Lowering his gaze to her lips, Cerdian’s mouth twisted noticeably.


How hard did she chew on her lower lip for there to be a small pool of blood? Looking at her lips that had turned red, he gently wiped off the blood with his long finger.


‘Did you hate it that much?’


Cerdian did not have a crude hobby of forcing a woman to kiss him if she didn’t want to.
Staring at Rodelia, who was still looking down, Cerdian pushed her away lightly.


“It’s no fun.”




Rodelia narrowed her brows, trying to make sense of the situation.


She thought that their lips would definitely touch.
He behaved ferociously, as if he would do whatever he wanted, and then pulled away as if he had no regrets.


‘What in the world is this…?’


For her, men were no different from a coercive and violent animal.
Both in her relationship with the Marquis of Florence, and then with Kane, they were selfish.


They didn’t stop just because she didn’t want to.
That may be why she struggled to adapt to Cerdian’s behavior.


‘Anyway, it’s a good thing…….’


Only then did Rodelia, who let out her breath, look at him with a feverish gaze.


“You shouldn’t have come here.”




“There’s a reason why they were stopping you.”


Although he said this coldly, his actions were for her sake.
He took a step back and showed his palms, just in case it’s threatening.


She knew that his condition was not the same as usual.
For some reason, it must have had something to do with her not being able to reach him.


He wouldn’t tell her even if she asked.


After thinking, Rodelia stared at Cerdian with calm wave-like eyes.
Did that gaze make him go against his will?


“You have no fear.”


Cerdian ridiculed and continued.


“Didn’t you come by yourself on both feet?”




“You’d better go for today.”




She had a nightmare the day she came back from meeting Cerdian.


A familiar strange feeling crept up from under her feet.


Is it just a coincidence? If that’s not the case…….


‘Useless thoughts.’


Rodelia shook her head after shaking off her bad thoughts.
Solving the slave trade case was her first priority now.
Just in time, a letter arrived from the Marquis of Florence saying that he had succeeded in approaching the slave trader.


They had overcome the largest hurdle.


Now, she just needed to get back in touch with Cerdian.
As she was taking a rest organizing her thoughts, Viscountess Cohen approached and said something unexpected.


“I…… Your Majesty.”


“Yes, Madam.
Do you have anything to say?”


“……if this is successfully concluded, I intend to divorce my husband.”


With a startled expression, Rodelia straightened up her leaning body.


“With Viscount Cohen……?”


She had expected this to happen one day, but it was faster than she thought.


The decision seemed to have already been made.
The lady continued calmly, regardless of Rodelia’s reaction.


The mistress has left him, and even the servants are reluctant to take care of him.
Now, I’m the only one left next to him.”


“But isn’t it too soon to decide? Why don’t you think about it a little more?”


“No, His Majesty keeps away from him these days, so this is the right time.”


Rodelia’s expression said that it was incomprehensible.


“That can’t be.
To plan such a terrible thing…… His Majesty and Viscount Cohen have a deep relationship.
His Majesty is likely to help him.
It’s not the time yet, Madam.”


“There is a man His Majesty has around these days.”


“A man?”


“Yes, I think Ferna made a huge mistake.
Since he hadn’t been looking for him lately, he’s probably trying to make him the new Head Chamberlain.”




She hasn’t been interested in Kane at all these days so she didn’t even know this important thing.


Of course, it didn’t matter who he had next to him.
For her, wiping out the slave trade was more important than anything else.


While Rodelia frowned, the madam hesitated and continued.


“In the near future, I am planning to file a divorce suit after collecting various evidences of his faults.
There’s a good chance of winning the case.
If that happens, all the property will be handed over to me, and all he would have left is a humble title.
He lost his leg, so he might die soon.”


Perhaps this is the best revenge for Viscountess Cohen.
The fall of the house of Viscount Cohen and its disastrous end.


Despite saying frightening things, she didn’t feel like criticizing her.
She couldn’t possibly fathom her sadness, having to live with her enemy as her benefactor.


The Madam added cautiously, looking at Rodelia with a mixed expression.


“That’s why…… perhaps I will have to quit being Her Majesty’s lady-in-waiting too.”

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