weren really a big part in Celaestis story.

They were only mentioned to explain the fantasy setting of the world.

”People have been discovering new creatures every now and then, and they all appear to be vicious… They are now connecting it to the first death of the Numen because it is still a mystery of how she died. ”

I nodded at what he said.

It seems like it though.

”It seems that you didn know about this Madam. The government has been sending information about them to warn everyone especially now that the Numens protection is weaker than before. ”

I scratched my head with what he said.

Of course I wouldn know about it because I don belong here. I don have any memory from Elivette about this warning either.

I doubt the real Elivette would know about it because that girl only focuses on herself.

I suddenly remembered something.

”The price for the grains and crops, I was told that it is now costly. Is this perhaps connected to the Numens death? ”

”Apparently yes, it has affected the crop growth in lands because of the Numens death. But Im not sure if it is because the Numen aren capable of blessing the land as it was before, since theres a rumor going around that this might be happening as a punishment from God, for hurting the Numens. ”

I nodded at what he said. With all of this happening, this might affect the economy of the Empire. I wonder what Celaestis will do about this especially since shes about to be crowned as a Queen Consort in a few months.

”Its best that you sleep now Madam. The Aulops cry will worsen if they feel someones paying attention to them. ”

I closed my eyes, however it only made it worse because Im more sensitive to my hearing.

I can still hear their cries.

”Miss, please help us… ” I felt my skin crawl when I heard a little girls voice.

It sounded like Olivia.

”Madam please don pay attention to it, I think their cries are getting worse now. If there are too many Aulops here, I doubt the protection could hold it. ”

I felt the carriage run faster and I opened my eyes.

”Im trying. How far are we from the next town? ” Im getting restless and I think its because of these goddamn Aulops.

”Another 3 hours well reach the next town. ”

I nodded and held to Penny who was still sleeping. I started to relax when I felt Pennys warm. I tried to think of other things to calm myself and it didn last long before I felt my eyes getting droopy and everything turned black.

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