into him.
This situation did not surprise her anymore.


“Are you okay to come out now?” [R]


Cerdian answered by raising an eyebrow.
He kept teasing Rodelia as if he wanted to see her embarrassed face.


“The rumor spread all over the palace that the Empress was so worried about me.”


“…Let’s stop talking about that.
There’s something more important than that.”


Rodelia changed the subject of the conversation so as not to get entangled with him any further.
Now that she has confirmed that he was safe, she had to tell him something really important.


“I was contacted by my father, and fortunately, he succeeded in approaching the slave dealer.”


“I think things will go a little faster.”


Luckily, Cerdian followed suit well.


“I think we just need to reveal it to the public now.
It’s just a question of how to release it in the most effective way…….” [R]


Rodelia, whose impression looked like she was agonizing, smoothed her chin.
Cerdian asked, with the corners of his mouth up as if he had thought of a good move.


“When will the next slave trade be held?” [C]


“Oh, he said ten days later.” [R]


“There’s plenty of time.
That rumor, don’t you want to use it properly?” [C]


Cerdian’s lips rose sharply.

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